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I’m multilingual. o.o

& I still think the most useful of the three languages I speak is English.

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  • 2ch vs Sankaku: “You White Pigs Are All Racists!”:
    What the fuck? They are being such drama queens I swear! If they wanted us Americans to be so thin then maybe they should start promoting those things in their anime and slowly it would pick up. They always bother us for being bigger than them but that really only seems to bother them when we are cosplaying or when our men sleep with their women! I personally like Asian men but seriously… all these comments about us foreigners just dying is retarded. It was our people that took them out of …

  • 2ch vs Sankaku: “You White Pigs Are All Racists!”:
    Japanese doesn’t hate foreigner. . but sancom and sancom user is very hated. Only AV, anti Japan, and a dark topic of Japan are always published… Japanese really hates sancom.

  • 2ch vs Sankaku: “You White Pigs Are All Racists!”:
    “You guys are soft when it comes to your own faults, but hard on those of others – you sit here criticising others for piracy whilst busily downloading stuff yourselves!” Which is why we file lawsuits against our charity organizations when they go wrong and you don’t do anything about yours’? (UNICEF Japan, nuff said) “Don’t get uppity you dirty foreigners. Because you just decide to pirate our stuff overseas, we get hit with censorship!” No, it’s cus your government is even more prudish than …

  • 2ch vs Sankaku: “You White Pigs Are All Racists!”:
    Mad amerifags, Mad amerifags everywhere.

  • 2ch vs Sankaku: “You White Pigs Are All Racists!”:
    It’s funny how they basically just pick-out american otaku to insult and blame for this. rest of the world sits back loling cause we don’t like america either.

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    the king of takus

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    To be honest, for as long as the target of said “pedophilia” knows about the potential consequences and gave consent without being in any way forced or tricked into it, I don’t see where the problem is. I mean, sure, it does sound bad if you just dismiss the circumstances and treat them as “kids” in the equation, but there are kids who start being sort of sexually active when 11 or 12 (hormones can really mess with the head at that age) and while they aren’t necessarily prepared for the …

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    No like lots of people would bother reading a manga from 1980 or something..

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    Don’t you understand the EntitledAnon mindset? The more animators that die of overwork in getting him his free, illegally downloaded anime, the better and more important it makes him feel. Especially after all that time and effort spent finding and downloading the file-sharing software, and determining which fansubbers to use, and all that clicking of download links…

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    Good, Vita sucks anyway


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