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I do, it’s where 75% of my disposable income goes…

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  • DPJ Backs Manga Ban:
    Not as if supporters of anime and manga are really trying to get anything done. If anything, the reputation of those industries is being killed by the kind of material being produced nowadays. Counterproductive much?

  • DPJ Backs Manga Ban:
    Just so you know… most Japanese look on hentai as something bad. It’s a minority that actually likes it, and thus, you won’t be getting any significant opposition to a ban on hentai. A few crazed otaku in the streets won’t get anything done. They’ll probably get themselves arrested instead. A ban on anime and manga in general, however, could get the general public riled up. Many Japanese are at least casual consumers of those, which could cause serious backlash against the politicians …

  • DPJ Backs Manga Ban:
    We need dirt on this guy. And we need it now.

  • DPJ Backs Manga Ban:

  • DPJ Backs Manga Ban:
    That election can’t come soon enough, can it?

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