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Ishihara Seeks 4th Term: “I Feel Sorry for Matsuzawa”


Tokyo’s crazy governor Shintaro Ishihara has announced he will stand for election for a fourth consecutive term, much to the delight of manga fans everywhere.

The 78-year-old previously indicated he would not seek re-election, but changed his mind and officially announced he would after all.

He had some rather gloating remarks for neo-Ishihara candidate Matsuzawa:

“I feel sorry for Matsuzawa-kun. Whether I stood or not, he wouldn’t get in.”

They are apparently negotiating over whether he will withdraw his candidacy so as to avoid splitting the all-important anti-youth vote.

Public opinion polls have suggested that in Ishihara’s absence none of the likely candidates would be able to secure a proper mandate, which possibly suggested to Ishihara an easy victory was within his grasp – or as he would have it, he wanted to avoid unhealthy legislative gridlock by selflessly offering another 4 years of service to the city.

So far Tokyo citizens are being presented with an exemplary line up – two ban-hungry crazies, one dilettante tycoon who will say anything to get elected, and a communist…

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