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look for anons writing in Engrish lol

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  • Panty & Stocking S*x Police Cosplay:
    The effect of the iris enlarging contacts were a bit overdone, Panty’s wig colour is a bit off. Otherwise very well done cosplay

  • S*xy Officer Panty Cosplay:
    The wig could have been longer and thicker, but this is high quality cosplay

  • Black Rock Shooter, Dead Master & Black Gold Saw Cosplay:
    The cosplayers are cute, I’d say 8.5/10 at least. But the costume and the props are mediocre, they could done a better job sticking to the original. DM’s horns are wrong. BRS’s sword is not a generic katana, but I guess that’s excusable because it’s rather difficult to make one like it. BGS’s sword is horrible wrong, and DM’s scythe is far from accurate as well. My verdict: pleasant to look at, but more effort is needed on the prop. I’ve seen stunningly accurate BRS series cosplays out there

  • Fukubukuro of 2011:
    OMG where can I buy such fukubukuro, or have I already missed it?? I’m in Japan right now @.@

  • Epic vs Enix:
    Actually I think a lot of Japanese guys look like that


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