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Signed K-ON! Guitar = $250,000


A guitar signed by the cast of K-ON! has reached over ¥20,000,000 at auction.


The guitar, scrawled on by all 5 K-ON! seiyuu and the top prize in the Lawson K-ON! Fair, was put up for auction recently and bids soon rocketed to ¥20,005,000.

The guitar itself is new, and the seller even claims he has not licked it (he also claims to be a fan of Yui and Ritsu).



The seller actually updated the auction when bids exceeded ¥1,000,000, reporting that due to the risk of insincere bids he would only be accepting bids from buyers with good evaluations. This only prompted a surge in bids however, pushing the price up to its current level.

The usual doubts over just how many of these bids can be taken seriously have arisen (although several high bidders do appear to have good reputations), but that the guitar represents a powerful item of inexplicably high value to creepy K-ON! fanatics is far from in doubt.

2ch can’t help but ponder what could be bought for this kind of sum:


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