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No one gives a shit about your opinion if you just pirate everything. You will eventually amass a giant library of games you play once to completion and then never touch again, until one day you look back at your life and realize that easy access just enabled you to waste your valuable years away. And then you will understand.

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  • Atlus: “We’ll Make Catherine Easier For You!”:
    i dont think the game is hard.. challenging yes, but hard? not really..

  • Atlus: “We’ll Make Catherine Easier For You!”:
    Hardcore gamers love to blame casual gamers for the dilution of their games, but to tell you the truth, game companies LOVE the casual gamers because that’s where their money lies. For every hardcore gamer that buys a game and spends 20 hours of his day playing games in his mom’s basement without a care in the world, there are 10 casual gamers that just want a short diversion from their busy lives. And that’s why game companies cater to the casual gamer, because there are MORE of them to sell …

  • Atlus: “We’ll Make Catherine Easier For You!”:
    everyone knows japanese developers dont do intensive QA testing.. thats why no one mentioned it HA!!!!

  • Atlus: “We’ll Make Catherine Easier For You!”:
    can some one explain the hype for this game? I saw the demo and I’m not impressed by the least bit.

  • Atlus: “We’ll Make Catherine Easier For You!”:
    Actually, speaking from experience, it IS their job to act as a stand in for the end user during the development cycle. Programmers often lose sight of how an end user might perceive their product because they become to accustomed to it, which is one of the reasons why QA exists – to find bugs AND to comment on gameplay from the perspective of the end user, be it casual or hardcore gamer. So YES, they should tell the developers and producers if the game is too difficult. Now here’s where you …

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  • Shimakaze Ero-Cosplay by Dango Gloriously Flat:
    Dude, you fuckin rock. Thanks for these.

  • Hundred Dripping With Service:
    I ponder why LNs or these animes are even selling anymore when 90% of them are basically clones of each other. Even the otakus gotta be sick of the same shit over and over at some point right? Saying that making something fresh and original is difficult is understandable, giving absolutely zero effort into trying to distinguish yourself is not. This is just wasting the animation studios the budget and manpower they could’ve used for something more innovative and more profitable.

  • Hundred Dripping With Service:
    i dont care the reason they put females into these bathing suits and hoeboots, after you grow out of puberty it just looks weird and after the 26th show does it to cater to the ‘fans’, it’s just god damn boring.

  • Top 10 Most Useless Starter Pokemon:
    Yeah, the list’s name should be something like “the worst to the best starter pokemon”

  • Asuka Langley Cosplay Entrancingly Elegant:
    Amen. Nice model but goddamn, don’t call it Asuka without red hair.


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