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Hello from Central Europe. Nobody uses XBox here. XBox Live doesn’t works here. Nobody counts console users here. And we’ve got entire Eastern Europe with same attitude.

So much about statistics ;-)

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  • 2011 “Year of the PS3”:
    OK, let’s get your facts straight. How many XBoxees were sold in UK? In western part of EU? Middle Europe? Eastern? In Russia? How many XBoxees sold Microsoft in Asia? And how about China or Japan? There is nothing like worldwide statistic of console sales. There are stats for few countries where somebody cares to count and US is *only* where one can see more XBoxees than PS3s.

  • 2011 “Year of the PS3”:
    Heh. I didn’t said i *can’t* buy XBox here. In fact, there are shelf full of them in each bigger electronic-related store. Only problem (and it’s really not my problem :-) is that nobody actually buys them. (few exceptions proves the rule)

  • 2011 “Year of the PS3”:
    Dualcore with 2 years old graphics card is enough in my case. And, as far as I know, only wii emulator uses more than one thread, so that dualcore part is not really important ;-) But I’m not a “gamer” so emulator is enough for those 2 or 3 console games I’m sometimes playing. It’s not something I’d want to use everyday. But still, it’s possible.

  • 2011 “Year of the PS3”:
    You can play PS2 games on PC as well as almost all games designed for Nintendo consoles (from old, good NES to “modern” Wii.)

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