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When you look at the Japanese market where most the sales are from DVDs and BDs, the people that pirate can be likened to the people that’d watch it through TV anyway, where you gain significantly less revenue. Subsequently, the more viewers you get overall (including pirates) the more likely you’ll get a increase in sales with DVD/BD because the more fans you’ll have that’ll buy them.

In European countries, it seems the main point of revenue are box office sales, which is why piracy seems so harmful – you pirate, and they literally miss out on a chance to earn money on the film. Well, provided you don’t like it so much you go see it again. Unfortunately, this is too often used as an excuse for Hollywood to make a crap movie, and being a catch-22 situation noone’s gonna give a fuck about it.

tl;dr support the pirates, and you’ll support the industry. Funny how that works.

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