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wow, this is.. unbelievably good. such well colored manga.. must have been a shitload of work. seing this, we know exactly why manga is always monochrome; you cant possibly do everything like this without needing wayy more time and money than now…

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  • Colored To Love-Ru “Too Sexy”:
    you fail to notice that it has been like thta always, and if your not bothering its completely okay. look at the dragonball manga, bulma wears nothing else than fetish clothes, there are loads of sexual references and whatnot. and that stuff is oooooold. black jack, golgo 13, almost all “mature” anime has nudity or fetishmaterial, and nobody complained until now! just stop beeing such a hypocrite.

  • Colored To Love-Ru “Too Sexy”:
    people thinking this fancoloring was official or hentai fail hard.

  • Colored To Love-Ru “Too Sexy”:
    so why would it be a bad result if people know abotu sex, anon 15:17? your a fucking retarded moralfag, if your not gonna do it all your life because “the result is bad” thenplease, at least you wont have any children to teach that idiocy. you DO know that ishithara has written novels about rape an killing that are freely available for children and that evn have been copied already? this ban is nothing but fucking hatred of him and hypocrisy.

  • Colored To Love-Ru “Too Sexy”:
    you cant real ycompare the coloring in comic books with that of manga. forst of all, comic books that are quality colored deifnately dotn come out in weekly or monthly chapters in a magazine do they? just think about it, it would either look crappy to color it like your average superman or disney comics, the shading in black and white looks much better normally, or it wouldd take ages and become extremely expensve if it were quality painted like this pages or mature comic books that come out on …

  • Colored To Love-Ru “Too Sexy”:
    willdefinately take more time than just an extra week or two to color a whole chapter in this quality for serialisation

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