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I buy goods from the anime (etc.) I like, but I must admit, the minority of overseas fans actually buy anime, video game, and manga related goods.

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  • DPJ Backs Manga Ban:
    i like the thought but id also like to hear about less rape in middle school and suicides

  • DPJ Backs Manga Ban:
    every one needs to stand up and fight im sending a Letter of complaint and email to the DPJ and find others to to the same if any one does check there website for there address and email if the ban passes its pretty much the and for anime and manga as 80% of it has at least 1 type of crime in it so every one must chip in to try to stop it and dont say wait and see what happens first because if it does pass it will be harder to get rid of the ban.

  • DPJ Backs Manga Ban:
    are you blind?? Anon is saying “heil hitler” I’m not an idiot, I know what this symbol means. I’m yelling because Anon is using this symbol in a nazi context.

  • DPJ Backs Manga Ban:
    i wonder when sex became so taboo, sex feels good because it is something that has to be done to reproduce. i just dont get when boob and panty shots became bad, but decapitation war and death were ok to watch

  • DPJ Backs Manga Ban:
    my guess is he is refering to the ban when using that symbol think before you start yelling

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  • Kefka Graces Dissidia Final Fantasy:
    More Killing Joke Joker, really. Nowhere near as wacky as Deadpool, and darker than the Joker is usually portrayed.

  • Goddess of 2ch: “Fabulous F-Cup!”:
    Size of clothing in general is different in Japan than it is in the US. Hell, if you wear a Large shirt in the west, you’re essentially gonna feel like you’re obese as fuck in Japan cuz few stores will have their version of XL or XXL. A lot of the ones you do find aren’t exactly fitted to be round neither, if that’s a concern.

  • Monmusu! Reverse R*pe Academy “A Monster Girl Paradise!”:
    this is like if the monster musume girls decided they’d had enough in the closet/pansy-ass BS from the male protagonist and just wanted to fuck him,lol

  • Japanese Ghostbusters Music Video Emerges:
    Watanabe rocks she should have been cast in the film.

  • Monmusu! Reverse R*pe Academy “A Monster Girl Paradise!”:
    Proud macho-guys like that will never accept not being fully in control of the situation, nor will they like being treated like a sex object. One assumes reverse-rape is impossible because hey, free sex, right? In truth it’s not sex, it’s the power trip from being in control of sex with a bunch of women. That’s the fantasy, and it’s one impossible when monster girls are stronger, sexually dominant, and are under no illusion that the man is anything but a sex toy for them to use as they please.


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