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Everything is going according to keikaku.

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  • Pleiades Fans Buying Subaru:
    I’ve owned a Subaru for years. If I wasn’t already a fan of Subaru, I would be now. So how about a mahou shoujo wrap for my Legacy? I’ll be “that guy” and drive around a loli-mobile.

  • Pleiades Fans Buying Subaru: New FT-86 Video from Toyota!

  • Pleiades Fans Buying Subaru:
    ‘SUBARU IS GAY’ Gayness is a marketing point nowadays. Convince people that Subaru=gay and Lady Gaga will buy 1000 Subarus just to teach people to be gay.

  • Pleiades Fans Buying Subaru:
    Strangely, the author of Initial D owns an Impreza couple.

  • Pleiades Fans Buying Subaru:
    Why doe I get this feeling that there is a “Just as Planned” comment in this somewere?

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  • Load Spilled: Cute Chinese Chicks Picked Up En Masse:
    @16:32 Yeah, comparing NYC to some rural area sure is a good idea huh? You sounds as if no farmers existed in the states, I’d bet they would grab the free apples. Don’t make it sounds like the U.S is full of good samaritan when they are in the minorities, you’re a good example why so many people dislike Americans in general. It seems having too much freedom has caused people like you to type without giving any thoughts. Now, does my generalizing of Americans offense you? Good ol’ America.

  • Gate Still Chill:
    I’ve tried resisting and being reserved but i can no longer contain this. All hail Rory, death to all infidels!

  • Gakkou Gurashi Scratches The Surface:
    Well, someone who gets all so maddy-maddy on a stupid joke like this sure is lacking a lot of brain cells. Go to the doctor man, or if that doesn’t help, a school.

  • Reimu Ero-Cosplay – Lenfried Can’t Keep Her Pantsu On!:

  • Gate Still Chill:
    How can you not notice it, granted Saber and Lancer were only name-dropped once each, but Archer and Grail, not to mention “Calling to all SERVANTS” is repeated several times.


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