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In Portugal TV is free, we don’t have to pay license

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  • Fansubbers: “We Support Anime” 2ch: “You Are Thieves!”:
    $70 for a few episode in japan seems normal, but in America, tv shows cost maybe $20-$30 on DVD for 12episodes. Anime here tends to cost $20 for four episodes, and while cheaper than in Japan, it is that comparison which results inns thinking that the price is high.

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    Some talk about bad dubs reminds me of these Digimon dubs. Finnish “talent” at it’s best. Would I pay for this? No. Would I watch this from TV? No.

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    Sure go ahead an blame the foreign human right activist for all of it while your dear politicians continue to bow to every command the activists lay while licking their shoes. The issue you guys have is that your politicians are making easy popularity points out of content bans because you 2ch people barely unite anywhere outside the internet where any data can be easily dismissed as made up. We never see you guys do actual movements to go against all this. All you do is stay behind the …

  • Fansubbers: “We Support Anime” 2ch: “You Are Thieves!”:
    I think in some cases the western companies deserve a big chunk of the blame I mean look at the Macross series, 7 and F did not come out internationally for very good reasons I must say

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    You’re talking about the very few occasions where the local DVD’s actually come out. Take the three Eldora robot animes for an example, you gotta have some crazy amounts of love to be still waiting for that one

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  • Corpse Party: Blood Drive PV Haunting Indeed:
    If you haven’t realized already. The Playstation TV exists, which runs most Vita games. It’s also cheaper than the Vita, and most of you no doubt own a Dual Shock 3/4 controller anyway.

  • Corpse Party: Blood Drive PV Haunting Indeed:
    Buy a Playstation TV. Then you can play the game in 720p. As the PS TV runs most Vita games. You need a Vita memory card and a dual shock 3/4 to run.

  • Yuru Yuri San Hai Still Gloriously Yuri:
    reminds me a lot of Payatan

  • Dragon Ball Super: “Super Boring!”:
    When you think about it, the series shouldn’t have happened and the 6th universe arc (which will be the only thing new) should have been either made into a new movie and make it a trilogy or not do battle of gods a tv show and also Resurrection F into the next arc. On some level this show just comes of as Toriyama was told to make it and he did all this to spite Toei. If anything Super should have just been a continuance after Uub and replacing the GT story altogether.

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    i’d put things in that


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