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We all hope friend, we all hope…

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  • Miku Truly “Fantastico”:
    Hello I am the son of a Japanese mother and Brazilian father. I come here often spend my vacation in Brazil at the home of my grandparents, and am sad when you criticize Brazil. Despite being a poor and with many financial Notice Conditions bad, is a very joyful and solidary people have many friends here in Brazil, and contrary to what you say you are “pests” Most of them play games online by the fact that cyber cafes are very common and very busy in this country, of course, many of them are …

  • Miku Truly “Fantastico”:
    Baka’s I’m a Otaku Girl from Brazil . I know that Brazil is shit. But do not judge people. For many here have far more fanatical than you guys from U.S.A

  • Miku Truly “Fantastico”:
    is she real?????

  • Miku Truly “Fantastico”:
    Sometimes I tend forget how badmouthed we are on the Internet, at least until I read a post written in Spanish (my native language). Somehow swearing feels more wrong in your own language, I guess? — A veces tiendo a olvidar lo malhablados que somos en Internet, al menos hasta que leo posts escritos en español (mi propio idioma). De alguna forma decir garabatos se siente más mal en el idioma de uno, no creen?

  • Miku Truly “Fantastico”:
    In defense of the first commenter: brazil somehow houses the most retarded internet users on earth. They are ten times more idiotic than your average btard, and are surprisingly proud of being so dumb. Must be something genetic, merely place a brazilian in front of a pc and he’ll regress to a mental age of ten. I know because i live among them :(

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    Well yeah, it’s true that a toned midriff is one of the universally accepted indications of someone being fit and/or having a sexy body. That’s not quite the whole story. Navel fetishism is indeed a real fetish, and it’s different than just “wow, that’s a sexy body.” It’s like, being so incredibly turned on by tummies that all you think about is wanting to lick it / kiss it / cum on it / eat food off of it / whatever floats your goat, or that a tummy is even more exciting to you than the …

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    Get out.

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    I know and love every single one of those songs. This is one of the few “lists” I’ve seen posted here that I actually agree with.

  • Train Cop Stroker Busted:
    Girl knows how to fight back. Molesters you have been warned.

  • Attention Seeker Arrested For Crying Lion:
    except that isnt what this is about. the only man power that was lost were zoo employees, not rescue workers. the reason this dude got arrested is because japan has a stick up its ass and wanted to save face. no one bothered to fact check and find out that the guy just posted screenshots from a movie. if someone tweeted footage of the white house blowing up from independence day and claimed terrorists attacked, i can tell you this much for sure. america wouldnt lose their shit the way japanese …


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