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Ishihara: “Mangaka are Despicable People!”


Tokyo’s governor Ishihara has denounced mangaka as “despicable” for daring to write saucy manga, despite having written scores of trashy rape novels himself.

In the same legislative question time which saw him concede his administration was begging the boycotters of his Tokyo Anime Fair to return, he was quick to show his utter contempt for mangaka all the same.

After Ishihara revealed the fact of his asking for them to return, the DPJ legislator who posed the question (and who incidentally voted for the ban along with the rest of his worthless party) shot back with the following:

“Didn’t you tell the publishers ‘they can stay away forever for all I care!’ and say to mangaka ‘their activities are despicable!’ – do you think they want to work with you now, after you said those things?”

Ishihara shouted back that he really did think them a vile sort:

“I may have called them despicable, but with stories depicting teachers living with their students, parent and child incest, sibling incest and so on, I really do think anyone making money by writing those kinds of twisted sexual stories is a despicable person.”

Coming from a man whose writing career is based on rape novels packed with sexual slavery and perversion, which happen to be completely exempt from the ban, critics have been quick to point out that this latest diatribe represents the very heights of hypocrisy.

A translation of the now infamous “shoji” passage from Ishihara’s novel “Season of the Sun”:

His body still dripping water from the bath he had just taken, Tatsuya decided it was time for Eiko. He draped the towel round his naked torso, and called to her through the shoji [Japanese-style paper screen door].


When he felt Eiko was looking in his direction, he thrust his erect penis through the paper door. The paper tore with a dry sound, and Eiko, who had been reading a book, threw the book with all her might at the door. The book hit its target and slid to the floor.

In that instant, Tatsuya’s whole body tightened with pleasure. He savoured the pleasure of being resisted by another human. He opened the door and went inside…


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