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Just taking this moment to laugh at everyone here.

GTFO weeaboos, all of you.

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  • Tokyo Manga Ban Signed Into Law:
    Fuck up, faggot. I live in the home city of the yaks and they’re a bunch of bitches. So much shit goes on here between Americans and yaks that doesn’t reach the news, and they’re a bunch of pussies who only bully pussy Japanese faggots.

  • Tokyo Manga Ban Signed Into Law:
    Rofl. Better watch out cus the prude publisher over here censored Tera-Online just for no pants.

  • Tokyo Manga Ban Signed Into Law:
    Who cares about Japan anymore! Switch to Korea!

  • Tokyo Manga Ban Signed Into Law:
    Jesus Christ – the end is near for real. First Taking good part of manga – by Japan goverment. Then shutting down megavideo and megaupload by FBI i USA… Now they shutted down Videobb ond Videozer. What Next? Chockolate?! PS. My name is Eva from Poland. I didn’t log in because I don’t have time for it.

  • Tokyo Manga Ban Signed Into Law:
    I really don’t freakin’ get it. They ban manga for sexual content, but their [real] porn industry is thriving. Wtf?

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  • To Love-Ru Darkness Excessively Moist:
    Or at least some chapter in parallel reality where it ended up with one or two in bed .. (tenchi..ref) Is possible that the series still continues later in space .. if last so.

  • Toonami Space Dandy DVD Promo Quite a Sight:
    It’s kinda sad that adult swim will be getting rid of Toonami in the coming months. Already cut back nearly 2 hours of the line-up and replaced them with American Dad and other lame tv cartoon shows. I say by late June or July; Toonami will be saying adios once more.

  • Goddess of Twitter: “PPN JK!”:
    “Boris is here” in blur section

  • Boku no Yayoi-san Hardcore NTR Ero-Anime:
    I want Hana Hook works be animated.

  • Death Parade Intense as Ever:
    Drax DriloX I mean … related, (I did not want to leave spoiler) how the two protagonists died .. (the story takes there two criminals, a loose rapist and the detective’s wife killer) But it seems that someone screwed up .. and there was only one criminal at first. Leftover how they got there … double ko ?? …..


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