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Upper limits of Super Saiyan power means nothing to this man. Aizen reached like… WTFPWN levels of power. So why are we going even higher? Because of Plotkai!

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  • China Menaced by Exploding Watermelons:
    That’s not a fruit. That’s a monkey mine. We make those too.

  • 22 Reasons You Won’t Be Blind in China for Long:
    Actually, this is Chinese money grubbing again. They refit the ground with tiles every so often for roads that don’t need it so that they can launder money. Public safety be damned, they don’t give a shit. If anything happens and more complaints roll in, that’s another opportunity to launder money. It’s like Akumetsu. But y’know, without Akumetsu.

  • Why The Chinese Hate Japanese Anime:
    Hypocrites the lot of them. For a survey such as this, it really does show that these folks don’t know what they are talking about. 1. Crude gags – 26% This one is a no brainer. Chinese people revel in them especially when you bring in the children’s flicks. Even the BEST of their stuff has crude gags with the other end being not funny at all. 2. Violence – 20.2% The country most well known for their kungfu movies is complaining about violence? 3. Their stories are devoid of content – 17.5% …

  • All Aboard The K-ON! Chikan Bus…:
    Wait a sec, that’s TSUBOMI! Errghh… Now I’m feeling conflicted.

  • K-ON!! x Casio Camera Ultimate in Moelectronics:
    I’m sorry, but gyahahahaa!!! The novelty of this is insane!


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