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Because they’re the worst and most annoying playerbase in every online game I’ve played.
They suck at every aspect of the games and don’t give a crap if they ruin it for others or not by being retarded even when they know full-well what they’re doing.
They love to insult others in portuguese and be stupid about everything.
Call me racist if you want, but most of you guys don’t even try to be any better.

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  • Miku Truly “Fantastico”:
    Hello I am the son of a Japanese mother and Brazilian father. I come here often spend my vacation in Brazil at the home of my grandparents, and am sad when you criticize Brazil. Despite being a poor and with many financial Notice Conditions bad, is a very joyful and solidary people have many friends here in Brazil, and contrary to what you say you are “pests” Most of them play games online by the fact that cyber cafes are very common and very busy in this country, of course, many of them are …

  • Miku Truly “Fantastico”:
    Baka’s I’m a Otaku Girl from Brazil . I know that Brazil is shit. But do not judge people. For many here have far more fanatical than you guys from U.S.A

  • Miku Truly “Fantastico”:
    is she real?????

  • Miku Truly “Fantastico”:
    Sometimes I tend forget how badmouthed we are on the Internet, at least until I read a post written in Spanish (my native language). Somehow swearing feels more wrong in your own language, I guess? — A veces tiendo a olvidar lo malhablados que somos en Internet, al menos hasta que leo posts escritos en español (mi propio idioma). De alguna forma decir garabatos se siente más mal en el idioma de uno, no creen?

  • Miku Truly “Fantastico”:
    In defense of the first commenter: brazil somehow houses the most retarded internet users on earth. They are ten times more idiotic than your average btard, and are surprisingly proud of being so dumb. Must be something genetic, merely place a brazilian in front of a pc and he’ll regress to a mental age of ten. I know because i live among them :(

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  • Koreans: Persona 5 OP “Has Offensive Shoes”:
    Oh fuck those koreans. WTF is with them? It’s not as if the flag is plastered all over the place inside the game nor does it pop up every five minutes, it’s in the OP, so what? Press start and voila! Crisis averted ffs..!

  • Snow Miku 2018 Finalists Unveiled:
    5 or 6

  • Koreans: Persona 5 OP “Has Offensive Shoes”:
    To them anything that is of hip fashion should follow their sense of what is fashion.

  • Koreans: Persona 5 OP “Has Offensive Shoes”:
    I don’t know about America is all that offended by the fact of shoes. Though sure if you referring to Californa and the East Coast of being the PC Police states and wanting to welcome people in that will bring the Zombie Virus to this country. Then, yes they could totally be seen being offended shoes. As for the UK…really depends on what part of the UK. If your talking of the British. Hell yes, I can see it. As for the Scottish and the Irish. Fuck. Those two just ask for beers and make jokes …

  • Koreans: Persona 5 OP “Has Offensive Shoes”:
    Always looking for some perceived slight or insult. Sounds like leftists/feminists/SJW/gay/trans/etc actually.


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