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Gives “Boom — Head Shot!” a whole new meaning :P

Lag would not be an issue with most people either :)

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  • Chinese KFC Woman Dies Foaming At The Mouth:
    I think the confusion is that the Korean Foaming Chicken stores use a similar mascot to the Kentucy Fried Chicken chain. Put an apron, beard, and mustache on Kim Il-Jong, and viola! No wonder the Chinese patrons confuse them.

  • Cult Dentist & Wife “Exorcise” 13-Year-Old by Raping Her:
    Wow! This gives “filling cavities” a whole new meaning for dentistry :O

  • 83 Reasons Your Next Girlfriend Will Be Ball-Jointed:
    These dolls really have a certain je ne sais quoi, an interesting mix midway between cute and sexy; some more in one direction, some more in the other ;) I guess that is the Moe factor, tho the term moe tends to get overused a lot these days. The louise doll totally captured my attention. That is one that I would love to own!

  • Hanamura Misaki Hakurei Reimu Cosplay:
    I love all of the Touhou cosplay. This is a case where dressing them up in cute clothes is just as satisfying (if not more so) than taking their clothes off. “Naked” cosplay is easy. Really cute Victorian/Edo cosplay is hard, but these girls the last few weeks have been suceeding. I hope someone decides to do Alice soon too :)

  • Top 10 Manga Girls, According to 2ch:
    Momo is a great first choice! I am really pleased to see Yui getting some love too. I always liked her, but when they put her into tight jeans it took that feeling up several notches :)


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