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depends on how you define a zombie, by no means does FFXIV a “これはゾンビですか?” zombie, that would be awesome, something that this game is not.
to really be able to save the game, they would have to overhaul pretty much all of it, the core game has problems, there isnt really anything making it special in a good way when compared to other MMORPG games.
theres more people playing “Football Manager 2010” on Steam at the moment (6AM on a sunday morning) than there are players is at peak times on FFXIV.

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    I must say, this statue looks like its made of win, I may grab one when im over in Japan. though thats a matter of budget… still, Golden Darkness = win. on a different note: “golden darkness was awesome before to-love-ru” her awesome was present in Black Cat long before to-love-ru came along. * Puts on hipster glasses *

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    not to mention depressing…

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    some people just have nothing else to do with their time… makes some sense… i guess, but to obsess to this degree is a little creepy… Horo = win (its Horo, they may say the correct spelling is Holo in English, but they make no effort to pronounce it as such in Japanese, so by all means, its Horo to me.) I fucking love Horo, but for sure im not going to go out of my way to do something as obsessive as the things K-Onophiles do… there’s respect and adoration, then there’s obsession… …

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    dont quite understand why they would choose to discipline/fire her… they should have just used the situation to their advantage and used it for recruiting. post some of those pics and state “this is the kid of stuff that is available in the army! its not the sausage-fest you thought it was!” im pretty sure they would see their recruitment get a boost out of that.


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