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I was just thinking about the British and The Simpsons.

There’s an episde where Bumblebee Man takes over Kent Brockman’s newsreader position because of some trivial matter and mentions a tsunami in Kuala Lumpur.

It gets removed from syndicated re-runs.

It’s basically like the British try to sweep it under the rug and try to pretend like it never happened.

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  • Ochinko Tsunami Anime:
    I vote for some trainee blunder which allowed this to air. I mean, they canceled one piece twice because of a single tsunami. Thank God they aren’t common.

  • Ochinko Tsunami Anime:
    It’s either fate or a huge coincidence. Epic.

  • Ochinko Tsunami Anime:
    Actually, the scene of the tsunami in the anime has learning purposes.

  • Ochinko Tsunami Anime:
    in germany they aired “die hard” the day the pope died god really seems to have a sense of humor

  • Ochinko Tsunami Anime:
    I’m wondering if foreign otaku mass-preordering this episode would be a good display of support for japans current situation? (supporting the Japanese economy…)

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