“I Got An Ita-Tattoo, Any Questions?”


An otaku devotee of Fate Testarossa shares the year-long journey he took in pursuit of having her likeness carved indelibly onto the entirety of his back.

The Fate fan in question actually started posting photographs of his early progress on 2ch in late January, eventually culminating in the recent thread he made on completion of the tattoo:

I got an ita-tattoo, any questions?

I want to see it. I really want to see it.

Well, it’s finally done, after starting a year ago. I’ll upload all the pictures.



This is the rough outline.

This is the first time I’ve really seen someone throw away their life…

What costume is this Fate-chan wearing?

An original costume in the Shinigami vein.

Amazing, god damn amazing. You must really love her. How old are you anyway?

Of course I love her! My age is a secret.


Once Fate-chan is done I’ll see about getting the person inside her [her seiyuu] put on me too. I’m a genius.

Her seiyuu, you say?

Her seiyuu!?

Her seiyuu…?

I’ll get this Phantom Minds cover done:


Fate-chan is finished!




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