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When I first seen this anime I figured it wads another lame magical girl anime with happy happy joy joy and love! themes, didn’t care for the chars faces either, looks like they got slammed with a frying pan and got critically hit.

I decided to check it out anyway and was amazed at all the dark overtones the anime has, was totally not what I was expecting. Kyubei=Evilest little cute creature ever to exist XD. Now I am hooked on it, Ep 10 kinda confused me.. but at the end it got cleared up.. I hope they finish the series.

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    So can someone tell me please the true, too many trolls around, i just wanna know if this is canceled for real, becouse im getting tired of looking for info about this anime, (i love it), but delayed, canceled, blahblabhabl and trolls everywhere i want the fucking true now.

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    I too miss the galleries we used to get. Most 2ch goddesses plz…

  • Madoka Cancelled:
    Or at least somesort of a vague user name. But, doest it even matter much? We will read the article anyways, since we come here for the sole purpose of looking something to read. WWWWWWW lol.

  • Madoka Cancelled:
    “The prevailing notion amongst publishers now appears to be that anything popular or fun must be cancelled[sic], whether or not it has anything to do with the quake…” – – – So…they’ve become Catholic?

  • Madoka Cancelled:
    Don’t feed trolls… Either you enslave them or slay them… pick one…

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