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Instead of trying to make games that they believe Americans would like (basically copying our games), they should concentrate on steering Americans towards THEIR games. They would have an immediate audience with anime/manga fans and could expand to the mainstream gamers from there.

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  • Top 20 Anime “Too Hot” For TV:
    only shit killing anime are slice of live and idols. worse only by merging these cancer genres.

  • Top 20 Anime “Too Hot” For TV:
    it’s got exposed tits and shit, of course people get their knickers in a bunch in today’s time where porn has been banned compared to the 90s. I saw a rerun where “those” scenes were heavily modified or completely replaced by idiotic stills of empty backgrounds. Maybe, just maybe, they shouldn’t show it in the 11am~1pm time slot instead?

  • Top 20 Anime “Too Hot” For TV:
    And for 20 years people have been saying this stuff has been killing anime, yet its still alive. How is it gonna take to finally die, then?

  • Top 20 Anime “Too Hot” For TV:
    More variety is killing anime? A genre that doesnt even make money and gets mostly ignored, except on sites like this, in favor of stuff like Attack on Titan and other less sexy/fun and more violent shows.

  • Sin Nanatsu no Taizai PV Sinfully Sexy:
    I watch this for the story and the plot so I’m looking forward for this anime


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