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Because there are barely any foreign games on PlayStation 3 worth playing? It has no Cave support, no Treasure support, no G.rev support…

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  • 2011 “Year of the PS3”:
    Thanks man. I still can’t find which company will publish Atelier Totori here. NIS America published Rorona, but Totori isn’t in their “coming soon” list yet. Maybe they announced it in one of their newsletters, but I haven’t read those.

  • 2011 “Year of the PS3”:
    … Well… it totally kicked ass back in 1996, but now… ?

  • 2011 “Year of the PS3”:
    Let’s see… if you agree with the idea that 2011 is a good year for the PS3, then you consider 2010 to be bad. 2009 would be good (yeah, it had Uncharted 2)… and 2008 would be bad. But on 2008, Konami released Metal Gear Solid 4, one of the few titles to be considered a real, actual system seller for the PS3 (most other system sellers are just Blu-ray movies and shows). … No, I don’t see the pattern.

  • 2011 “Year of the PS3”:
    Uncharted 3 already looks very, very promising.

  • 2011 “Year of the PS3”:
    It’s getting DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu Black Label for ¥5,040!! :D

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  • Final Fantasy XV: “Is It Really Final Fantasy Anymore?”:
    And that’s why they were originally going to name it Versus XIII, to avoid whining like this. Whatever, as long as it doesn’t suck…

  • 2DS “Actually Has 1 Screen” “Heavier Than 3DS”:
    You’re SO gonna eat your words, Artefact… this thing is going to be a massive success, they did away with the 3D viewing hazard for kids, it’s cheaper… it’ll kick ass. Nintendo just has to make sure to offer on the eShop the same popular and stupid shit that’s available on the App Store and Google Play (like Angry Birds and Candy Crush) at the exact same price points, and that’s it. Also you’re wrong, the 2DS has a dedicated button for entering sleep mode, and power-saving mode is activated …

  • Nomura: “Final Fantasy XV is an Action Game”:
    It seems from all the trailers shown so far (both canned PS3 and PS4/XB1) that this game will be very similar to the PS2 Kingdom Hearts games, with shooting and MAYBE some stealth. It’s looking decent.

  • Sony: “PS4 Gamers Will Love Using Their Real Names!”:
    Hey Artefact, the guy’s name isn’t Mark Sunny, it’s Mark Cerny.

  • Nintendo: “Consumers Can’t Tell Wii U From PS4 Anyway…”:
    “He can perhaps be forgiven for a certain lack of concern after the crushing success of Move and Kinect.” You really sure about the Move there, man? Seems to me it lost its fire at about 10 or so million units, while the Kinect is around 20…


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