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your very argument is a fallacy within itself because the ‘feminist movement’ isnt trying to set itself aside from our cuture and saying that they can do what they like but are just creating another sub culture where they can walk around in their birthday suits which is inevitably just another culture that they will be subject to
in short, what im trying to say is that fighting against prejudices is right, but bloody hell, use some common sense

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  • Femen Nude Protest Gallery:
    They are actually topless because they consider that nudity should stop being almost always hypocritically associated with sexuality and degradation of women.

  • Femen Nude Protest Gallery:
    This is a very courageous political action about the liberation of women’s bodies and minds, and for the fight for equal freedoms and rights between men and women. Congratulations Femen!

  • Femen Nude Protest Gallery:

  • Femen Nude Protest Gallery:
    That’s because men are PIGS lol

  • Femen Nude Protest Gallery:
    No, they cannot be Japanese….. Shut up!

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    It’s not hard to find hentai without any of the listed, even if they are the majority. Vanilla, Yuri, Reverse-Rape/Femdom (girl raping guy), Harem, Futa and Monster Girl are just a few that will work, and there’s plenty out there. I’d say these genre of hentai make up the other 10%. I’m also not opposed to getting a hentai that might have something that turns me off so long as it has a few scenes I find to be okay. It’s easy to skip a scene I find unappealing.

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    No! Slutty Sherryl is better. And she has boobs too.

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    ( . )( . ) ( . )( . )

  • Cross Ange Still Quite Gruesome:
    pee pee motherfucker


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