Top 10 Cutest Female Hairstyles


Japanese rank the cutest female hairstyles in the following ranking, with an old favourite coming top.

The ranking, with votes given for each and sample photographs – note that the names given are taken straight from the English-sounding terms the Japanese made up for themselves to keep things looking stylish to other Japanese with a similarly lacking command of the English language; thus they bear no great relation to actual English hairstylist terminology.

The example photographs were selected by Japanese observers and so should correspond to the Japanese terminology:

1. “Straight long” (4345)

2. “Perma semi-long” (4058)

3. “Perma-long” (4000)

4. “Straight semi-long” (3899)

5. “Perma-bob” (3339)

6. “Straight bob” (2918)

7. “Straight short” (1778)

8. “Very short” (1221)

9. “Perma-short” (1011)

10. “Asymmetry” (310)

Strangely, the venerable Ascension Pegasus MIX Sakari is nowhere to be seen.


More pressingly, lovers of ponytails and twintails seem to have been told to go to hell – these hairstyles are apparently so unfashionable that the survey organisers wouldn’t dream of insulting respondents by suggesting they might prefer such a style.


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