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Get an education yourself moron and stop believing everything your redneck parents tell you. The US is the only major country in the world without health care for everyone and no a health care reform won’t ruin the quality just eliminate the monopoly.

Oh and higher taxes are needed to get out of the deficit or did you forget about that genius? Thats the same reason many states are struggling because they have such low taxes.

Last part of the econ lesson for idiots but the economy is integrated and no one out there is free from the possibility of losing their livelihood if the economy dips again. If poor people are given health insurance they are free to spend money on things such as ps3s which in turn boost the economy and promote growth.

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  • 2011 “Year of the PS3”:
    “year of the PS3”? The PC have more exclusive games this year.

  • 2011 “Year of the PS3”:
    Wii doesn’t need to bring attraction to the system. Everyone in the world has already bought one. Whats the point anymore? Next plan of action is to scrap it and move on to a more hardcore system. I miss Zelda and Mario, just wish the wii had a skill curve higher than that for six year olds. Guess I’m sticking with my new favorites, Bioshock, Halo, and gears.

  • 2011 “Year of the PS3”:
    American health care system is the worst. I’m glad I live in Canada. In staid of paying half or what ever amount of price I can go to the hospital with a broken wrist and not worry about bankrupting my parents. I was being sarcastic about the bankrupt thing, don’t be stupid and jump on it. Though on to the Xbox360 PS3 exclusives thing. Xbox can’t win every year, they just dropped a lot of bombs in 2010. Mind you I’m sure there are tons of titles coming for the xbox this year. I’m happy getting …

  • 2011 “Year of the PS3”:
    Oh cool. I love Ratchet & Clank! And Duke Nukem Forever?! WHAAAAAA-!

  • 2011 “Year of the PS3”:
    :3 looks like a good year to be a pc gamer. :( need a bigger HDD and higher GPU. Yay for tax return season XD

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