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I don’t know about screwing up Final Fantasy right off the bat… FF12 I thought would be an excellent game, but it seemed like they changed writing staff during production – the game map was clearly meant for an open-ended game with a clear start and finish but no clear way of getting there, but they fitted it with a complete failure of a storyline. 13 was so bad I couldn’t play past the first few hours. It’s like they were going to do well, then ditched the good plan for a hackneyed joke.

On the other hand, the games that they only publish rather than make themselves are rather good – the only thing I dislike about the recent Dragon Quest games are the TERRIBLE translation jobs they were given that completely ignore the already established reputation of the Dragon Warrior games (same series, but from before Enix merged with Square). Valkyrie Profile was very well done as well, and then there’s Star Ocean… which I have yet to play, so I won’t comment on its worth.

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  • Final Fantasy XIV Player Populations At Death’s Door:
    if anything i wonder why they tried not to have anything from xi online? the game doesnt have to be 100% the same as xi but if it aint broke dont fix it right. im sure SE learned alot from xi. so use it use what u learn and let it roll. like the no auction house option. that was madness. calling chocobo’s horse bird’s =/ come on get it together

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    if SE ever get around to the ps3 release there population numbers would more than triple

  • Final Fantasy XIV Player Populations At Death’s Door:
    quality / china = undefined

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    First off, yeah it was coming, we all saw it coming from the day it was released, but that aside, i believe square’s increasing reliance on visuals and acceptance by foreign markets has made it unable to compete with even the most basic of rpgs these days. what made ff7/8/9/10 so popular? sidequests, big maps, customization, and even comedy factors in there. 13/14 have none of that, you’re forced to walk the same path everyone else that ever played the game has to walk, with no unique …

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    Other than nothing to do in game, the worse is there is always a chance to get an error 20524 or something like that when updating. You cant repair FFXIV like other programs by clicking repair in program files/control panel without reinstalling. I bet there are lots of better f2p pay2pwn games…oh wait, square claims ffxiv is not f2p.

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