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At least they have any English skills, hardly anyone in the US speaks a second language fluently, unless they are the children of illegals from Mexico or South American countries. I know a lot of Japanese students studying here, how sad is it that although they make spelling and pronunciation mistakes, their grammar is better than native speakers.

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  • 2ch vs Sankaku: “You White Pigs Are All Racists!”:
    How is it that these people on 2ch have never pirated or stolen intellectual property ever? Never copied a movie, downloaded a song, or saved free pornography from some torrent site that stole it in the first place? Do they really believe anime fans want any censorship? It is part of the reason we can’t watch it on television here. Did the Americans secretly put Ishihara into office as well? I had no idea Sankaku Complex was such a major website able of contributing to conflicts among 2ch …

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