Tokyo Manga Ban Signed Into Law


Tokyo’s manga ban has been signed into law after passing a final vote, and is set to come into effect in 2011, with Tokyo governor Ishihara crowing that “Japan still has some common sense left after all!”

The ban already passed a committee vote, and as expected also passed a final vote on the 15th – the law stipulates that “voluntary restraints” must begun in April of 2011, with the full force of the ban to come in July.

All the major parties supported the ban – the ruling DPJ (leftist) insisted on a “prudent application” rider but otherwise did nothing to oppose the law as they did with the previous bill.

The LDP (right-wing) proposed and supported the original and current version of the bill. Their usual coalition partners, the Koumeito (the political arm of a Buddhist cult), also supported the bill, leaving only small parties to the left of the DPJ to oppose it.

Once again the motives of the DPJ can only be guessed at – they have repeatedly blocked national bans on possession of child pornography (already illegal to distribute) on civil liberties grounds, opposed the previously rejected version of the bill because it was worded as a ban on “virtual child pornography,” and actually insisted the just passed Tokyo law remove a “duty not to possess [real] child pornography” clause.

However, when the current bill’s wording was changed to ban depictions “promoting illegal or immoral sexual activity” (effectively a vastly more far-reaching ban than previously) rather than “[virtual] sexual activity involving minors” (this version of the ban was clearly targeting loli manga) as in the current version, their previous opposition all but evaporated.

That the law explicitly excludes photographic material can probably be interpreted both as a specific attack on “otaku” culture and an effort to avoid antagonising Japan’s mass media, who obviously would not support any restrictions on themselves but are only too happy to support them on other industries.

The 10 publishers who have boycotted the Tokyo Anime Fair are angry at the treatment meted out to the industry by Ishihara and his cronies:

“The earlier bill was defeated with heavy opposition, and we are indignant that the bill should be resubmitted in so short a time.”

Kadokawa’s CEO has vowed opposition will continue, although just what publishers can do about it is not clear, particularly in light of their evident ineptitude in handling politicians.

Ishihara for his part is crowing over the industry’s defeat:

“It makes sense for this to have passed – Japan still has some common sense left after all!”

In interviews he merely laughed at the industry boycott:

“If they’re outraged about this then they shouldn’t come. They’ll come the next year, for sure.”

Veteran shoujo mangaka Machiko Satonaka speaks of complete betrayal at the hands of the politicians:

“There were representatives who promised us ‘we won’t resubmit the bill without consulting manga and anime producers,’ but they submitted it anyway, so I feel we were tricked. There are many issues with the ordinance, in particular the ‘improperly promote or glorify [sexual activity]’ passage, and there is no way we can accept this.

In particular, I worry about the future for young mangaka – I hope they will persevere without the industry falling into decline.”

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      • Popular policits are like that, politicians only care about the majority opinion and not even that outside of the election period.

        Two-party systems are the most corrupt. All candidates will be in the middle and there is just an illusion of elective power because all the candidates are, in the end, pretty much the same. Two-party systems also cause severe societal stagnation.

        • Politicians don’t give a rat’s ass about ‘majority opinions’. The reason they are so corrupt is because they DO NOT follow majority opinion.

          They try to steer laws to their own agenda and personal opinions and this case is a classic case of a nutjob right winger singlehandedly trying to create a conflict and somehow succeeding at it.

        • I was talking about this with my friend earlier… he was saying “If they can’t sell the shit legally in japan… why not work on it in japan then sell it online or have the American companies that dub the series sell it?” I do feel for some anime that’ll work but for the most part that may not work… *Sighs* I need a hard brew right now… seriously I hope… I seriously hope something happens within these next 4-7 months or we’re FUCKED!

        • I dunno about fucked, but it is a shame.
          The road ahead is bound to be an interesting one. Will there be a sudden increase in anime with good writing? Is the industry REALLY floating on the sales from sex-related anime/manga/merch/etc.? Things have been shook up, and I’m confident only the strongest in the industry will pull through to the end.
          Try to look for the positives in everything.

        • The beginning of loli manga crime is soon to follow, just like most ban that make things illegal.

          Also, I just hope that the dumb people that elected that loser will stop voting him in again next time.

          Now I want to know if Komoe-sensei will be alright still because of her age, like how the US will change the age and background story of some character to make them older with the growth problem w/o changing their outer-appearance.

        • @ Anon 18:50
          It would not be that bad if the ban was only applied to sexual content. The problem is that they can censor any representation of virtual crime, ranging from violence to drug consumption, etc…
          Basically any work that is not considered “healthy” and harmful to child development will have the risk of being canceled. And I cannot think of any great work of fiction that does not show at least one “crime”.
          I guess all we have left now is Pokemon…wait, it promotes animal torture!

        • Anonymous 04:32, that is EXACTLY what is going to happen.
          We are going to see MORE real life child rapes or people having sex with willing real life children if this law stands (which I doubt it will).

          Maybe that is the whole point of Ishihara: to get pedosexuals to come out into the open and demand their right to proposition children and have sex with them if the child consents!

        • The minorites are the majority. Most people are part of a minor intrest group. Wether it is anime/manga/games , stamp collecting, idol fans, suduku fanatics, or a particular religious group. Picking on one minority alienates that voting block, alienate enough of them and you are totally jugged. Soon there will be an okatu party, they may not elect many officials, but those are votes that the major parties can no longer count on.

        • In response to the horo (holo for the lames…) avatars I’ve seen here.

          Horo does not promote any sexual activity, but she’s depicted nude quite often. She might be able to remain nude.

          Unless the tail and ears will mean it’s imoral as it resembles an animal which again encourages beastiality.

        • It’s a ton of money to dub something. Sentai didn’t originally dub Clannad and the barely any companies are dubbing (or licensing at all) unless they’re sure hits.

          Do you honestly think a hentai that will only appeal to a SMALL part of a niche market would even be close to breaking even with a dub?

        • have you guys ever heard the stories that surround prohibition. imagine being told you can’t drink. now imagine being told you can’t jack off. ya moonshine doesn’t compare to mass loli rapes.

        • it might work – imagine how many more subscribers channels like anime network would get if they were broadcasting completely new series instead of things that have already aired in japan. DVD sales overseas would jump because it would be the only way to access uncensored versions (unless anime network or a competing network took an HBO-esque approach).

        • I wonder if they could do to him what was done to the woman who tried to bash on the Mass Effect sex scene, and call to ban Ishihara’s book due to violating his own law and cause a scandal because he’s a hypocrite and voted for something he himself is condoning in literature…

          Oh well, killing him slowly with paper cuts as he is forced to re-read the rape scenes in his book backwards sounds more entertaining.

        • don’t worry, I’m sure 2ch is figuring out a way to hack the government website to give them shit.
          they’ll lay traps then go into politician’s computers and dig up evidence of cp and whatnot. I bet those closet-hiding politicians were just keeping the real little girls to themselves.

        • Kyon Theorist says:

          I’m as pissed about this as anyone else, but really who’s going to riot?

          Otaku? Most of them can’t look a person in the eye, they’d never be able to riot. A few might have the guts to protest in some way, but overall they’re just going to be ignored.

          Considering they let it happen, I would think a normal person who reads manga casually will also not riot. They just aren’t invested enough, and unless the goal is to start pissing people off the most popular manga won’t be banned anyways. (Naruto, One Piece, etc.) Overall that means some of them might not even know what just happened.

          Publishers? They were so fucking dumb they couldn’t nip this in the but to begin with, fucking worthless pieces of shit need to die in a fire.

          Riots aren’t happening. Now 2chan might do some digital terrorism, but I have a feeling that it will backfire. Most people are ignorant enough that someone digitally attacking another person in order to put out demands, just causes them to fear the attacker and doubt their cause.

        • “they’ll lay traps then go into politician’s computers and dig up evidence of cp and whatnot”

          Even if they find some, those same politicians took good care that possessing real CP remains legal, so…

        • Houselife, you are an idiot. The fact is that the Otaku are becoming ‘lumps on a log’ because they do not like the real world and the path that it is going down.

          Not to MENTION that if they came out into the real world, the pedosexual otaku would be harassed by various people and//or KILLED solely because they looked wrong at a real life child!

          It’s time to realize that these people are staying where they are able to live their lives in relative peace.

        • There will be those who do such. And I stick to Darwinian logic in that facet unfortunately. The weak-minded will fall, it’s the way of things. Compassion will be there for those who need it and those who seek it, but some will leave the planet because they have chosen to. Not every death is a tragedy, and not every life is worthy. We are taught to believe otherwise, and I personally believe with enough time, every single human can be shown light and love. But the reality is sometimes the difference in that time is the difference between 100 other innocent lives being lost to save that one.

          The generals of history were the generals and leaders because they were the ones who recognized that they couldn’t mourn every casualty if they wanted to prevent more.

        • Well I kind of understand HL’s point of view but I don’t see the outcome you see. Otakus are essentially outcasts, and looked down upon. I worry about one feeling cornered enough to harm people or themselves.

        • English is my first language. You just don’t understand at all what I am talking about, or what you’re talking about for that matter. I’m speaking from objective psychology and history. You just proved one of my points as well. Galileo was burned for his good contribution, which was the definition of the ‘vice versa’ I mentioned in the sense that the bad happened, he was burned. Good came from his paintings and ideas, which also birthed bad, which also birthed good in the future from his burning as a martyr for science. I was speaking of the sine wave of balance that ALWAYS follows the same pattern. No matter how bad, the future brings good, no matter how good, the bad will come. Those who do not understand that are the ones who are doomed to repeat that cycle, ie – people like you.

          Also, the Klan and bullies are both representations in the mind of those who deal with them, and the people they represent. Bullies are more personal, the Klan is more national. Symbols both. You don’t think the presence of something so blatantly obvious and over-exaggerated as the Klan wasn’t instrumental in the presence of Martin Luther King and the subsequent acceptance of African Americans? And if you’re going to hop on their current cultural representation of gangs and inner cities, that is the subsequent bad. Before they had to be better than us, in every way, to be perceived as accepted. The after-effects of that are worth looking into, because to say what causes it will get me called racist for saying things like ‘some black communities became self-righteous and “lazy” after they lost their most powerful leaders.’ Everyone will look at that and say “You racist bastard” and they will be thoughtless idiots who have no understanding of objectivity in history.

          The sine wave of positive and negative effects requires a wide perspective to see in context.

        • Houselife, I don’t think you understand a word you’re saying. In fact I hope English isn’t your first language.

          “No matter what you may think you know, the only time it would happen is if someone wants power over another person”
          Do you realize the point of being a politician? We even have terms like “class struggle” for a reason.

          “My entire purpose was nothing ever comes with all negative, nothing. Any single historical occurrence you can come up with, on a long enough time line, will also have positive effects. And vice versa.”
          That’s a whole lot of meaningless nothing. “Everything is good and bad?” Believe it or not, a lot of things can be mostly bad. Which is why we’re not celebrating the church’s contributions to progress by burning Galileo.

          “And ironically the examples you chose of bullies and the Klan actually do work in historical context.”
          Yeah… both making sure their targets have less resources, opportunities, and support, with a higher chance of turning to crime or suicide. Really helps them accomplish things rather than generally setting social progress back. Oh, but the Klan and Biff from Back to the Future were hilarious sometimes. Either that counterbalances everything, or you never touched a history book.

          I don’t know what after school special you live in, where there is no class struggle and all problems are there just to build character, but I’m with the other Anonymous. Houselife, you are an idiot. Any thought or joke you have, even on a long enough time line, will not have a positive effect.

        • You’ve got it, hence why I said there’s such a presence of irony. Being angry is a great way to cause action to occur, but they’re the type of people who bottle up their anger unless they believe in something. And with this assault, they are struck with the chance to actually do something about it. What I was saying above, was it would be interesting if that were Ishihara’s purpose all along. A sort of Ledouche if you will 🙂

        • “the only time it would happen is if someone wants power over another person”

          One will always want power over another, so…

          And yes, brain-dead otaku are of course unwanted by political figured running Japan. HL hinted about multiple possible outcomes which was the correct thing to do.
          They’re basically given three choices (simplified so the point is understood):
          1. Accept that we’re fucking you up and die while crying, if you’re that useless we don’t NEED you, because not commencing this ban would also just result in you dying alone while not helping the country’s scientific/etc development.

          2. Change your ways. If your house gets broken down, you can move out; here your hobbies are getting broken down, so just move on to a new one, you have your entire life ahead of you, and we want YOU to help your country (aka this would be a sort of patriotic direction)

          3. Do something to show that you’re alive, protest. If you guys actually care about your hobby and are not psychologically dead, you CAN organize yourselves and stand up against us. We don’t believe that you can do this, though, which is why we’ll continue raping your life.

          Cute choices eh, it’s otaku’s turn to play their move. They’ve been ignoring politics too passively, hence the blitz attack destabilizing their home’s peace.

        • First of all you don’t understand at all what I said. If you did, you would realize you’re using ‘stagnate’ in a way that doesn’t really even make sense with the context I was using. Stagnation means they stop growing, stop moving forward, stop learning, losing all purpose in their lives. Nobody ever wants that to happen. Nobody. No matter what you may think you know, the only time it would happen is if someone wants power over another person, and then it can be traced back to jealousy and fear anyway. Such intentions are never pure intentions, but based on their own mind tricking them.

          And you’re also incorrect that society wants the unwanted to ‘stay down’ it’s more than they want them ‘not in their back yard.’ And ironically the examples you chose of bullies and the Klan actually do work in historical context. My entire purpose was nothing ever comes with all negative, nothing. Any single historical occurrence you can come up with, on a long enough time line, will also have positive effects. And vice versa.

          My point was objectivity, since I already called for this man’s death above. But I’m also not shallow or stupid enough to ignore alternative perspectives. I am, however, stupid enough to think they would be understood on an internet comment forum 😀

        • Like how bullies try to help social outcasts stand up for themselves, and the Klan makes minorities rise to greater heights to disprove stereotypes? Of course not. Society wants people with an unpopular image to stay down, be stepped on, and know there place. Having nothing to turn to got them there in the first place and the whole point is to preserve that power balance. The people on top need someone to exploit or at least scapegoat.

          Deviants and minorities, whether harmless or even imaginary, are icky. Right or wrong doesn’t matter; society will crusade against cooties until the end of time. They make sure they stay outcasts. Making sure they “stagnate” is just part of the goal. All otaku are child-molesting psycho murderers and homos are godless, mutant, man-rapists out to destroy our daily values. What kind of monster would you be to even consider their side?

        • I’m not an idiot. These people do everything they do because of fear, and because of that fear they lack the perception to see possibility. When one is truly stupid, they are completely unable to see beyond themselves and unable to form coherent possibilities in the face of adversity, even such simple possibilities as asking for help. Not liking the real world is the epitome of being spoiled and pathetic, because if you don’t like the real world, you do something to change it. The issue is they don’t have the perspective to SEE how to change it, and that’s because they lack the experience, and that’s because they’ve given up.

          These people have stagnated, and that is one of the worst things a human can do, because stagnation means that they essentially go into mental do-loops unless they know how to get themselves out of it.

          And by the way, blaming ‘the world’ is a generality, and many childish people do it. The world isn’t the problem, it’s YOUR world, your perception of it, that is the problem. Notice how whenever anything goes wrong in your world, you’re the common factor in it? That means that when it goes right, you’re also the common factor. And yes, it really is that simple.

        • Actually the sheer potential of irony hadn’t passed me by initially either: there’s a chance this is a challenge by Ishihara to cause Otaku to rise up and be more than they are. Really the perceivable point of all this is to enhance the economy, and keep Otaku from becoming lumps on a log. If there’s a single thing that I agree with their government on, it’s the goal of getting the younger generation out and socializing and contributing as much as they can, and not succumbing to their own imaginations, but using them as a tool of empowerment.

          If that did happen, I’d honestly have to smile. But only if said uprising triggered a rescinding of this stupid law.

      • *facedesk*
        i dont think “common sense” really is the term for it…
        they have officially signed the bill that will doom Japan.
        To all you 日本人 out there… you can thank your dumb as bricks political leaders for taking your country into a permanent recession…

        • Too much regulation on a creative industry will not give a positive effect as some hope, especially in manga where they like to push limits – the reason that makes it great.

          But this isn’t over. I see this as merely a wake-up call. While everyone was living in otakuland unaware of things happening in the 3D world, they let this slip through with very little opposition from fans. Even Tokyo’s most otaku-despised governor, was elected three times despite obviously being a nut.

          I say, it’s about time publishers, otaku, mangaka and general manga readers organize and stand up and fight to overturn this.

        • yea, pretty much
          at this point im not angry at ishihara and gang anymore, cos blaming idiots for being idiots is idiotic
          the problem is that nobody, including all the affected parties, did anything
          publishers boycott the tokyo anime fair? how toothless is that?
          i can only sympathise with ishiharas reaction here “oh, you are not coming? that all? fuck you”
          apparently publishers are only capable of bullying mangaka, but when they have to actually stand up and fight they pout

        • Deep down i’d like to believe they did this so as to avoid authors from creating neverending moeblobs parade and start making quality work,plot-wise…


        • Right in one, Anonymous. That is the first step of civil disobedience. The fact is that there is supposedly ‘laws’ against lolicon stuff in the United States.

          Why are they not enforced? Because they are on PERILOUS ground if someone wanted to challenge them in a court of law, being totally against the First Amendment.

          That is why they wait until someone has actual REAL LIFE child pornography to file charges against someone.

        • honestly, I’m kinda hoping that manga companies move to a different city, and Tokyo just economically dies (or fills with actual crime? Just saying) until Ishihara goes down as one of the worst politicians in existence and his frivolous and illogical law gets removed. Still find it funny that we have a modern “Comic scare” on our hands, tho.

        • @Anonymous 4:43

          I know what you mean, I’m saying there will be people that decide not to follow it. It all depends on how harsh the punishment is when you don’t obey it. Certain laws are more strict than other ones.

          We download everyday and it’s against the law. It’s not like we get hundreds of fines. We just have to wait and see what really happens. Who knows?

        • you are aware that “i’m just going to ignore the law” isn’t really a defense against a law right?

          ishihara and his cronies will be happy to continue to fine you, and eventually if publishers continue to evade their fines, they’ll probably move on to heavier penalties such as incarceration of the publisher heads for failure to the fines.

          the law has an effect as long as the government has the ability to enforce it.

          covering your ears and eyes, and shouting “lalala” doesn’t negate law.

      • Although I completely disagree with this shit but we all know that Anime is getting too ecchi these days. There was barely any nudity in Animes before but now there’s a whole bunch. I guess we’re going back to pantsu and bras instead of boobs and asses, if you know what I mean.

        • if any one thinks about raping a child or does so must be sick in the head and should be locked up for life…. OR DIE. just cause your 2d child porn wont be around doesn’t mean you go rape children. that’s just disgusting.

        • That funny ’cause last time I checked most antions in the world have their own form of Pedosexuality. Child brids in mideast. Child brides in some relgions here. If you are in a country where the age of consent is 12, no crime done, no hamr inflicted. And if you are actually naive enough to think kids are doing kids in more ways than you can imagine right now, you’ve missed all the stories of 8-12 year old rapists.

        • Pedosexuality will never be accepted because its disgusting.
          But of course you can go out to fuck a little child, it will be the last thing you do.

          If that really works, I aplaud the goverment for finding all those sick bastards and locking them away.

        • ‘Interfering in sexual expression is a FUCKING BAD THING TO DO! Not to mention that it is totally against human rights’

          San Com is not the best place for a detailed debate on ethics.

          However, your argument lacks rigor.

          If there is some objective morality (enforced by some ultimate Buddha or Amaterasu or whatever) then the source of that objective morality dictates whether sexual expression should or should not be interfered with.

          If there is not objective morality, there’s no “good” or “bad” to anything.

          But … this is not the place for an ethics or philosophy debate.

        • Anonymous, no, those people are not sick in the head. The fact is that pedosexuality is a NORMAL sexuality and when you force people to be sexually celibate when they don’t wish to be…. you get people like the killers of the various children over in America who were raped beforehand and Ted Bundy for homosexuals (when homosexuality was still looked down on).

          Interfering in sexual expression is a FUCKING BAD THING TO DO! Not to mention that it is totally against human rights: both the right of the adult AND the right of the child, which by the way, contrary to popular opinion…… children do have human rights, the same ones as adults in fact.

        • Don’t be a moron. In some places a 17 year old is considered a CHILD. Now tell me, hwo is a 17 year old a child? Yet you can be arrested for child rape by sleeping with one that is willing? If they are done screwing other teens that is. A 18 year old can get in toruble for sleeping with their 14 year old bf\gf for fucks sake. Stop trying to slap CHILD on anything that is not 30+

          Besides, according to this stupid law raping or fake raping is all fine and good as long as it’s done by people and not drawn or animated.

      • Just means instead of having fictitious little girls and such, hes telling us to go to japan and raep his daughter (any of the officials daughters)

        I hope they realize that many families of otakus are now as good as slaughtered, right? since they aparently do it in japan so often, now would be the time for a mass killing.

    • so are they going to change Akihabara into some kind of arcade town? did that fake unicef seduce that old guy? if akumetsu is real it will be scary. this is stupid, they’re near a fucking neighborhood war zone and they’re focus on manga ban.

      • Yes they can publish and sell outside of Japans biggest city. You realize the majority of profits come from Tokyo. If it can’t be sold properly in Tokyo most publishers wouldn’t even bother making them at much of a large scale.

        • In this day and age of electronic media, wouldn’t it mean moving the production outside of Tokyo and then letting buyers “import” it in over the internet?
          If anything its a blow to traditional broadcasting mediums as people migrate from simple television to more advanced systems like Google/Apple TV.
          Its an upgrade long in the waiting.

          As Japan changes, so will the world. The need for new and cheap electronic equipment will be a boon to Chinese manufacturers.

        • @ Anon 20:07 and Fred 20:14:

          Economic battles (and I include government action to ban, restrict, or tax things as part of this) frequently take place to control creation, export, and import of a product/service.

          If anime/manga production moves from Japan to, say, Korea, and they distribute electronically, the forces behind the restriction/ban/call-it-what-you-will just pass another law which makes the possession or importation of the restricted materials illegal.

          Or, possibly, equipment which makes importation of the restricted materials possible (sort of like “possession of burglar tools” – I can use an axe to chop wood, or to break into a house).

          So, no (legal) satellite receivers for you.
          Or (legal) Internet connection.

          “Wait, they can’t do that sort of thing!!”, you say?

          Sure they can — they already have. These days, pretty much EVERYTHING is illegal, allowing selective enforcement.

          If the government decides to put you in jail, they can easily do so, because you ARE guilty of breaking various laws.

          The U.S. government prosecuted, convicted, and jailed three Mexicans for violation of ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations).

          And what did these ‘criminals’ actually do?

          They moved from the U.S. to Mexico, and when they packed up their possessions, they also packed up their cablebox.

          Cableboxes contain cryptographic hardware/software which falls under ITAR.

          Obviously, the U.S. authorities were “looking for a reason” to “get” those guys, and they found one.

        • As I said people, the more likely scenario is this being taken to court on Free Speech grounds (the Japanese do have an analogue to that) and overturned as being way too broad of a law and against human rights as well.

          Oh, and by the way, Anonymous…. they CANNOT make it illegal to possess something, without good reasoning.

        • Relocation, thats what will happen… yes Tokyo is one of their major cash cow but thats what they can do to avoid the ban, relocating their companies, creating, and selling them at places other than Tokyo itself actually benefit the other prefectures and cites. Its time Tokyo face more recession where one of their industry moves away helping other cities. Make Tokyo be a rioting city and Akiba the ghost town…

        • But their profits drop regardless right? So what is there ot lose. If they sell stuff people don’t want, they won’t buy. Still, at anyone that reads this, how is this different from the ratings in the states? And look at how well that is working on keeping ‘mature’ content from kids.

    • Fucked hard my friend. We are fucked hard. School days manga and anime are bound to disappear because it’s a horrible crime to depict schoolgirls in their uniforms. I think they should go and arrest all students for the crime of looking at schoolgirls. The girls included. They have no shame after all! Oh and let’s not forget the parents that see their daughters off to school, what a filthy behavior.

      Jesus… Humanity is doomed.

      • “Anime and Manga should just be moved to the states. Everything that comes out in the states are censored because of the high tolerance and good infrastructure. We would never have to worry about censors ever again.”

        at least some people can view it with a smile on the face
        as if US wouldnt censore the shit out of it as prude as they are

        • Most of us are not ‘prudes’ in America. Don’t allow the very small and vocal religious idiots in America to smear everyone in America.

          The fact is that American attitudes towards sexuality are MUCH more liberal than those vocal people would have you believe.

      • Don’t know about you Anon; but this Anon has a degree in engineering.

        I hate these kind of trolls…they think we are stupid. Otaku come in all sorts little man, we just don’t outright brag about how much smarter we are then you…it’s more of a….err…competition in talking bullshit.

        Still! We are not idiots, nor lazier than anyone else.

    • So the current situation calls for:

      1. An act of nature to reverse the tide.

      2. Change of heart perhaps?( most unlikely)

      3. Ill-effects caused by their own actions such as a downward spiral of the country’s income

      4. Somebody(martyr) who’s not afraid of old geezers and who’s good enough to rally people and has the backing.

      5. (Anything else you might add,people?)

      • ‘5. (Anything else you might add,people?)’

        Cash money.

        I bought a few doujinshi at a local festival some months ago. Pricey (for my budget) but I did it to encourage the artists. Giving people a sum of money tells them “Yes, keep creating your art, here is the money you will need for food and ink and rent and stuff.”

        The question is – how do we get the money to the people who actually create the art? Fansubbers deserve a little, perhaps, but the people who spend twenty hours a day scribbling on a paper or an electronic tablet deserve most of it – and let’s not forget the voice talents, who need to eat.

        What do we do? Buy Blu-Rays? Pre-order hentai games for PC? I don’t know.

        Riots are not likely to help. Killing people is definitely not going to help. If we want more anime, we have to act in a POSITIVE manner. We have to show the world that foreign otaku can do more than just leech free fansubs.

        • I agree about Riots of being no use, it’s more of a nuisance and it drags the image of what you’re fighting for down the drain which might be used by those against it as bad propaganda to add support to their cause.

          I did mention about somebody rallying them, but I meant it to be like a civil disobedience movement. Yet, that kind of act needs a very strong leader,one with the background,charisma,voice and courage to pull it off, and those people are very rare nowadays.

          I myself see that this law won’t last very long if the cards are played right. They strangled jobs and limited the authors/artists creativity with these enactments. Still, it’s pretty grim for now. Hopefully those rejoicing at the law’s coming into effect have just won a battle but not the entire war…

        • How can Kan come to the rescue if it was his party that supported the bill?

          All I can say is that Ishihara better have some damn good security, because as we all know (and hate to admit) there are elements in the otaku community who are not that stable, and they might well do something rash and/or deadly.

          The problem is not that this will target loli porn or other material that is outrageous, as most such bills, it’s so loosely worded that almost any late night anime will fall foul of it.

          Whether we believe that this will weed out the badly written cheap anime or not, it will affect the industry as a whole. In my view, though, it will just drive it out of Tokyo and onto the internet. This might actually be a good thing for the industry if it survives long enough to make the transition, then it will simply transform into what the adult industry has already done and you get your shows on-demand online.

  • so all that will be left are “fan arts”? or is that illegal too? fuck this shit its time for war! :V

    deploy all available leek probes to Ishihara’s anal cavity! send out all available Miku drones to Tokyo on the double! we can’t allow this to spread any further than it has already we must root out this weed before it begins to grow damnit! >_<'

    • ‘so all that will be left are “fan arts”? or is that illegal too? fuck this shit its time for war! :V ‘

      Yes, but it has to be the right kind of war.

      Propaganda war.

      A bunch of ugly neck-bearded men saying, “We will shove leeks into the mayor” is just boring. They wouldn’t even put it on TV.

      However – suppose you got a bunch of 16-year-old girls to dress up in anime costumes and protest in public. That might get on the news – sex sells. If it’s foreigners, Japan might not care, but if it’s Japanese girls saying, “We are your future, and we demand anime” or “Freedom of speech means freedom of fan service” they might notice.

      Actually, I’m having a brain-wave. I live outside Japan, but there are a fair number of cosplayers in my neighborhood.

      If we could get a Japanese studio (Gainax, Ghibli, whoever) to specifically endorse and license and sell us cosplay outfits, that would be a clear show of support. The studio would get some cash money, the fans would have a way to get attention while protesting.

      Cosplayers, in my experience, love attention. They will put on any kind of revealing outfit to get in front of a camera. That is a force of nature that could be useful to a public information effort.

  • Guys, try to be a little calm, okay? The law is shite, we all hate it, but it’s not the end of the world. What I think will happen is this:

    a) nothing will happen to the large publishers, they will be safe as always
    b) 1-2 small publishers making some weird thing will be made examples of, which will only entail being embarrassed an maybe having to pull a book or two
    c) that’s all

    This is all about getting the industry to self-censor, which most industries already do (the eroge industry has standards and sticks to them). Manga is more a wild zone, and doujinshi too of course.

    What they never not fucking do is have cops standing around Comiket like they do in Akiba, occasionally checking bags for “knives” (lol). This whole thing sucks, but unless they go overboard it won’t be any different from life in the U.S., where any nipple is a potential prosecution for violating non-existent standards for a “community” that only exists in the minds of people who want to perceive themselves as leaders of said community. (If there’s no cohesive community there’s nothing for them to be leader of.) Nevermind what people in that community are googling for at night.

    So anyway, try to be at peace, and remember the rule of ‘tatemae’ and ‘honne’ in Japan. There will be an outer face that some publishers wear and the real opinions inside. And also, this does not in any way affect true 18+ works, only stuff that could be/is being sold to minors, at least that’s what the law says.

    I also made a semi-post about this on J-List today, too. Who’d have thought we’d wish for more lawyers.

    • I’m not convinced it is about self-censorship – the publishers and ministry/Tokyo government would have arranged all this behind closed doors if so, with a proper voluntary rating system as games have. The publishers and Tokyo politicians certainly would not now be at each others throats in public in a very un-Japanese fashion.

      There was only a month to “discuss” the bill and comments from publishers seem to indicate Ishihara would not strike a deal with them behind the scenes – it seems something went wrong in the usual way of working these things out and Ishihara was probably it.

    • ‘remember the rule of ‘tatemae’ and ‘honne’ in Japan. There will be an outer face that some publishers wear and the real opinions inside. ‘

      Good comment.

      Would you give you predictions on how this will affect the TV market?

      Specifically, do you think that a risky project like “Dance in the Vampire Bund” would be prevented from going to animation because the producers would fear that it couldn’t be broadcast?

      If there is a “chilling effect” then anime might *suck* because no one would want to take risks with a shocking show like Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.

      • I’m more scared for my main source of entertainment with anime, the Mecha Genera and Specifically “Gundam”. Even though some series try to promote peace it still could be labeled “Violent’ and fucked with… and if that happens someone’s getting a beam saber and some fin funnels shoved up their ass *stares darkly at a picture of Ishihara with a knife jabbed in his face*

    • It’s interesting that ppayne and Artefact seem to be predicting vastly different outcomes.

      >It’s Tokyo-fu – only about 13 million people and most of the TV channels. Osaka already has a similar law as well.

      >most of the TV channels.

      If this law has a chilling effect on the TV channels, we might see fewer and fewer anime shows getting produced.

      Alternatively, we can hope that more and more anime shows would go to non-TV distribution – but how will we pay for it? Subscriptions? Donations? Buy Blu-rays?

    • I am not a Japan expert.

      However, in most countries, I would suspect bribery would be a big factor.

      I.e. the government passes a vague law and then pressures the publishers for “campaign contributions” — a protection racket.

      Is this what’s going on?

    • RaspberryKisses says:

      well if it will be as you say then i’m little calmed. But if all ecchi\schoolgirl stuff will disappear in the end of 2011 i will be thinking about hanging myself and broadcasting it live.


    where’s the save file ;___;

    on another note:
    too bad this isn’t like the situation for like Napster/Music Pirating, Movie Pirating, WikiLeaks, etc… as I don’t see much of a way (other than abolishing this shitty law) to get this ban. Even if it goes underground, the chances of it getting money from it is kinda low (unless there is something I’m missing…)

    Good Job Japan, you just screwed the pretty much only industry that I had an interest in (that made it that I was interested in you, Japan), but you just killed it (a dying industry anyways) prematurely. Which is just retarded.

    • BlazingSpeed says:

      The Anime/mangaka artist can put it on the internet (pay on demand or advertisements…) and produce it from outside of Tokyo and since it will be on a smaller scale starve the publishers out since the publishers take most of the money anyways according to past articles and other sources.

      Some people like Ken Akamatsu are already doing this plus instead of wasting time confronting the publisher empire like some people were saying Akamatsu should make his operation worldwide recruit the fansubbers and break the xenophobic mold and starve out the greedy publishers the anime/manga industry would then fly high into the 22nd century!!!

      Regardless of if the anime/mangaka wake up and do it I sure am.

    • Well, in Japan, they already aren’t having kids, Japan’s population is dropping and the birth rate is declining, I think the government Should be taking up the roles of the parents, although rather than messing around with manga they should probably be focusing more on making babies….

        • Sure there is more to life than breeding but there is also reality if your population is 60 percent old cooks then there is no Japan and reality will set in when another country decided to invade or do you really think the USA is going to intervene, don’t count on it any more. ROFLMAO.

        • Kadokawa the heavyweight will surely obliterate the arrogant assholes! ishihara will go down as THE WORST POLITICIAN of JAPAN hell, the Otaku can’t stay in this degenerate state reedom of expression is being violated Freedom of speech will be stripped, this will leave MILLIONS in UNEMPLOYMENT! Japan will sink further downwards if Ishihara criminalizes Homosexuals The whole world will be on his ass faster than you could say DIE!

          don’t give up, never back down join your sisters and brothers and buy the manga accused and proclaim “Rise up Otaku, Freedom for all!” before you know it Tokyo will have died…

          for a new Future! “a new Tokyo!”

          we must side with our enemies to be defeat our common foe.
          For God!
          For Haruhi!
          For Nagato!

          we must all fight the oppression, we must fight for freedom.

        • can you guess what time it is?
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  • These are mangaka, for chris’sakes. They should use their talents to make laughing stocks of Ishihara and his cronies. Turn them into bumbling manga characters and let everyone have a good laugh at their expense.

  • Editors should just move out of Tokyo. The “Tokyo game show”, for instance, doesn’t happen in Tokyo but in Chiba, which is just close to Tokyo. If the guy were moving outside of Tokyo but juuuuuust in the next prefecture, Tokyo would get mad at all the money lost and the ban wouldn’t have any effect.

  • My god… anyone care to explain how the fuck one cranky politician was able to bring something as big as the anime/manga/gaming industry to its knees? Seriously, I’ve actually checked the bill myself and it really makes no fucking sense. God… why do you torture me so? Q.Q….

    • This lead me to believe that the bureaucratic world of Japan is just as bad as in manga. I usually thought they tend to exaggerate how awful it is. But seeing Ishihara still has any political power at all, pretty much proves it.
      This is the guy who is a xenophobe, a homophobe, and sexist as hell. A classic old minded asshole.

      This is his actual quotes:
      “old women who live after they have lost their reproductive function are useless and are committing a sin,” adding that he “couldn’t say this as a politician.”

      During an inauguration of a university building in 2004, Ishihara stated that French is unqualified as an international language because it is “a language in which nobody can count,” referring to the counting system in French, which he believed to be based on units of twenty rather than ten (as is the case in Japanese and English).

      You’d think by now he should be locked up in a mental institute.

    • ‘anyone care to explain how the fuck one cranky politician was able to bring something as big as the anime/manga/gaming industry to its knees?’

      He’s not just one man. He’s the tip of the spear. Behind him, there are numerous angry voters.

      Also, while anime and manga have a huge cultural influence, they don’t bring in as much money as other products. When Japan sells a camera or a phone or a laptop, Japan gets cash money at 100% of the projected income.

      When Japan sells a manga or broadcasts an anime, most of the people who consume it are consuming a scanlation or fansub that does not bring any money back to the creator.

      If we could figure out a way to make fansubs send a residual payment to the people who original *create* them – the animators and the voice actors – then the anime business would be vastly more profitable, and they could hire lawyers and lobbyists.

      Do you love anime because you get it for free, or do you love it so much that you’d be willing to pay extra for it?

      Are there any business-persons present who could tell us how to design a revenue model? I am just a number-cruncher, I don’t plan money matters.

      • The revenue model is there. The problem is the US publishers that fail to deliver the goods in a timely fashion.

        Why is it, that a group of randomly thrown together people can have a chapter cleaned and translated (sometimes better then a US publisher) in a days time, yet it takes a US publisher months, or even years to do the same? Same goes for anime.

        I love anime, and am willing to (and have) paid for it, when its done right. But I, like I’m sure many others, just aren’t going to wait around till 2012 for a DVD with and English track featuring the dock workers, the secretary, and the night janitor simply reading from a script with no care or idea of the original voice acting, for something that was aired, and available on DVD/Blu-ray of 2008…

        • @BlazingSpeed:
          Yes, there’s another problem with the licensing model: the licensing side will pay only a certain amount, then they can sell as much as they want without returning profits to the producers.
          I don’t know if it’s possible to build a new model where both the licenser side and the japanese publishers share the profits, but it could work, if possible.

        • DVDs/BDs take time to get released, they are not available as soon as the show gets aired in tv, even in Japan.
          If they just distribute online the HQ version, tv channels will complain and people won’t buy DVDs. Their last chance is Crunchyroll and other low quality streaming pay services releasing it almost as fast as it gets aired for a cheap price. Like 10 shows of this season are using a similar system at nicovideo.
          But even in Japan, not everyone watching the shows buy the BDs. Some shows getting 300,000 viewers can sell barely 3,000 volumes.

          I agree that they should not take years to release it here anyway. Translating should not take more than one or two months, it can be done at the same time the episodes are aired, so they could aim for a similar release date both in Japan and here.

        • BlazingSpeed says:

          You know some of the Japanese publishers make the American side wait a while before releasing it in the states two cases I can think of off the top of my head are Bible Black Lance of Longinus from Media Blasters (rumor has it that they are con artist too but still…). Milky Anime not only made them wait but made the dub an English language only version since US/region 2 18+ hentai is uncensored and the JPN guys didn’t want their people to import the BB release hence the “early” release date with English only scam.

          SNKP King of Fighters XIII same deal they wanted the Japanese arcades to get some profit so they withheld the console release date plus only three arcades in the US even had a region 1 version of the game for months on end.

          Point is don’t always go blaming the other side for the slow releases.

      • They get anime on tv for “free”, and I’d be willing to bet they pay less for related products.
        If Japan wants to make more foreign money on manga then they need to be more proactive about exporting it.
        They do this as an industry and are being beaten to the punch by kids translating in their free time. We can’t pay them for services they won’t provide.

        • BlazingSpeed says:

          Indeed xenophobia ftw, now the anime industry in Japan may not have much of a choice the anime publishers had plenty of warning signs and yet they fell for the “We won’t try it again we promise” line from a politician of all things.

          lol Herbivores soon to be extinct if they don’t stand up and fight for their rights.

        • They also get there money from Advertisements as well while there anime is on TV they promote movies, games,food,cars, cleaning products and TV shows very much how any entertainment industry gets money for advertising crap.

          Sony for example made FF movies just to promote technology they used for that movie as a result the movie suck in sales but manage to have good computer sells after that movie was made.

      • the only reason i read scanlations is because a lot of the stuff i read isn’t even made into english…i can’t read japanese yet…so i’m going with scanlations…when i finish learning how to read japanese i’ll actually buy it straight from japan

      • the problem with your argument is most of your point while stirring in its righteous fury, is moot.

        about the only thing in it is that if the industry was richer they’d get better lobbyist, except oh wait… you are aware Kodansha and many of the publishers protesting the bill aren’t just manga publishers right?
        they’re actually some of the largest publishers in Japan period. they have money.
        what they don’t have is lobbyist power, which is lacking in Japan period, regardless of money.

        but like i said, that’s all moot.
        this wasn’t an industry economics issue, this was a moralist politician issue.
        this is Tipper Gore trying get Al Gore to censor all rock music she doesn’t like.
        there’s no economic basis behind this, purely those in power exercising what they feel is their right to decide what you do.
        so acting like this was so grand issue with piracy and whatnot is like blaming your cat when you dog ate your homework. your making an issue trying to blame something that has nothing to do with the issue.

        secondly no, Ishihara didn’t have “numerous angry voters”.
        that’s part of what makes the passage of this bill so ridiculous.
        the only numerous voters involved in this bill OPPOSED the bill. contrary to popular belief, even around this parts, while yes otaku aren’t exactly seen in the greatest mainstream light, the mainstream popular opinion was actually still overwhelmingly AGAINST this bill.
        most people, even mainstream voters, recognized censorship when they saw it.
        so no Rick, Ishihara was not simply the tip of the spear, he was the driving force behind the entire spear which pretty much consisted of him and other Tokyo politicians who were either his cronies (his personal party, and the LDP) or too spineless to actually oppose him (the DPJ).
        there was no great public moralist mandate powering their act.
        quite to the contrary of your claim, Ishihara and Co essentially issued a big F-U to the ACTUAL public mandate and said “we know better than you so we’ll do whatever we want”

        • ‘so no Rick, Ishihara was not simply the tip of the spear, he was the driving force behind the entire spear which pretty much consisted of him and other Tokyo politicians who were either his cronies (his personal party, and the LDP) or too spineless to actually oppose him (the DPJ).
          there was no great public moralist mandate powering their act.’

          My understanding is that there are a lot of old fuddy-duddies who like to blame youth culture.

          But maybe it’s just a few lobbyists.

          One thing is apparent – Ishihara is the front man. If he’s not being pushed by a large demographic, he’s being pushed by a small cabal.

      • This is the problem I am having now with the negima manga.
        I decided to buy the series (at ten dollars a book) and they only go to chapter twenty eight of thirty two.
        Which means that even after I’ve spent quite a few yen to read this, everyone else is reading it first for free.
        Theft is one thing, but why should a paying customer get no service?
        That isn’t the internets fault, the publisher must figure out how to deliver his product better!
        Manga needs an iTunes if they want to push back the scanlators napster. Then maybe more Subbers could find jobs too.

      • Rick… Thank you at least we have some people that have taken macro/mirco-economic classes here. Everyone is bitching about how much revenue the industry makes but 90% of the MF don’t purchase shit except maybe a CD/ figurine once every quarter. Yes I download series but if I like it I buy the DVD/BD (if available) when it comes out.

  • Get this.

    The Otakus ain’t gonna let this ban go unanswered. It’s gonna get bloody..

    Too right, mate. Now in the eyes of the world, they’re the victims. Nobody’s gonna say a word when the Otakus club every politicians they can reach.

    The Council was one move ahead. Now they’re left thousand of bodies at the feet of politicians.

    We’re the only ones who know it was Council’s op, our credibility died with it.

    Follow the bill.

    Democratic Party of J.

    Never heard of it, sir.

    You know them as DPJ. They’re supplied the ban.

    One bill to unleash the fury of a whole community. Which means…

    They’re our ticket to freedom..

  • Problem with otaku and most of people who oppose this stupid bill is;

    1. they never take any concrete action to oppose the bill itself except complaining in the intenet or television interview.

    2. I’m not sure how pressure and influence big publisher such as Kadokawa could have in political table, however I believe they should be able to mount considerable pressure if their interest of making profit being interfered by such stupid political bills

    3. At the end is up to all of us who feel threatened by this bill to take an arm. Not peaceful protest on the street like what happened in Tian’amen, but taking arm and coup the current government passing this bill. If they need another leader after this second “Meiji Revolution” to be crowned as their Emperor, I will be more than happy to do that and preserving Otaku interest regardless anything said by people/ organization outside Japan. 😛

    • Did you just see what happened with the Senkaku island fiasco? Not even that riled people too much to take action. If even something of such high precedence doesn’t stir people up, then their country is utterly doomed, doomed I tell ya.

  • I think it would be best, if ALL the anime and manga moved to 18+ category, as a form of protest. Then the only way the highschoolers could buy those materials would be to have someone to buy it for them. Otakus need more to socialize anyway, and this could help them. In my country, it is illegal to sell alcohol or cigarettes to minors, but we never had a problem back then, and nowadays it is not uncommon to see even middle school kids smoking and being drunk, they even have marijuana, which was not as common as now. I remember how much fun was it when I was 15 and one little bottle of potato distilate (fake rum) was enough to get drunk three of us in a cinema(yes, we were drinking on public, and hardly get home). So I wonder if it would be really that hard to obtain anime or manga for them, even if illegal for those <18. They could create secret clubs to buy anime, it could even add taste of forbidden fruit to a "common" anime, making it more juicy for them.

    The problem is underage authors – so sixteen years old fangirl won't have her BL doujinshi sold, and could be even expelled from school for illegaly selling it. The solution would be something like college club of otakus(Genshiken 😉 ), who would cooperate with young mangaka to sell their stuff, maybe having 10% of price as club "fee". Otakus would unite and form distributed distribution lines – secret societies of fans. But there is still one disadvantage, underage fans would not have a fun at Komiket buying stuff, maybe it should be more based as a talk with mangakas, and selling would not occur there so much. Anime studios could make even more profit from this law, by encourageing the formation of such clubs of fans, forbidden fruit tastes best.

    • ‘I think it would be best, if ALL the anime and manga moved to 18+ category, as a form of protest.’

      There are some shows that are aimed at very young kids. Plus, there’s Doraemon and shows like Jewel Pet Tinkle that appeal to both kids and adults, but are very clean – no serious violence, no sex.

      I somehow doubt that Jewel Pet Tinkle will ever be classified as 18+. I would love to see that happen. In effect, kids would be forbidden to watch anime.

      That would be a very interesting development – but it’s totally unrealistic. It’s like wishing for a general strike so that people will question capitalism – not going to happen in Japan.

  • Class warfare uses otaku as a tool yet again.

    The oligarchy, the ultra wealthy powers that be, need their culture wars. They need to stir the lower classes into a frothing rage about- not much of anything- in order to distract them from the looting.

    And the puppet politicians in any given locale, whether labeled “liberal” or “conservative”, will give their owners what they want.

  • “If they’re outraged about this then they shouldn’t come. They’ll come the next year, for sure.”

    Let’s see when next year comes around. Or until the Tokyo government’s coffers start to bleed. Things have a way of coming back to bite you in the ass when you least expect it.

    People like Ishithara are among the people I hate the most. Close-minded, myopic, always shooting his or her mouth off without thinking about others.

    I’m just praying hard that this farce will at least stay within the Tokyo area and not be the start of something horribly bigger.

  • From 4chan:


    Q: This is only sexual stuff, right?
    A: No. It reads “anything that may hinder the healthy growth of youths by stirring sexual emotions, promoting cruel behaviour, or causing suicidal or criminal tendencies”, which is a purposefully ambiguous blanket statement that can pretty much be applied to anything. Even Doraemon could be considered 18+ under this.

    Q: Elaborate?
    A: No criminal acts. That means no killing, no stealing, no carrying of weapons, no sharing of bicycles, no smoking/drinking for minors (in fact since it says “promoting” criminal behaviour, it could be argued that no smoking/drinking will be allowed at all). Basically anything with action could be considered promoting cruel/criminal behaviour. Meanwhile the “stirring sexual emotions” part will similarly affect anything with fanservice or romance. So basically, only stuff like Hidamari Sketch will remain.

    Q: What will this affect?
    A: All forms of fiction except novels and live action.

    Q: How will it affect them?
    A: In Tokyo, everything has to be classified by the industry under either all-ages (below 18) and 18+, and stores will have to make sure minors can’t get 18+ stuff.

    Q: So just slap an 18+ sticker and life goes on as usual, no big deal, right?
    A: No. If they can’t sell it to minors they won’t bother making it in the first place.

    Q: Only Tokyo, so move out, no big deal.
    A: Tokyo is the economic centre of Japan, plus all of the big companies honsha are located in Tokyo (some have their own ridiculously expensive skyscrapers located in ridiculously expensive districts). The rest of the country will be affected. Plus if it’s passed in Tokyo, other prefectures are very likely to follow suit, as always.

  • There will be the day when Ishihara and his cohorts would be lynched by a Library Defense Force. Seriously.

    Or had his name written by Light Yagami on the Death Note.

    In the meantime, life goes on and the writers will just go around the loopholes of the law. If the law was ambiguous enough for censors, then this is the case for the publishers. Eventually in two decades or so, the law would become redundant and Ishihara will pass into history as a racist, moralist bigot.

  • . . . epilogue:

    Later it will be overturned, because the ban itself will be found to be unconstitutional and descriminatory.

    Then a new age of badly drawn material will be warping the not so innocent minds of deviants and dirty minded individuals in these internets.


  • “So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause.”

    I seriously hope there the Japan’s anime industry will do more than just boycotting the Tokyo Anime Fair. Not to mention the lack of resistance to this bill over there. Can this law really be overturned?

  • Yes this is not a ban but a restriction. If you read Anon 05:52 16/12/2010’s statement then you’d also realize this ban i more serious, that simple things such as a manga with characters wearing a school uniform or characters being under the age 18 can risk the manga to be canceled. Even if the manga is not BL, yuri, hentai or romance wearing a school uniform or being a high school student can still be subjective to review. And we all know that demographics show that high school life is more interesting than stories on university life or older. I wonder how the law will play out. (Worried)

    But what’s important to say is that this new law is not going to sit well with Ishihara. If the Japanese voters do have a brain, he won’t be in office next term. When is the next Tokyo Governor election anways?

    I’m not familiar with Japanese law but does the Japanese national government have power to overturn a city law being unconstitutional like the U.S. does? Maybe a Japanese local can inform me.

  • Ok, you know what. I was thinking in writing to the japanese embassy here in Bolivia to express my ideas on this bill, like that it is full of shit, but with better words.
    I bet there is one Japanese embassy in the country you live so maybe we, people who live outside japan, actually COULD do something about it, even it might be useless, it is worth trying.

  • *claps over and over again*
    Amazing how fucking amazing ^__^
    so they ban content in anime and manga “yet” they leave movies and novels.
    They change a line so cp possession won’t be banned and
    they have the nerve to call this “protecting the youth”, they dare call it,”for the health of the youth”.

    Then the asswash says “good that japan still has some common sense”
    its amazing how the party that was suppose to “oppose” this ends up back stabbing the industry, amazing how the law even got in the house and was fully accepted and even more amazing that no otakus are fighting this and the publishers couldn’t stop it.

    Yeah the world truly is to fucked up and we really can’t have nice things.

  • I wonder if this is one of those laws passed, but not going to be 100% enforced. Passing the law makes it looks like the politicians are doing something, the law doesn’t have to enforced all the time.

  • This happened, just when I was writing about Japan being a surveillance fascist state, targeting minorities like Otakus and homosexuals.

    I must quit stalling and go back to work, now that this bill is passed.

  • I feel as though we are moving backwards in time.. and going back to a society without much freedom of expression. Not to mention government on the other side of the earth trying to shutdown esentially a news source… ie wikileaks. No more free press around the world?

    • This anime fan’s life


      I led a good anime life… but if this fucking bill stays then it’s more than likely ganna end since they’ll announce Gundam as “Being violent and a danger to youth for putting teenagers into combat” *sighs* bye bye gunpla…

  • This is awful. Companies were just now starting to get into technical enforcement of EXISTING hated censorship laws. If it’s voluntary enforcement, no one is going to come within a hundred yards of the legal limit because no one knows what the fuck that even means…

  • Have you guys read what Studio Ghibli had to say to this?
    They merely mentioned something about having “faith” regardless if that bill will prove right or wrong.
    That’s just your common cowardish excuse we are all used to from the Japanese.
    One of the most renowned studios, that should have stood on the forefront propagating the virtues and benefits of animation…..did nothing. Even better, all that yellow paint on their bellies didn’t even properly dry and they already present such an atrocious escapist comment.
    Fuck them. And the the “Japanese opposition”. Was there even any? Or was there a fucking anime character birthday they had to celebrate instead?

    I’m wholly disgusted with those spineless cowards. They completely lost face to the international community and it just shows that they are really completely useless.

    I sincerely hope that Ishihara gets his punishment. All our bases are belong to those fuckers now, eh? Well, it’s time to play hardball then. They take from us, we take from them.

    • I tried getting to the bootom of this page to post my own, but that is almost impossible, so i’ll post my opinion here,

      The only thing this will change (most likely) is manga like gamble fish, with six foot tall and
      e-cup “Middle shool” kids. They probably just end up in high school.

  • And in other news, high schools all over Tokyo are under fire for their “promotion of indecent and sexually deviant clothing”.

    Schoolgirls across all 23 wards are advised to stay at home and refrain from wearing their school uniforms until further notice.

  • By what I could read so far, this ban rules are so vague and broad that technically Doraemon could be ban. It got under ages characters, it got pantu, it got mild nudity. All the things that make you want go and commit some serious crime, or so they say in Tokyo.

  • Well Japan…. Say goodbye to low crime rates, now without being able to get ways to release themselves, some of these people will end up turning to real crime instead of just staying locked safely away from the rest of the world… You know as well as I do some people should never see the light of day, and yet forcing them to is just not going to end well for anyone.

    Then again after the crime rate soars and the gvt is scratching it’s head why…. we will already know and be able to laugh in their faces about it.

    • Yes, Lead a revoulution,
      here’s how,

      Get a bunch of money and hire U.N. apprpved mercenarys, And take over japan, and make the simple stipulation that the only way your leaving is to get manga uncensored by any government.

      good luck not getting shot.

  • “Tokyo’s manga ban has been signed into law after passing a final vote, and is set to come into effect in 2011, with Tokyo governor Ishihara crowing that “Japan still has some common sense left after all!””

    >“It makes sense for this to have passed – Japan still has some common sense left after all!”

    >“Japan still has some common sense left after all!”


    ::bangs head on the wall in frustration repeatedly, Captain-Picard-level epic facepalm in reaction to throbbing pain::

    What fucking common sense??? What is this I don’t even…

    You know what, this proves what I said all along: corrupt governments and politicians are god-like trolls who love to abuse their power (especially to ban, regulate, etc.) once they get a taste of it and get their hands on it. Since the LDP supported the DPJ on the ban, a regular banhammer isn’t enough for these power-hungry freaks.

    They need to be smacked some sense on the head with a PERMABANHAMMER!

    >“If they’re outraged about this then they shouldn’t come. They’ll come the next year, for sure.”

    NO SHIT, SHERLOCK! If this bill is enforced, there won’t even BE a next year for them!

    ::double facepalm::

  • From an otaku defensive standpoint, this means war.

    From an economic standpoint, Japan’s economy may be cut by around 10%-25%. Seeing as that this will be severely constricting the current industry, and how Japan’s economy is actually spiraling down even before this bullshit, this is the worst move they could make.

    • As far as i’m concerned, the world is already fucked, this is just proof, as a mass we have given our freedom and our youth to the bitter and old minority, calling it democracy when really it’s just a group dictatorship.

  • Besides the fact that a lot of this was borderline pornographic to begin with, I believe this only serves to nail the coffin shut.

    Otaku won’t leave Tokyo because it’s now 18+, but I assure you that many companies will begin looking to greener pastures.

    Given Japan’s growing financial problems, doing this may be crippling to the publishing industry in Tokyo. The otaku cultures of other major cities meanwhile continue to thrive, and I wouldn’t be surprised if many companies decide to move to more healthy climates.

    Also to note, Tokyo is geographically small. In radical practice, I would be willing to hazard a hypothetical situation if where all publishers simply left the Tokyo Metropolitan ward, they’d simply be able to leave the city to rot on its own.

    • The otaku capital of the world, not just japan, has just dealt a crippling blow to it’s people and itself, not to mention their proud of the fact, and you just want to say move? that not what you do, that’s not what’s to be done. You gather the masses and you stand and fight, that’s how all things are won. with the help and understanding of many people. So while you say, “Just move,” i say
      “Just move them,”

      (i should be a fckin politician)

    • To be honest, I don’t know… first of all, doujinshi are already unregulated, and >90% of them are unauthorized, copyright-violating parodies, ero or not. Moreover, as far as I know there is no adult check at the entrance (I’ve been there twice – C64 and C76 – and entrance to the halls was free), I suppose writers would voluntarily refuse to sell an ero-doujin to a minor, should they spot one (unlikely).

      So if this bill, stupid as it is, only limits sales of “unhealty” materials to adults, Comiket and all the doujin world should remain untouched… until the next ban on “unauthorized independent publications”, which will see >560k REALLY angry otakus (#1 here).

    • The law can reach the net!!! but only the catalog and mass media approved net, and most manga sites with english manga are actually copyright infringing fan translate collections of federal violations, but there’s no other way to get these mangas for most american consumers, so for the most part the feds leave em alone, they aren’t profiting so businesses leave em alone. and i can only think of one website that this isn’t true on, the “One” website,, who would have had mixed feelings about the ban, because they seperated their violent/sexy manga to a different websit (due to complaints from parents), but for the most part they wuld want to bitch slap japan. ooh and by the way, they aren’t gone, just their manga.

  • I’m beginning to think this isn’t such a big deal really. From the sounds of it, they just have to slap a R-18 sticker on it and done deal. Not to mention, regardless of Tokyo’s population, the publishers can move.

    How is this different than what we have in the US? We need to rate everything here. G, PG, PG-13, R, X, etcetc. And even ‘Mature’ rated games with overblown everything get into the hands of anyone that wants it.

    Isn’t this bill pretty much just doing that? Although, the vagueness in wording is worrying.

    “This bill reminds so much of the PMRC parental music regulation act of 1985. Yes folks it was exactly 25 years ago today on Saturday December 14,1985 that the Reagan admin passed a bill labeling albums with profanity and sexually explicit lyrics with a warning label and restricted certain albums to be sold to minors. The bill passed after congressional hearings in September.

    The law went into affect on July 1,1986. The Parent Music Regulation Council hoped this would keep retailers from selling racy music to children and guess what? It backfired! Because the bill was written so vaguely, most albums weren’t labeled, and record artists discovered dozens of loopholes around the bill. Plus kids were still able to have access to lobed albums and were still able to buy them.”

    • i fraggin hate poetry, but your right, the idealized haven that was jappan is becoming a hell of a lot more like the over censored west, though i don’t think the west would ban violence/sexy content in comic form, though they did once, back in the hayday of american comics, it was overturned due to a violation of the first amendment.

    • Bishop to check mate biatch, what i really mean is, That this move will seperate a people from it’s government even more than it already has, causing the people to create unrest, and damaging it’s economy, which will cause nations against japan to take notice, and with their economy crippled they can no longer defend themselves, which will cause a requirement of U.N. aid, and by U.N. aid i mean american soldiers fighting for money they don’t get to keep, so japan banning this will cost the U.S. money and lives, probably. Which in the long run will leave japan with a Bigger debt to the U.S., So if the U.S. decided, welcome to the union state #51, they couldn’t do anything about it.

      (please forward to ishihara.)

  • Jesus Christ – the end is near for real.

    First Taking good part of manga – by Japan goverment.
    Then shutting down megavideo and megaupload by FBI i USA…
    Now they shutted down Videobb ond Videozer.

    What Next?


    PS. My name is Eva from Poland. I didn’t log in because I don’t have time for it.



  • “Promoting of illegal and immoral activity.”
    In japan, apparently 90% or everthing is immoral.
    “Hey could you tell me where the shikansen is?” = “hey that man is trying to molest that girl! Get him!”

  • Anonymous says:

    We as Anime and Manga should do something about this, even if its as little as possible , but we really should ,for all the people who like Ecchi , Cosplay , Violence and seinen animes, you should really stand up for this , and also for all the people who like Yuri and Yaoi too , The Visual novels, eroges, everything, Anime is a big part of our lives, We should support the Japan anime companies and Mangakas , and all the anime fans, We can do something, Anime and Manga should be unrestricted, They are the best in this world , Fight for anime and manga . And people of Japan , vote this cunt out of the Government .

  • Anonymous says:

    Wait so does this mean that they’re banning all anime and manga even if it’s not having to do with porn?! I think that’s just wrong because the Japanese practically invented it so it’s more or less culture right?although I’m not very sure if it is. Don’t ban anime and manga all the way and if people were smart enough they could probably find a way to bring it back even after its ban.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wtf! Can’t people just watch their kids and be “parents”.I don’t want my manga taken away.And there should be adult advisory at the front of whatever bookstore.This is fucked up :/….

  • Anonymous says:

    ok so the governor writes school gang rape books and then just so no-one else can do the same thing and make money he decides to kill manga…..damn i really wanted to go to japan and read lots of manga n watch lots of anime but now i wanna go to protest against this stupid law…i hope the people of japan are smart enough to demand that the law is taken away……

  • Freedom of expression should not be restricted, especially in imaginary mediums like manga.

    I don’t believe restriction encourages creativity.I am pretty sure things like tentacle rapes would still exist in even more glorious forms if there was no censoring..

    Also,this so called children being harmed by knowledge of sex is a lie.Especially teenagers have always been rather mature.Historically,it has been ok for 12,13 year olds to get married.

  • wahhhhhhh

    that is a nightmare what happens to us fans all over the world

    DON´T take the most pleasure full part of our life
    i see a dark cloud is coming which covers the color of this pleasure.

    i would sign a everything which keeps that most enjoyable part.

  • This will have the same effect if the marvel comics were made illigal: NERD RAGEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
    But being serious now I think this law won’t go much longer, the manga industry is very big to just be wasted away.

    • It’s not the same, The U.S. already had a violent/sexy ban, and it was overturned i less than a year, due to “violating the first amendment” while as far as i know japan has no first amendment held up by the image of deified dead men, who founded that country and are considered, though they are more corrupt and hypocratic than current politicians, to be the greatest men that ever lived.

      Shit, the feds just shot me, Benjamin franklin is awesome.

    • yes, they will listen to words on paper when they won’t listen to a mass demonstration of people standing up for their ideals in a country where that will get you shot, yeah petition.

    • hi, this is america speaking, you been here? we elected a retard to president twice, and that retard started a war for oil, didn’t get oil, banned gay marriage, even though under the bill of rights he has no such power, tried to ban pornography, when porn has been around longer than his stupid christian idealism, and completely neglected a failing economy causing the worst econ0m1c delcine since the great depression,

      yeah japan’s fucked up because they don’t want kids seeing pantys and blood.

    • if you mean the embargo against cuba, well then yeah, considering thats still in place, and cuba still fucked up, i’d say thats only bad for cuba. not to mention the risk has been eliminated due to the fact that we put in place a policy that if anyone from the east tried to mess with anywhere in th west that we would bitch slap them back to hell,

      what were we talking about?

  • you guys shouldn’t be freaking out about this cause this law can be challenged. This law is in violation of the freedom of speech portion of the japanese constitution. Whether or not the publishers and otakus have guts to challenge is a totally different matter.

    This law is mostly about giving the government the power to deny publication of any media. Unfortuanately the people in power are specifically targeting a sub culture.

    Its really an easy win for publishers here. It just, I state again, its whether or not they have the guts to challenge it. Unfortuanately japanese publishers are kinda push overs.

    We will see what happens in the coming weeks.

    • thats how it is in america, and the stupids (also known as the tee party, aka, the republicans, aka, the wigs, aka, the wisky party, aka the most backwards and self destructive morons in all the free world aka Bushites aka Someone who has to keep changing their name due to the fact that every time they hold power they fuck it up so bad that they don’t want to associate with themselves aka the people with the same type of idealism that caused the japanese bill to pass) tried to do the same thing several times, which is why most rec drugs are illegal, and why prohibition went into place, wich was the worst thing that happened to america, causing organized crime to flourish and never really dissapear.

      i keep relating japan worst moments to the republicans best, go figure.

  • …I can’t even write a proper comment.
    What good is this doing for anyone??? I don’t really understand WHY they would do this. In what mind is this reasonable? (Besides the idiots who approved this, of course. Fucking toads.)
    Ugggghhh…this sucks!!! Damn it!

    • if i wasn’t certain that was sarcasm i would shove you up the ass of the fire shitting dragon. It was like say “Bush is the greatest president ever” or “the earth is only 10000 years old” or “God wanted me to kill my baby”

      your just wrong and even you know it.

  • I think is right:
    -There is a specific otaku DNA.
    -Other people are not perverts at all.
    -Pr0n doesn’t exist, there is only hentai.
    -Appreciate a girl from a tv show is a thing we do only with 2-D.
    -Cuteness is evil.
    -If one comic talks about drug and rape, they all do it.
    -Otakus can’t get a girlfriend. This is our illness.
    -This is a crime to live as we like and choose our passions. We will go to jail and maybe to hell.

    … april fool, right?
    The law must pass in April, so this is possible.

  • You guys act like it only affects the SEX part of the industry, but no violence, no smoking that takes out most of Manga/anime licensed and still ongoing: Case Closed-violent murders, Vampire Knight-scary images and gore, Bleach, I could care less about Naruto.

  • I can see it now. “This just in five year old girl raped by 58 year old japanese Osaka male. The rapist in question replied “I didn’t have loli pronz to wank too so I felt compelled to touch her because she was so moe and I was in moewithdrawal! You gotta belive me!”

    • Thats like murderers on death row saying “I genuinly regret my actions, In prison i converted to christianity/judges religion, I have repented my sins with god,”

      Nobody fuckin believes em but they let em live anyway due to fucked up idealism of a human specimen.

      god damn republicans screwin up ma execution.

  • “Are we supposed to go over there and teach these Anime/Manga companies how to “Buy Off” politicians?”
    If only. But they must understand the concept of blackmail…

    “Has no one here ever thought about what I said earlier? Doesn’t the national government of Japan have power to repeal and overturn a city government law?”
    Yes, but the country itself is also run by old folks who want to fuck with the younger generations before they kick the bucket. All old people start doing stuff like that by their mid 60s. That’s why they get put in homes.

    “overseas, netflix”
    Stop with that. Nobody overseas will produce it because they’re all crazy christian countries that are too good for cartoons, and netflix won’t show it because it was banned somewhere; gaijin nations would follow likely suit in trying to ban it if this law lasted long enough.

  • There is nothing about banning anything. It is just if manga/anime “affects youth in a negative way such as sexual content, violence, criminal activity, suicide” the manga and/or anime would be considered 18+ which means it cannot be sold to minors. In other words it will deem a series that is quite popular an adult only title if the government deems it unhealthy for youth. Adult anime/manga would remain unaffected supposedly.

  • Anon from above i said this many times in other forms Heres a good idea the anime and manga companies continue to produce there work publish it over seas sell it on a website they made and ship over from seas $5 for processing then the price of shipping in unmarked boxes to prevent denied entry into japan also put it on the web like something similar to netflix and add a subscription so they make money disable right clicking while anime page is up and put some type of feedback to prevent screen capture software after all they need money to keep producing our anime we all like

  • Okay seriously what is there that we foreigners can do?

    These xenophobic, homophobic, and Anime-phobic Japanese politicians control the government of Japan.

    Are we supposed to go over there and teach these Anime/Manga companies how to “Buy Off” politicians?

    Does anyone have any ideas?

  • Anon from 2 up I agree with above killing will probably continue until the ban is lifted for example out of a previous read thread an otaku kidnaps a 23 year old woman to make her a sex slave he her up and flushed her down a toilet for fear someone would find out and he would lose all of his anime,manga etc aka his otaku way of life of course he was found out and the police was notified

  • Black Market we be in the same Business we need to stay in touch I have over 900 GIGs of UN-censored anime on me and 2000 gigabytes in other places i like to make Archives i havent even seen any yet i use netflix for that if they get a good rating or recommended i download and others that look good from pic im set for a long time hahaha my estimate is around 9890 EP about 164 days of anime 24/7 or 3.6 years 3 hrs a day i usualy keep the anime to my self but the recent ban encourages me to share especially to japan as a middle finger to the DPJ hahaha A**Holes

    As the ANON from above they should publish the titles over seas and make an online store to sell it and ship from over seas in unmarked boxes another good idea online instant streaming like netflix if you need a credit card you cant be to young or there parents don’t care

  • ChaosAngelZero says:

    I hope this ban will make newer titles suck less since they won’t be able to resort to mindless characters and retarded plots with tits tacked on in order to make them successful… although they can still resort to moeblob-infested crap like K-on and stuff.

    I’d be all for a moeblob ban.

    Then, once series are cleaned from these banes that have brung them to the rock-bottom of originality and creativity, they’d be allowed to resort to these tropes once more, probably creating a shittiness infestation-ban cycle.

  • The anime and manga industries should continue to produce the same as before just publish outside of japan and sell there merchandise online and ship from a different country in un marked boxes a fix for the ban

  • You guys should know that the only thing it’s doing is preventing minors from obtaining materials containing graphic sexual content (violent or otherwise) within Tokyo. Sure, it’s pretty lame and probably hurts business, but remember how it was considered unlawful in the United States for a game retailer to sell mature-rated titles to people under 17? Those still sell, the only people who got screwed were the kids.

  • As much as I hate government regulation , which is why I’m against the bill , I’m interested to see what happens . In some ways I was for the bill because I thought that it’s existence at the very least represented the Anime and Manga industry’s unwillingness to accept any critique (or open discussion) on erotica or their inability to express sexual themes in no other way other than misusing erotica . I really wanted this matter to be settled without government interference and thought the open discussions created by the ban among developers was a good sign , but it didn’t stop the bill . Maybe the bill will get the ball rolling on criticism on erotica , it won’t however extinguish creativity as some would think .

  • if you really think about it, manga and anime are both a huge part of Japan’s pop culture. They take that away, than there economy is going to go way down. This kind of stuff is probably the only thing I’d hate about living in Japan (excluding the fact that it is right on top of the ring of fire). Older Japanese are all too traditional, proper, and conformist for there own good. But I bet $100 that they’re are going to get rid of this bill quite soon.

  • This fucking bullshit! Britannia, take Japan over already. It would probably be better under your rule, as you probably aren’t stupid enough to waste so much time worrying about the manga industry. Soon enough, any EXPRESSION of a crime will be interpreted as promoting crime, and will be banned. No finger gun gestures, even. According to these stupid-ass logic, pointing your finger and saying “bang” should be illegal.

    Besides, even if it did promote and glorify crime, it should still be allowed to exist. Freedom of expression/speech, assholes.