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I prefer to wear boxer shorts most of the time actually. Tight underwear can really do a number on your balls.

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  • Gangsta – “Crime & Punishment!”:
    If there’s an episode where omake-7.gif happens, I expect Sankaku to write a detailed article about it. And by detailed I mean with a plethora of screenshots and animated images.

  • Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls OVA Brimming with Boobs:
    Unconsensual girl-on-girl is just the best thing ever invented.

  • The Great Ace Attorney Trailer Pieces It Together:
    This series really has been getting better and better with each iteration. And it’s come such a long way, too. The improvement in the latest two releases, Ace Attorney Dual Destinies and Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney have made the characters even better when you thought they’d already reached the top. The character traits and animations are a delight to see. Although the story in the Layton crossover was a bit weak, in my opinion. Seeing this trailer, it looks like the …

  • Bashful Tsugumi Figure:
    Those glossy breasts! Wonderful.

  • Senhime Succubus Figure:
    I wish Alter did more sexy figures. They’re great at it.


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