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your all reacting too much, this is just “tokyo” not the whole of japan. there would be a chance that manga will be published in the provinces more, and thus make the provinces more populated.

hell the capital might even be moved to kyoto again if protests go through

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  • Tokyo Anime & Manga Ban Passes:
    Indeed! No more tank-tops or belly-flashes from those types. I’m a girl myself and I’ve seen soooo many girls dress like flirty hookers with their bellies showing and their legs and they flirt and show off so much! But banning anime characters does absolutely nothing to solve those problems. NA you can hear sexual suggestive lyrics at the radio-station for even walking in the store and they do nothing about it. And people of all ages go to the store!

  • Tokyo Anime & Manga Ban Passes:
    Great Japan is starting to become as bad as NA and EU now with puritan garbage. Pointless laws are pointless. I guess no one has hormones anymore and everyone should be forced to suppress their hormones rather than having an alternative legal way of relieving themselves! The human race has fallen foul to robotism! Our 2D waifu’s are being turned into nothing more than mass market censorship products instead of individual taste and preferences! How stupid! Just ban all porn, nudity, and even the …

  • Tokyo Anime & Manga Ban Passes:
    Ewww Japan is starting to become ‘western’ too. Anime and Manga is being ruined. Lolis will be lost thanks to that fat-head Ishi guy

  • Tokyo Anime & Manga Ban Passes:
    This really sucks… Such vague laws to push hateful, relativistic views. That only serve to attempt at destroying an industry. These fascist, old era, japanese fucks! We call you babyboomers here in the west, and your traditional bullshit ruins everything to help your own personal, narrow minded world view.

  • Tokyo Anime & Manga Ban Passes:
    Ask any drug dealer whether they want drugs to be legal.

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    Or at least some chapter in parallel reality where it ended up with one or two in bed .. (tenchi..ref) Is possible that the series still continues later in space .. if last so.

  • Toonami Space Dandy DVD Promo Quite a Sight:
    It’s kinda sad that adult swim will be getting rid of Toonami in the coming months. Already cut back nearly 2 hours of the line-up and replaced them with American Dad and other lame tv cartoon shows. I say by late June or July; Toonami will be saying adios once more.

  • Goddess of Twitter: “PPN JK!”:
    “Boris is here” in blur section

  • Boku no Yayoi-san Hardcore NTR Ero-Anime:
    I want Hana Hook works be animated.

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    Drax DriloX I mean … related, (I did not want to leave spoiler) how the two protagonists died .. (the story takes there two criminals, a loose rapist and the detective’s wife killer) But it seems that someone screwed up .. and there was only one criminal at first. Leftover how they got there … double ko ?? …..


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