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When a law is made this vague I don’t even know if it can even survive as an underground medium.

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  • Tokyo Anime & Manga Ban Passes:
    Retard read the article. They removed a provision that would have hit people who had ACTUAL CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. This law has nothing to do with protecting kids and it’s idiots like you who would vote for sheriff the guy who publicly murdered your family.

  • Tokyo Anime & Manga Ban Passes:
    Read the article for Allah’s sake. Not only is this law not about banning “alternatives” to child porn since it’s so vague, they actually took out a provision that would have made owning actual child pornography illegal. Healthier Japanese society my tight well-defined ass. It’s sick people like you who is willing and wishing for billions of others to burn in eternal torment so you can enjoy eternal life is what’s ruining modern society. There is nothing, NOTHING that can top that kind of …

  • Tokyo Anime & Manga Ban Passes:
    Japan shame on you for voting such shitheads into power.

  • Tokyo Anime & Manga Ban Passes:
    But it’s not the end for Japan, because their economy is so strong right now it can definitely handle a big hit like this. Oh wait…

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    Hah! For some reason I couldn’t stop laughing at how messed these little meat buns are. I’d take these over a Big Mac any day, at least have some fun while poisoning myself with terrible food.

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    Ah Russia… They are starting to learn the power of the Mikupan!

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    Screw the apartment. As long as his anime and mangas are safe he’s good.

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    If it can fit into my car it’s portable.

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    @5:53 5:19 is correct, shinobi started out as a counter-culture to the samurai as well as central authority in Japan. They were later used as mercenaries by feudal lords since the samurai’s “code of honor” prevented them from getting certain jobs done. Most shinobi consisted of the lower class who placed self-preservation over anything else, including honor. This was important, since the higher class viewed the commoners as having no worth, so there was no efforts made into avoiding casualties …


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