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How long is reload?

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  • Rokujouma no Shinryakusha Haunted Harem Anime:
    It makes me laugh how people rage over a few anime that is Yaoi genre or BL if you will. Are you that insecure with your selves? your not the only human being on this planet with a preference you know. if its funny has a plot or is interesting its enough for me to watch it.

  • Zankyou no Terror Truly Explosive:
    well u are all right in the quality going down over the eps, but guess what, an episode comes out every week, when the next ep comes u wont remember such small details such as the good animation on ep 1 u will simply want the next episode of a good anime so im not sure why u are all criticizing the anime on its first, i loved it and i will finish it and prob re-watch just after this finished

  • Love Stage Complete Crossdressing Anime:

  • Free! Eternally Rotten:
    yeah, and I remember how hardly anyone commented on those posts, also half of the guys around here attacked the others for being moetards

  • Love Stage Complete Crossdressing Anime:
    Do you miss China explosion and bizarre crimes? Or do you want more akib48 sheningas?


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