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Madoka “Too Cruel for TV!”


Japan’s top broadcast watchdog has published complaints denouncing Puella Magi Madoka Magica as unfit for TV.

The nation’s main broadcast censorship body, the BPO, published the following complaint about Madoka:

“It is a late night anime, but it still had scenes of a little girl having her head bitten off by a monster!

The producers have stated their intent to go on profiting from these cruel scenes each week.

Even if it is late at night, it is outrageous for TV programmes to be so flagrantly profiting from this sort of horrible material.”

Notably, Ore no Imouto suffered similar criticism.

Rather less surprisingly, Ochinko has also been coming under fire:

“It may be broadcast in a late slot, but it’s still based on incest. Scenes in which characters expose their underwear with the intent of titillating the viewer are frequent, as are scenes with clothed sexual touching. How does this differ from the contents of an adult manga?

I think this is inappropriate material for age-unrestricted broadcasts.”

Ishihara’s ban will presumably see such filth purged from the airwaves soon enough.

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