Clash Massacres “Slutty” Miku


UK music and fashion rag Clash has featured holographic princess Hatsune Miku on its cover, but it is hard to see many fans being pleased with its choice of cover image, nor its unflattering description of her.

The cover:


Apparently the editors felt its (admittedly meagre) subscribership was unable to stomach anything less than the full guro cosplay ensemble seen above.

As if this were not bad enough, Clash goes on to call her “slutty”:

She’s super cute: baby doll smile, impossibly tiny waist, a Rapunzelian pair of aquamarine pig tails, and a wardrobe just slutty enough for it to still be okay.

Sixteen-years-old, 5’2’’, 93lbs. Her voice has been featured on gold records, she’s performed live to crowds of over 25,000 ecstatic fans, she even has her own video game, Project Diva, by Sega.

By all means Miku is one of the biggest pop icons in the world. Strangely though, she doesn’t really exist.


What’s fascinating about Hatsune Miku, however, is that her appeal is becoming widespread.

Possibly the rag would be better served by sticking to its usual fare of aging rockers and poseur gangsters.


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