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Do want me to slap you?

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  • Top 10 Movies Based on Anime & Manga:
    I have seen the previews to that, it looks so bad, I have to see it.

  • Top 10 Movies Based on Anime & Manga:
    List is full of fail, thats why. Gantz is listed, what a joke.

  • Top 10 Movies Based on Anime & Manga:
    ALL live action honey n clover adaptation are shit. only the anime made it out alive

  • Top 10 Movies Based on Anime & Manga:
    so uhhh wheres nodame? japan confirmed for shit taste

  • Top 10 Movies Based on Anime & Manga:
    I love to see how japanese fans (The original fans of any anime and mangas) liked the Death Note movies. I can’t really understand why half of us, the “western people”, hated them in the first place. I know most people will start pointing out that Tatsuya Fujiwara (Yagami Light’s actor) didn’t do the part. I would say: Are you blind? Yeah, I don’t deny that maybe, in our perspective, he doesn’t look a lot like Light, but does that matter? For me, he was indeed able to catch Light’s creppy, …

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  • Wii U VS Nintendo Switch Compared: Breath of the Wild:
    Looks noticeably better? Did you actually watch the videos? The biggest difference was color, and I am inclined to believe the color was simply off on the wiiu recording, because even the white flash at the start was not truly white. I bet just simply adjusting the color balance fixes that. Besides, the wiiu version was taken from E3 LAST YEAR. The draw distance was clearer, but again, the wiiu video is over 6 months old. It may not be the same now. The only advancement is it is portable. But …

  • Kimi no Na wa “More Profitable Than Spirited Away!”:
    maybe he doesn’t want to be called the next miyazaki is because he doesn’t want to be titled by as an old cynical man who flip flops out of retirement and who’s OPINION (cant stress that enough) is treated like the be all end all gospel by rose tinted glasses wearing people.

  • Pussy Power Rangers Parody:
    pussy rangers

  • 2020 Tokyo Olympics Recruits Shokotan For Mascot Selection:
    needs more pussy

  • Hand Shakers Scrubs Thoroughly:
    I hate it when anime sets up a stupid premise and then makes it even worse by not even following up on the obvious repercussions of the premise. So they have to covered the part where she has to pee, but what happens when either of them has to take a dump? News flash: if you have to wash someone else you have to do all of it not just the upper back. That means boobs, crotch and ass crack. And he has to get all blushy just from seeing her naked. All stupid.


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