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‘Interfering in sexual expression is a FUCKING BAD THING TO DO! Not to mention that it is totally against human rights’

San Com is not the best place for a detailed debate on ethics.

However, your argument lacks rigor.

If there is some objective morality (enforced by some ultimate Buddha or Amaterasu or whatever) then the source of that objective morality dictates whether sexual expression should or should not be interfered with.

If there is not objective morality, there’s no “good” or “bad” to anything.

But … this is not the place for an ethics or philosophy debate.

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    ‘You just suck at choosing the right woman. ‘ Note that “right” is an undefinable value judgement in this context. If you think you have chosen your woman well, just because she hasn’t screwed you over yet, she might prove you wrong by screwing you over at any time in the future. This is not so much a problem with women as a problem with human beings in general. Marriage is unreliable; divorce and alimony are common. Trust between the sexes is low. Such is the nature of the modern world. Unless …

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    ‘so no Rick, Ishihara was not simply the tip of the spear, he was the driving force behind the entire spear which pretty much consisted of him and other Tokyo politicians who were either his cronies (his personal party, and the LDP) or too spineless to actually oppose him (the DPJ). there was no great public moralist mandate powering their act.’ My understanding is that there are a lot of old fuddy-duddies who like to blame youth culture. But maybe it’s just a few lobbyists. One thing is …

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    Cosplayers are important allies in this struggle.

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    ‘shy, nerdy otakus will finally be FORCED to come out of their cozy little homes into the sunlight to finally become human and actually meet real women so they can reproduce and yes, REPOPULATE Japan’ I’m an extrovert. I get out and meet lots of girls. I still have never been married, and I have no kids. Sex is easy. Reproduction is harder. Commitment to a spouse for multiple years is even harder.

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    I think you’ve got some good ideas, but you’re presenting it from a foreign perspective. The Japanese will probably do something similar, but they’ll do it Nihon-style.

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