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All I have to say to this is: “LOL” that doesnt mean it’s the year of ps3…

That just means that Sony shelled out EVEN MORE money to get games to not appear on the xbox 360, whether they are games that people want to buy, well… thats a different matter all together.

Sure you can have 14 BARBIE GAMES only for the ps3, but that doesnt mean people are gonna go ape SH*T for em xD their logic is flawed… and still up Sony’s butt.

P.S. I love how they haven’t put news up for the “Geohot ps3 jailbreak for ps3 3.55 firmware”…. probably too dark in sony’s butt to even see 1 inch infront of their faces :(

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    You do realize that EA has new management right? ANd that they’ve already killed online pass right? Who’s to say that EA won’t actually get better; Remember that time when EA for a short time got WAY BETTER since they put in an ACTUALLY GOOD CEO? I’m hoping it gets better. AND by the way; EA is with BOTH Sony AND Microsoft; Their TRUE partnership that was announced today was NFL… Don’t get why you are all up in a tissy about this.

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    This just shows how bias some people are. More than 1/2 of the information for both consoles in incorrect; including the backwards compatibility for the PS4. THAT was an UTTER LIE. Also just an FYI; they both have the same CPU and very similar GPU’s. (both from AMD) There has not be any “Specifics” on the consoles; IE whether the RAM is DDR5 etc. This just yet again shows how terribly bad the sony vs microsoft news is here. I love Japan too; but I don’t choose sides just cause one of the …

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    I love how you can snicker when there have been MILLIONS of PS – PS3 games that haven’t even sold 1000 units total in their entire lifetime. But hey, at least you have your 15 great exclusives for your ps3 :3 ….. But that’s because they were either MADE BY Sony, or were pumped full of money by Sony xD …SNICKER FYI, Authors of this site: GoeHotz case with Sony is about to go away, the restraining order against him was considered bogus by a Federal Judge, and the only thing they can sue him …

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    lol, there isnt going to be anything that happens to these guys, a bunch of the violations that sony is sueing these guys for are bogus if not completely weak: examples: Violating the PlayStation Network’s Terms of Service (OOOOOHHZZZ NOOOOZ!) Interfering with Sony’s relationships with other PSN customers (REALLY??? How???) Trespassing on Sony’s ownership right to the PS3 (BS bud) basically once the courts through this out since the hackers are not out to make money NORE are out to crack games …

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    I’m not, I have both… and to be honest with you the ps3 is horrible for friend communication, and the menu’s for it are pretty bad as well. There is nothing wrong with the xbox 360 if you use it correctly, and since a lot of people these days lack a lot of common sense, they put their xbox’s in places that have no airflow, which means they get too hot and cause the rrod.


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