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Top 10 Types of Otaku You’d Love to Have as a Girlfriend


A ranking of what types of otaku the Japanese would most welcome as a girlfriend seems to suggest demand for female anime otaku has never been higher.

It should of course be remembered that the proper use of the term “otaku” is akin to the English “nerd” with a strong overtone of “obsessive maniac,” and no particular indication of what the subject of that obsession is – it just happens to be the case that most otaku seem to find themselves drawn into the complex of anime, manga and games, rather than the fascinating world of ham radio, for example.

The ranking:

1. Anime otaku

2. Electronics otaku

3. PC otaku

4. History otaku

5. Movie otaku

6. Game otaku

7. Manga otaku

8. Gundam otaku

9. Seiyuu otaku

10. Cosplay otaku

The bottom of the list for the morbidly inclined:

25. SF otaku

26. Figure otaku

27. Occult otaku

28. Audio otaku

29. Cosmetics otaku

30. Radio otaku

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