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10 Publishers Boycott TAF: “Ishihara Just Keeps Lying”


10 publishers, including Kodansha, Shogakukan and Kadokawa, have announced they will have nothing to do with the Tokyo International Anime Fair due to the persecution the Tokyo government has been directing at them.

It now appears the event may as well be cancelled – if they are lucky Disney will show up, but not much else is left.

The publishers do not mince words:

“[Ishihara and company] have been repeatedly making dishonest statements filled with inaccuracies

The ban is completely vague and tramples underfoot the previous understandings between publishers and the Tokyo government.”

Tokyo’s governor Ishihara would probably be delighted if the entire anime industry collapsed along with their event – less filthy porn and fewer foreigners to deal with – and is not afraid to show it:

“Ah, well, they just decided to do that by themselves. Maybe it has something to do with the ban, I don’t know, they have their own interpretation of it all.

It doesn’t bother me at all! By all means, please feel free to do as you see fit!”

Meanwhile leftist Japanese media, such as Asahi, has begun desperately reporting (although they actually began claiming this as soon as the new bill was announced) that the DPJ is now “expected” to approve the revised law – although strangely their media groups are the only ones to do so and reports from Twitter claim a majority of Tokyo assemblymen still oppose the reworded ban.

The vote on the bill is due in December, and should demonstrate whether a senile old man and a tiny band of crazed moral crusaders can cripple Japan’s anime, manga and game industries over the opposition of the entire Japanese publishing industry.

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