Rabbit Sitter Hunted



Internet users have been outraged by a woman posting a video of herself crushing rabbits to a pulp by sitting on them.

The video, posted on a Chinese video sharing site, shows a woman apparently petting a small rabbit in the company of her friends, only to place it on a table, put a board on top of it and then sit on the board, pulverising the rabbit.

The crushed rabbit’s corpse can be seen with its internal organs spewing forth from its mouth, the woman responsible flashing a “V” sign and evidently enjoying herself greatly.

This egregious animal cruelty has outraged Chinese net users, who have launched one of their famous vigilante manhunts, although it seems all they have to work with is the video and a suggestion that she has a Sichuan accent.

The whole affair is of course unhappily reminiscent of the kitten stamper, a case with very similar circumstances, and in both cases it seems no serious response from Chinese authorities has been forthcoming.

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        • Your so full of shit SOTER, I mean you really are. It’s human nature to be sadistic? There are many degrees to human nature from pure kindness to total cruelness. Since true happiness only comes from strife, it is actually in human nature to strive for things like higher moral values and peace.

          Hedonism is a stupid philosophy because humans that try and indulge only their most immediate and selfish desires are never satisfied. True hapiness comes from interacting with others and sharing your material items with them.

          I really feel like your just saying this stuff because you get off on how evil you can sound. And as for good and evil being an invented concept, it surely is, but that doesn’t make it any less valuable.

        • to anon@11:33,
          children shouldn’t expose themselves to this sort of content. with a response like that, you are truly a child. either act your age or try to avoid this sort of content. it’s not healthy by any means.

        • @06:15 (first)
          That’s the psychopathic reason. Torturing humans is also used to extract information from people and to intimidate other people into submission.

          No it doesn’t depend on the circumstances. Torturing someone just to satisfy your barbaric urges is every bit as cruel as torturing any other animal.

        • There is no same person. Everyone is different in some way.

          Even if there is a gene that would make most of people as you say, not all would share it. And not all would accept their inner cruelty without a judgment.

          Thus, being a merciless sadist is but a choice, one of countless we can choose during our lives.
          If you are this way, it is because of your own decisions you’ve made.

        • torturing humans i can sort of understand as, psychologically it gives you the sense of being more powerful than someone else.

          torturing animals on the other hand, are just picking on beings that are both cuddly and far far weaker than you. in other words, you’re so much of a pussy you cant even bully weaklings and resort to animal violence

          no, torturing animals is far far lower

        • @SOTER

          You’re a massive hypocrite. You state the extreme logical conclusion of moral relativism as if it’s some kind of guiding principle, but you obviously know that no individual or society can ever follow moral relativism in reality, as you admit yourself to following the principles of democracy and the the “greater good”.

        • How about this then> By doing that act, she had caused discomfort to god knows how many thousands of people who have watched or heard about it. That by itself is violating on other people’s right.

          Everyone has the right to live in peace. Just because you know that there is no law against assaulting other people’s psychology through shock, that does not mean it is not a violation of that right to peace.

          If you have become jaded to the point of not feeling discomfort at all looking at that video, then ask yourself, who had made you that way? Show that video to a child, and chances are the child would cry. What had broken you from that fundamental human response upon seeing something helpless being senselessly destroyed?

          Would you make the mental connection to how the powerful in this society can and do tread upon those who are powerless? Would that metaphor trouble you?

          By occupation, I have seen scenes of horrible car crashes and people being killed. I am more or less desensitized to violence and gore by now. But I still feel anger seeing that and I frankly admit it.

        • @SOTER

          You’re being even more of a hypocrite now by saying democracy seems logical to you when, you said it yourself, there is absolutely nothing logical about the ultimate foundation of any moral principles.
          Sure, moral principles can be applied logically once their existence is assumed, but their ultimate origin comes from emotion not reason. But, nobody cares, because humans are emotional beings.

        • @SOTER

          Logical? Bwahahaha, my arse!

          Democracy in itself is a joke, and definitely not logical, in that the ones in power will always be currying votes to try and stay in power by hook or by crook and always appealing to the strongest emotions and thus keep their snouts in the trough subsidized by the tax-payer. Governments don’t have our best interest at heart, only themselves, which is why we are having the global witch-hunts on loli, eroge, hentai, flat-chests, etc.

          If then you support democracy as logical, then do you support the assault on freedom of speech affecting users on this forum?

        • @SOTER

          Yes, we do not know about her circumstances as to why she’s actually committing such an act. However, most would not bother to care.

          The only thing most care about is that animal “cruelty”(since you do not believe it to be so) is done in front of them and they do not condone it.

          Basically, we are not doing it because of “Good” or “Evil”, because it is indeed as you say, subjective. However, i think you would agree with me if i would sort it into “Agreement” and “Objection”.

          Playing it by your rules, the real act is clear. She killed an animal. And we “Object” to it based on our principles. You can debate our judgment, but an animal is killed. Logic says it right there. We don’t like it. So she = bad. Why? Because we object.

          You may find it illogical, and after looking through all the comments that you made, i can see where you are coming from and i can’t really blame you for it. If you can’t manage to look at it from our angle then that’s fine too.

          All i can say is, if we shouldn’t be judging her, then you, whom most would think that you are judging us because of how we are judging her, shouldn’t judge us too, because that’s just how we think.

          At the end of the day, if you are okay with what she did, then that’s fine by me. But you shouldn’t be hollering at the other guys around here because they think otherwise, because they are truly upset at what this bitch did at the animal, which one would call brutal slaughtering. It disturbs them. And it disturbs me.

        • SOTER is correct in stating that there is no such thing as good or evil and morality is relative, however, I believe it was Protagoras who stated, “whatever practices seem right and laudable to any particular state are so, for that state.” It is very evident that these practices are not held to be right or laudable by the community. Of course, you could argue tyranny of the majority, but that is a very weak argument to say the least.

        • Last post on this topic since I need to go do some training. Getting stronger is my personal therapy against this kind of stuff. Anyway, not to belittle your analytical point of view. I can go at this all day and you will find a way to say that my point of view is personal and your analysis is objective. I don’t care. I will only say this, your personal point of view may not stay as aloof after you have seen or experience some senseless act of crime or violence yourself. I do not wish that on you though, being analytical and emotionally detached is ok, as long as you harm no one.

        • Let’s just ignore SOTER, really, he claims morality is useless and pure logic is the best judge, yet his arguments actually lack logic.

          Point is, he’s just trolling, let’s stop feeding him.

        • i believe that torture is good if the person deserves it.. with varying degrees and techniques depending on how much the person deserves it, and what they did to deserve it. The more they deserve it, the longer they should live through the torture.

          VERY FEW deserve to be tortured. there are a lot of people who may deserve to die, but torture is reserved for only the most evil.

          Be careful who you wish death upon. To genuinely wish death onto a person without burden or care is to deserve the same as that you wish.

          Anyways….. sadly for animals, sometimes such death and torture are necessary(lab mice, clearing for homes, food, overpopulation).
          But to SENSELESSLY kill or torture with out care or consequence?? Or to do it to one completely innocent just for “fun”??? That is inexcusable!! No exceptions

          that is my opinion at any rate -_-

        • @SOTER , for all those comments you made…

          It seems your moral position is based on a common logic fallacy villains used to have in games and movies I played and watched when I was a kid.

          Basically, you’re saying that you stand ABOVE good and evil as you’ve managed to understand both by overcoming the societal principles of morale and ethic with logic.

          However you still haven’t overcome your inner evil desires as well which you still have, as you yourself stated, thus you can’t be a “true neutral” which you believe you already are.

        • I don’t like to complicate matters. But Soter, people like you only like to talk big on stuffs like these. To prove it all it’d take is a simple executed example to you.

          Get THIS done to yourself. Only then you’ll agree to how inhumane, unfair, sick, evil, etc. this act is. Even by then, if you still try defend your views, that’s only your ego trying to defend what you think you’re worth. That’s just being self-righteous and plain wrong in itself.

          Or if you’re just trolling, get a life.

        • @SOTER You seem to like to dabble in philosophy. Let us share our views on this line:

          “When all people will be free everyone will understand me and my position”

          Your freedom ends where the other’s begins, therefore, no one ever is actually really free. There is always someone else’s freedom restricting one’s own freedom. If you ever reach a state where there is no one to restrict you, you stop being an individual because you can’t tell yourself apart from others as there is no ‘other’.

          You can not be free if you don’t exist. You can not exist without others reaffirming your own existence because if you become absolute you can’t tell the difference between you being there and not. The ‘other’ enables your freedom, but also makes you less free.

          That’s why ‘Tolerance’ is the greatest moral value [as you put it], because we live with ‘others’. A ‘tolerant’ man learns to tolerate others to live with the little freedom he has left. A ‘free’ man only thinks of the others restricting his freedom.

        • also, more specifically @SOTER 09:00 (Edit time limit)

          “I would only stand for a helpless human because it has mind and rabbit is a mindless creature.

          Are you a god, how can you know that.
          Such opinion is better suited for a feudal society where anything that is not human (of your caste or higher) was considered to be just a rock with legs that has no feelings or opinion.
          Both rabbit and human have nerves, so they feel. Both have brain, so they think. The rest is up to you.

        • @Klingengeist 21:52

          Well said, this is why torture in any form is never right. If it’s to teach someone/something a certain discipline, for example, that usually won’t come with any life threatening, harmful consequences. So as you said there’s no excuse for torturing for fun.

          People who bullied animals as kids shouldn’t see that it’s alright because they didn’t know, rather, should redeem for what they did now that they know how wrong it is and feel bad about it instead of coming up with an excuse(e.g. amateur vivisection) to defend their childhood. Plus they shouldn’t be proud of such acts by making public claims about it. Rather, go reflect on yourself, and use that horrible experience to promote against the act.

          This is where a justice system should take place. People who commit inhumane, harmful acts to either humans or animals must be punished. To educate & force a redemption on the criminal, and to teach the public to not do the same. It’s about time someone post this video to the police or something.

        • Klingengeist says:

          Yes, domestic cats do it too but most of the time they also eat their prey. Or they lay it in front of you because of the hierarchy.

          Still humans think they are something better, to be intelligent, to be able to distinguish right from wrong and so on.
          And normally they should have the mental capacity to do so.
          Also its still a difference between being a small kid and being a mature person (she doesnt look like a kid to me).
          But i didnt kill animals as kid, there were other things i could do for having fun…

          Btw its the nature of many humans to think of animals (or ppl of different beliefs; skin tones etc) being inferior so they can boost their self-esteem.
          “summit of creation” shows this very well in the sense of being something better than other animals.

          The “arguments” of some ppl here tell me that creatures being less intelligent can be killed for fun.
          So we can kill less intelligent humans too without consequences?

        • @11:37 Anon

          Killing for fun is not a trait of humans alone. Wild cats tend to play *and* kill small living creatures. I for one frequently see my domestic cat killing
          insects or sometimes mice.

          Well, human kids tend to apply knowledge by torturing small animals in order to *study* its reactions this includes killing insects, earthworms, frogs, etc.
          It can be called amateur vivisection.

          It doesn’t matter if the species in question is civilized or not, take off your rose-colored glasses.

        • @member548 i understand where you’re coming from with your comment about torturing people. but i don’t agree with it. the only real reason, is because it is a pissing contest about what is tryly a more evil act. harming an animal or a person. the evil intent is the same. just the outlet is different as well as the sentence that one has to pay. killing is wrong. your conscience should tell you that much. but when you have no other alternative, you cope. this is not such a situation.

        • @SOTER

          I know what you’re getting at since I’ve been there myself on the many times I get ‘high’ on anime guro…


          Would you…Like that to happen to you..?

          Whatever it is, good, evil, or just logical principality…

          That is still a PAINFUL AND SH*TTY WAY for something to die, animal or human…

          No one deserves to die, and yet we create reasons to kill something for our own individual benefit be it for heroics, villainy, views, belief, food, resources, or just outright urges…

          My point:

          You end a life, you better be prepared for the consequences…

          We were all born here on Earth…On this Plane of Existence…

          We kill each other, and we get the consequences of our actions…


          Whatever, I’ll let Silent Hill (Chinese Branch) sort her out…

          I got exams next week…

        • My personal opinion: when a person is able to torture and kill any living being for NO reason and having FUN doing it (thus killing ants because they ruin our food and killing deers during hunting season, among many other examples, are excluded), s/he has become something lesser than a human, and therefore deserves no sympathy.

        • exactly why it is more cruel ^^

          the animal has no fault, while the human does, so why are you saying it backward? any superiority complex bcause you are smarter than an animal? they feel the same as us, so saying that because there “not self-aware” does not make it any less cruel, what you said is what is truly ignorant

        • I really adored all of Yours comments towards my drivel. And probably Our whole chat was about the level of tolerance we have. Maybe it’s a problem of postmodern society where tolerance is the greatest moral value(The greatest pragmatic value is freedom). People by reaching some level of it (like me) become senseless and don’t bother themselves to be human any more reacting only when someone is blocking their way to power. I really esteem all of Your opinions. But from this point we could never reach the consensus.

        • I admit that I’m a really cruel, emotionless person. But I have my reasons to be like that. And would never harm anyone or anything just to pleasure myself. But this are my values not hers. When doing something evil, I’m doing it for the “greater good”. And the “greater good” for me is a freedom of the other people’s souls and minds. When all people will be free everyone will understand me and my position.

        • Wow, more poisoned minds here then I would have imagined.

          Anyone that equates the suffering of a non-self aware creature to that of a self aware creature is ignorant.

          You all sound like a bunch of vegan hippies.

        • I would only stand for a helpless human because it has mind and rabbit is a mindless creature. Harming anything or anyone for no logical reason is a crime for me. But I can’t judge person due to the fact that I don’t have the authority. And authority can only be given by others(I believe in democratic values).

        • I rate humans above other animals, so I would say that torturing humans (in general) is worse than torturing other animals. Some of the humans deserve it, but I would leave the death penalty to those who kill humans.

        • No, I wouldn’t. Because it’s in human nature to perform the most cruel things. To seek the new heights of sadism. To pleasure Yourself with this kind of material. It’s all about human and it’s all about us. We are the same.

    • looks like a serial killer in the making IIRC this is how they start first with animals then with people

      ….my question is where’s that china-style justice when you need it? terrible just terrible she needs to be locked away from society other-wise her behavior will escalate you’ll see

      • first animals and then humans? wtf?!?!

        animals(like that kind) can’t defend agains a human, I believe she will think it twice before even trying.

        It’s like killing ants, why noone stands up in favor of all the ants that die under peoples feet. Ants have rigths too you know…..
        Kids kill ants just for fun, why don’t somebody say something to those horrible, sadistycs kids?

        fuck! emotional bitches, like animals, always following impulses…..brain still unused….

        yes it’s wrong (based on common morals) that that woman killed a rabbit just for fun, but you can’t make such a problem for THIS, when THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ARE DIEING EACH DAY BECAUSE OF BIG CORPORATIONS. Why don’t you care for those peoples tOo?, FIND THE RESPONSIBLES IF YOU DARE, FUCKING COWARDS, YOU JUST WHINNE BECAUSE SHE’S AT YOUR SAME LEVEL, BUT WHEN IT’S A HIGHER LEVEL YOU SHUT UP.

        • The only “freedom” humans have is choice. I’m sorry to say but everyone waving the hypocrisy or moral flag are sad to say the least. No one is qualified to judge anyone else’s actions. Simply because that was their CHOICE to make. You may not concur with their choice but to say it’s wrong or right is a hypocrisy in of it’s self. Not many for the Western civilizations would marry their first cousin or anyone related to them but it’s accustom in many 3rd world countries. “Right” and “wrong” are influenced heavily by society and popular culture. what once “taboo” is now socially except-able and vise-versa is true as well. While I wouldn’t partake in the actions displayed above due to personal beliefs, I can’t say I’m better than this person.

        • replying to aarons semi-final comment
          there are things generally accepted as wrong or right, and senseless killing and torturing are some of those, sorry to dissapoint you, but saying there is no good or bad, is equivalent as saying there is no right or wrong, wich anyone knows that is false, there IS right and wrong, and so is there good or bad, its the same concept, yes, things may vary to individual level, or some even to general level, depending of the perspective, but tell me, how is it NOT wrong to torture a living creature WITHOUT any reason bsided fun? i believed thats why those people have labels like “mentally unstable” and etc., wich are not given by common mass, but by science itself, saying the girl is not in “wrong or right” is truly a stupid thing to say, if you ever get tortured just for fun,would you honestly say and think “this is not right nor wrong”? i dont think you would, so dont be a hypocrit

        • Way to show your intelligence guy not only did you butcher your insult with errors, but you also completely missed the point of the conversation. Please just go play in the sand box while the grown-ups have a discussion without need for meaningless insults.

        • That would be your moral/ethical compass intervening in your opinion their. She had the choice to commit the act or not. Granted her choice comes with consequences but a choice none the less. Their is no wrong choice or right choice. Just simply a choice. I’m not trying to take away from the severity of her actions but everyone saying it’s morally wrong and then talking about impacting the same to her is quite well, deplorable. “Rightness” what the fuck is that. “Right” and “wrong” are defined at an individual level and a general level. Those definitions change all the time as well, granted many of the majors have stayed the same.
          Take divorce for example, 50-60 yrs ago it was a taboo in the US. Now-a-days it’s a just a matter-of-fact kinda deal. Animals were sacrificed for years for praying to gods, sometimes rather violently, for a sake just a pointless as this one. Now before you argue on the behalf of it being for a “higher purpose” or times have changed crap, It was a choice to kill or not. That’s all this choice boils down to.
          If your going to argue objectively, which SOTER and I have chosen to do, you can’t refute and objective argument with a subjective point of view. You guys keep bringing up right or wrong which is a falsie in and of it’s self. Since the definition of “right” and “wrong” change from: culture to culture, religion to religion, and era to era.

        • Firstly, the way big corporations ‘kill people’ is innumerable times more indirect than her’s.

          Secondly, she can still pose a huge threat to children. Lets say, for instance, that she managed to adopt a child. The whole existence of that child would be that of utmost tragedy, with unthinkable horrors happening whenever alone with their ‘mom’.

          Not a big deal? Yeah, you could say the same about human worth, your own death, the disappearance of the whole universe/omniverse etc. Nothing’s a big deal, but in the social existence some things need to be made so.

        • Aaron you’re missing the point here.
          She didn’t chose to kill herself (which I wouldn’t mind at all), but to kill an helpless living being just for fun, no reason.
          There lies the difference between freedom of choice and “rightness”.

    • Each second seemed excruciatingly slow during the real execution. During the video, it kinda made me imagine myself being in the same situation as the rabbit and i got squashed by a giant.

      Damn, the actual moment when the rabbit actually got flattened is still staying in my head.

      Anyway, if those racist Chinese actually hire 2ch for this shit, they’ll find her in less than 12 hours.

    • I couldn’t finish watching the video… I just can’t do it. I think its the first time I haven’t been able to finish watching a video like this.

      karma is a bitch and I hope this girl gets whats coming to her.. soon.

    • Is killing animals that are known more for being a pet than being wild a new fad or something? It’s sad…

      Not long ago there was that girl from EU, I think, who was thowing puppies into a river. I’m surprised this site didn’t even do an article on it considering all the the bizzare and train wreck articles here. If I missed it then my bad.

      Last I remember this site “supposedly” does articles like this from various countries. Is it because the target audience here wouldn’t care or react that much due to it not being China or Japan?

    • This topic isn’t even worth making a joke of. People who take life so frivolously are total gutter trash themselves.

      I feel no sense of remorse for humans that do this kind of sick torture and killing.

      Killing animals for sustenance is one thing, but doing it for frivolity is another.

    • Hmm. Such strong reaction. But ppl always did that, I’ve see at least a dozen of similar videos, like cat being chopped and skinned alive for fun, and dog being dropped from 50m height to see it splash on the ground. I’m not surprised.

      Well, if anyone finds her name and location, should let me know, I’ll do the job. Maybe not as creatively as people here wish, but I could make her dead allright, and maybe even make some money.

    • Neat Hedgehog says:

      Nah, not until she stops. Just enough so that it’s not quite the required force to kill her, and let internal bleeding and organ failure do the rest over a week or so.

      Granted, desiring such a horrible scenario for a person likely makes me worse than her, but I believe that sometimes the only thing that can effectively counter evil is an even greater evil.

      • Evil is still evil. What is supposed to counter that even greater even? It’s the way to certain doom. But don’t worry, with most of humanity consisting of people like you, we’ve long turned that way and walked it beyond the point of no return.

        • Neat Hedgehog says:

          As long as the evil is directed solely towards other evils there is nothing to worry about. Eventually, an ultimate evil would be created that would finish off all the others. At this point, the evil could either be killed, or sealed away to be released to fight against lesser evils in the future.

          Sounds good to me.

        • @Kwonnie
          An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind. This woman probably have parents and maybe even friends. Do you think they would forgive you if you did the same to her, as she did to the rabbit? Just imagine if everyone in the world shared your opinion.
          There is no need to punish her. That wouldn’t bring the rabbit back, and it certainly wouldn’t help anyone else. It’s just self-satisfaction, which is utterly repulsive and barbaric.

          [quote]And I’m neither a sadist nor do I stand for humanity.[/quote]
          Yet you support physically crushing a human under extreme weight for the sole purpose of inflicting pain and suffering. That is textbook sadism.

        • Modern society does not at all condone _cruel_ punishment so your point is the moot one.

          I just can’t believe these ridiculous levels of hypocrisy in the comments. Saying you’d enjoy torturing and killing a girl in ways I won’t even try to reiterate here but at the same time complaining about animal cruelty.
          I don’t even know if I should bother repeating it again… you lot say you’d enjoy personally doing these unimaginable things to a living being. You can shove your justifications right back that hole you’ve pulled them from, you’re nothing more than sadists, and the same lowly kind as her.

          No troll could ever hope to achieve these levels of fail. Humanity really is doomed. At least I’ve now truly realized that the universe really will be better off without it.

        • @Anon 1:05

          First off, just because I feel a certain way, it doesn’t mean I’m going to give into the cruel impulses like sick fucks like this girl did. Second, this girl’s parents are probably something unstable too if they let their girl turn into a psycho like this. Third, you’re lecturing someone on two-wrongs-don’t-make-a-right who’s on the opposite side of the world, not mentally off enough to go around punishing people without authority, and doesn’t get a kick out of hurting people. You can go on all day about what I ‘support’. I’m not a sadist unless I enjoy inflicting pain on others. Which means you obviously missed a step somewhere when dealing out your diagnosis.

        • So a person who lived a normal life without doing anything bad is the same as a murderer to you.
          Maybe we are sadists. Deep inside nearly every human wants to see others suffer, because then our pain looks smaller in comparison.
          But you just dont get my point. I would never want to see a completely innocent person suffer, while i deeply enjoy watching people suffer who did something cruel without regretting it in anyway. If she killed it by accident or she was mentally influenced of some sort (of course she must be to do something like this, but not temporarily) I would maybe try to ignore it, but since she KILLED an INNOCENT animal in a CRUEL way while she was LAUGHING about it and NOT REGRETTING it in any way, she’s
          1. insane
          2. a threat to anyone
          Maybe I sound like some sort of Nazi if i say people like this should be eradicated, but do you really think it’s good for someone as sick as this to live on without any sort of harsh punishment?
          Just to tell you: i own rabbits myself and i totally love them, so i can maybe relate more to this than you.

        • I never said society condoned cruel punishment. Otherwise we wouldn’t be having debates over lethal injections and the chair and whatnot… -_-

          That was my personal opinion, may it be completely biased or not. And I’m neither a sadist nor do I stand for humanity. You’re quite the over-the-top one, aren’t you?

        • Cruelty is objectional but modern society does in fact believe punishment is justified so your point is moot. Personally, I think this woman deserves eye-for-an-eye. I really don’t give a damn if a rabbit’s not capable of higher thinking. This is disturbing.

      • I would be happily cruel to such people. Seriously, I understand killing for food but not for fun, let alone in such cruel manner. This is such nasty deed she doesn’t deserve any better…
        It was an innocent baby animal for god’s sake.
        However, I’m not the type of person that could kill someone in such gruesome way but still makes me want to at least beat her head with something hard and heavy…

  • No, I won’t turn that video on. I love animals and I just can’t bear to watch such horrible things.
    How could she?
    That’s so awful, it makes me want to cry.
    Poor thing. Seriously, how can someone be so cruel? Why do people do such things? This is just… sick… No, there’s no word that could describe how disgusting it is.
    I hope they’ll find the person and do the same to her! Maybe just… more slowly…

    • i don’t agree with her being crushed. Life in prison without the possibility of parole is the worst sentence anyone could get depending on the prison. so many people say i would kill her …. okay …so you did now what. she is dead and cannot feel anymore but prison however is a constant daily reminder of what “have i done, i am never getting out.”

      • Dear anon, no, I admit I’m not a vegetarian, nor vegan. However, there’s a big difference in killing for food – as quick and humanely as possible, provided that animals were kept in good conditions – and torturing animals for fun.
        Of course, if I had to kill my “food” myself, I probably couldn’t manage.
        Maybe I’m hypocrite but even though I do eat rabbit meat, I still like the animals enough not to want them to die in such horrible way.
        I think that behaving as nature tells us – to be omnivores – is not wrong. For children it’s even essential to eat meat for their brain and body to develop properly. However, we still have to respect nature and its creations.

  • where is she!!!!! i hope something horrible happens to that BITCH!!! i hate animal cruelty, people who hurt animals should die. an eye for an eye. i wish she was next to me, i would show her what real pain feels like. i hope she gets raped, tortured, stabbed. bring her to me and i’ll make her regret doing that to defenseless animal. die bitch, i wan to gauge ur eyes, cut ur finger, devour ur soul and make u feel despair. DIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!BITCHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  • Never had the energy to ever do a post on sc untill now. I’m chinese by blood & flesh and i’m gonna fuckin’ hunt down this slut in december when i return and make sure she gets what she deserves. I’ll rip her fucking heart out and feed it to her friends that were watching.

  • I finished watching the video. What makes me sick is that she had to turn the rabbit and squash the other side! It is unacceptable, I am so angry at this bitch! She kills animals for fun in such a gruesome way?

    I am not for animal rights and those bullshit, but at least experiments put animals to good use. Where as this bitch kills for fun?

    This woman deserved to be skinned alive and I hope it gets streamed live on the net!

  • Well, she’s going to hell. I 100% hope the people in China finds this women and gives her the deserved punishment. Even finding out her name, job/occupation, and where she lives would even be more than enough, so that people will always look down on her.

    Poor rabbit. What’s more is I can’t believe her friends didn’t even stop her. What a couple of bitches.

  • In times of old there were a habbits like cutting off hands once someone being convicted from the act of theft…I think people still deserve the same punishment these days…you can’t hide behind some morals all the time…sometimes eye for an eye is the only way…

  • No innocent new born life deserves to go through that, ever. I watch to this to honor the rabbit’s bravery in this ordeal. what could have made her do that? entertainment of friends? bad childhood? popularity? FUCKING BABY HAD TO DIE FOR THAT REASON IT WASN’T RESPONSIBLE FOR!? fuck fuck fuck fuck

  • In Ancient Rome people would come to the Coliseum to watch people get mauled by lions and other crazed beasts. Europe in the Middle Ages people would gather around the chopping block to see people killed. In Modern times, we see a sadistic group of youngsters film the crushing of animals and are abhorred by it.

    I wish I understood what was going through those people’s minds when they killed those rabbits. I heard laughter and saw the young girl smiling. What kind of mentality could allow her to kill so easily and at the same time laugh and joke about it? It makes you wonder if the taking of a human life would be so easy for them…

  • I’m a bunny fanboy and this breaks my heart This is utterly disgusting but it also dawned on me how certain people are reacting to this blog post.

    It isn’t about being ‘Chinese’

    It isn’t about being a ‘woman’

    It’s about being fucked in the head and everything that is wrong with that bitch’s upbringing.

    I seriously want to slit the back of that bitch’s ankles, hammer large nails from the back of her knee caps, rip her finger and toe nails out with pliers, slit her hand and feet webbing, slit half her ears from the bottom lope, and puncture her from the kidneys.

    Poor bunny. That’s not the way for it to go like that! ;___;

  • i just noticed but from reading this one and the one from the kitty (which i really regret doing) that the killers are both girls. i find that to be pretty puzzling since i thought girls like all that cute stuff. i wouldnt be surprised if if the monster from the kitty and this one is the same lowlife. death to that bitch!!! as an animal lover i have to say that i have no love for humans but, animals are completely different. i wish she was abducted and taken to a prison somewhere in the US, there she would the “special” getting gang raped by all the criminals, being defiled by monsters and wishing she was dead.

    • Yeah, I agree. I don’t understand that at all. Not that a bunny had bigger right to live than a snake for example. But still, I thought that people in general like cute animals enough not to do such things to them.
      And still, in news I read about some bitch that killed little puppies, PUPPIES, by throwing them into a river and seemed amused by that. There was a case of two men burning a kitty or a man that ordered his dog to attack a cat.
      Some people… seriously… I’m running out of swear words…

  • So much anger… this is like a black hole of proportionate anger.

    You can’t be angry if you want to analyze things.

    1) Camera itself. I’m admittedly poor with such things, and I can’t tell whether if it’s a good quality. A quality camera may or may not prove that the people are rich/poor. Is the person holding the camera enthusiastic on such tools, etc. Is the camera held steady or on someone’s hands. I didn’t want to waste time trying to analyze whether the 4th person, also the camera person, is a male or female. I do not believe there was a guy’s voice. Interaction for a male/female group (I’m not a psychologist, nor a trained expert, just your average dude) doing such deeds together is unlikely to be the first time, and I don’t think the camera person is a guy.

    Camera line of sight: This is merely a guess, but the person holding the camera seems to be very quiet, and is probably the most timid of all of them. Reason, he/she never appears on the camera, and he/she probably didn’t talk at all.

    2) The female perpetrator herself. Is her hair maintained, is her clothes branded, her fingernails maintained (or her fingers appear to be wrinkled, indication of hard labor), and her face. It seems to me her teeth are actually white and pretty uniform. Her clothes (admittedly again, I’m bad with brands), does not appear to have any blemishes or particular stains. She’s unlikely to be one belonging to a poor lower class citizen.

    Her actions are premeditated and I’m not certain whether if it’s the first time she’s crushing a rabbit (but it’s almost certain she had killed in the past). One is likely to express disdain or perhaps disgust on witnessing the innards coming out from the rabbit’s mouth, but she did not, and her reaction (was to giggle a little, but I can’t tell whether if it’s a nervous giggle, or enjoy-it giggle) isn’t clear.

    Attention seeker, definitely. She held a victory pose for the film itself. Her actions appear to be cute on screen, but I am uncertain if she is doing it for the film itself, or if it’s her nature to do such things. Her actions are bold and without hesitation, and is likely to be the ‘leader and instigator’ of this event.

    Past events leading to this? I’m heading on blind here (I’m your regular dude who’s relatively sharp in the streets). I doubt she’s working in a red light district, is probably from an upper class family. A dysfunctional family? Maybe. What intrigues me is the 3 other person, camera-person, and 2 watchers following her lead without stopping her. Why is that? Hmm.

    When I see the amount of angry comments in response to this, I see the possibility of other people getting riled up. It’s a emotional discharge from a group, and it multiplies because of more people joining in.

    3) House itself. Doesn’t appear to be entirely clean. The walls aren’t maintained, but the floor appears to be clean. A mop can be seen near the door, and a dead rabbit can be seen near the feet of the other 2 watching.

    4) The girl watching, and nearer to the camera is in a relaxed pose, appears to have her hair maintained and combed into a relatively nice ponytail. She wears white stocking and a white dress. Her earrings and black bracelet may or may not suggest that she wore them for the camera. All 3 of them don’t wear spectacles.

    This may or may not again be something, because I googled ‘Chinese statistics myopia’ and Chinese have a high % of near sighted stats. If you ask me, the chances of wearing contact lenses are high, and is also an indication of wealth.

    5) Black turtleneck lady, high heels as well, possibly leaning forward. Leaning forward is an indication of being highly interested (or she is maybe slightly near-sighted), and she is not bothered in the slightest of the dead rabbit near feet. I doubt that this is the first time both of them are doing this.

    6) Education. Hmm. Tricky. Let’s go back to the R.C.L (rabbit crushing lady). She said ‘Hello’ and ‘how are you’ in a remarkably free of accent English, indication of an education. If I was to pursue this line of thinking, then, I will say that she scores pretty well in her school.

    And that’s about it. I can’t really think of anything else.

    7) Misc. I’m puzzled over the fact that there’s only a single video to work with. RCL here is pretty comfortable around the camera, and I will be surprised if there are no other photographs of her. Her brazen actions makes me feel as if she’s a daughter of someone powerful. Hmm.

    And finally, people. Don’t go down the route where you want the same things done to her. Really, if revenge is all you crave for, you’re truly no better than her.


    • Ikuhisashiku says:

      Just one problem with your analysis. And then, it’s not even much of a problem. More like a small disagreement, if nothing else.

      The “English = Educated” thing doesn’t really strike me as being true only because English is just so widespread. It’s entirely possible that she could’ve picked up the words somewhere outside of school. The loss of accent could just be attributed to repetative practice. As you said, it is entirely possible that this is not their first time shooting this “event”.

      Even then, there are still bound to be many occasions where she could’ve practiced saying “hello” in English that are unrelated to the video entirely.

      Furthermore, people pick up simple lines like that in other languages all the time. I could easily say “hello” in five other languages right now and “how are you” in four of them. (I constantly forget the fifth. Blame my short-term memory loss.) Doesn’t mean that I study the languages extensively (which I do for two of them, but I digress) or that I even use them in everyday situations. It just means that I picked up the phrases SOMEWHERE, and that somewhere doesn’t necessarily have to point towards school.

      Then again, this is simply my opinion, and I just thought I’d point it out. While I may not agree with the statement as a whole, I won’t deny that it is still possible.
      Still, you gave a very thought out analysis instead of just giving in to the raw emotional aspects of it, and for that I commend you.
      Job well done, mate.

      • http://www.chinasmack.com/2010/stories/rabbit-crush-fetish-video-chinese-netizens-investigate.html

        Heh. My analysis was pretty off the mark. I thought that the girl was the instigator of things but nope, it really was a sadist crushing group for profit. I did wonder why there were conflicts though in the analysis, and this cleared it up.

        It’s just very unlikely to have an entire group of people who enjoys these things together. Common interests found like these aren’t really justifiable from an ordinary social network. Another thing I thought strange was the lack of material. There should have been hundreds and hundreds more of videos if she wanted it to be placed online.

        Found it pretty strange that the building is clean while the ladies themselves look groomed. They were paid 900 USD for each crushing video. Pretty sweet deal, at least for 10 mins of work.

        Looking at the article, these people are smarttttt. I think there’s some psychological deflection happening there. And I agree with the apologies being fake, the lack of empathy in the video should say more than enough about these things (that and they have been doing this far too long, it’s just as bad as alcohol addiction).

      • Repetitive? (You wrote repetative xD)

        Hmm. You pointed out you’re able to say hello in 4 or 5 different languages, so I’m going to think you’re more likely to be living in the European side, instead of Australia. Americans will probably write ‘dude’, and mate is typically British/Australia. Australia isn’t surrounded by other countries, and I believe there are actually more Chinese students studying in Aus, rather than in England.

        I’m thinking that you don’t really know the Chinese language that well, because it’s a rather stark difference when a Chinese try to speak English without having a background of speaking it for a while. I know, because I’m Chinese (but I’m not from China, hopefully it’s not too much of a surprise.).

        Just try youtube and search for a while, the Hong Kong vids that I found have pretty strong accents. I definitely do not speak with an English accent, possibly half and half (as in, I probably don’t sound Chinese to China citizens).

        I’ll say it’s pretty hard to get rid of accents. China has a very strong, distinctive way of talking in Chinese and there’s the geological profiling coming into question.

        1) How does one learn English in China.
        2) How much does it cost.
        3) How prevalent is English in China. Etc, etc.

        All in all, there’s a possibility that, yes, she might have picked it up and kept practicing at it, but I chose the far more plausible conclusion that she went to a good school where the teachers taught English to be relatively free of accents. One should not draw too much of a conclusion based on two English lines.

        Still, take my posts with a huge pinch of salt. I have never studied sociology, nor psychology, and this is my intuition speaking out (writing out). T_T~ education is way too expensive, and I’m not the studious type anyway, so I’ll be sticking to a mangaka/graphic novel artist route.

        PS: Rabbits prolly don’t cost a lot in China, my guess (can you imagine the reports on restaurants cooking cat/dog meat. Plenty of that). Good catch on the cage though, another physical evidence that they are rich enough to waste money.

    • Great analysis, I liked the way you fragmented the video in several parts. It’s also a good way to not let the cruelty of the video reach you in a deep level of your consciousness.

      It’s true that most of the people watching this are here just because the title of the post.

      Continuing with your analysis, I think that this is a group of girls (assuming the camera is a girl) that was social misfit/bullied in the school (also assuming that they went to the same school).

      Also, it appears that the “crew” practiced a lot before finally filming the video that was uploaded or just simply picked the one they considered the “best shot”.

      They are probably between 18 to 22. Came from middle to high class families and spent a lot of money in that cage full of rabbits. It was bought specifically for the “event” because they not even bother in taking the cage out of the plastic bag.

  • well, it’s always, always hard to see a living animal been kiled for fun. But i question myself if people would have this kind of reaction if it’s a ant, a spider or a snake, or even bear been hunted. This makes me remember a quote of ryokuu saitou in gits innocence(“Birds hide high up in the sky, and fish hide deep in the water.You cry for bird’s blood,but not for fish blood.Fortunate for ones with voice.”)

    • No, they wouldn’t act the same. People all over the world find the same things cute, so it must be an evolved response. I remember reading something about this, how certain traits like head to body proportions and/or eye size, when similar to a human baby’s, gives the same response from our brains as if we would look at a real human baby. Obviously there’s a lot more to it than just those examples but you get the point. That’s why people freak out when a bunny gets killed, but don’t have any problem swatting some flies or going fishing for sports.

      I found the video horrible like most people, but many of the responses to it like asking for someone’s violent death are also disgusting.

    • Well, I think this would differ from person to person. I eat meat but still do not approve of this horrible deed at all. I myself even don’t kill spiders even though I’m afraid of them… I rather catch them into a glass and then put it away from my home. We don’t have any real poisonous kinds here though so it’s not a matter of life and death.
      So yes, I personaly would freak out even if it was a snake or a fish, leat alone a bear. With snakes and fishes maybe less because they are not that sensitive to pain as mammals as far as I know but I still would.
      There’s a habit of eating carp on Christmas Eve in my country and lots of people still like to kill it themselves because the meat is fresher. I just can’t be near that; I don’t eat that kind of fish because of that many years already…
      With insects it’s difficult, I personally really don’t like to kill even an insect because every life has a meaning to me but such things are very hard to avoid.
      Funny to hear that from a meat-eater, isn’t it?

  • God, what the fuck?!

    Abusing animals is the worst and in this case, it’s an animal that can’t even defend itself. What has to be going through a person’s head to do something like this?

    Well, the way internet vigilantism is now, her life is already ruined. She’ll probably get death threats, people sending stuff to her house, to her job, to her family…

    • Speaking of mentally disabled…

      Famous serial killers mostly start torturing animals in their childhood.

      This bitch is quite grown up now, but I don’t think that means anything if she can’t appreciate life like everyone else does. If she keeps on doing this, she will try getting a bigger catch(human) later on.

      By the time that happens though, it will be too late to stop her.

  • The rabbit died in a matter of instants, look at the actual crush, it took like 1/4 of a second to die (stopped breathing instantly).

    Really, this is a rather nice death for a rabbit, just think about the hunted ones killed with a bullet not through their head, but to the body, a long, painful death.
    Or the ones being experimented on.
    I could go on and on and on, i mean, i know this is an insensate kill, it has no meaning, she didn’t eat it afterwards probably, nor it was “for science”, and i’m no vegetarian.

    But seriously, the flood of DUURRR LET’s KILL HERRR AND RAPE HER OMG SHE KILLED A BUNNY while everywhere in the world CHILDREN are dying in pointless wars and -you don’t give a fuck, just ’cause you don’t see ’em dying- it’s really, really pathetic.

    He had to die sooner or later, in a way or another, and this is a rather pain free death, the same kind of death you can see every day in a road kill, it’s awful but we have more urgent issues in the world, and more horrible ones.

    • “Really, this is a rather nice death for a rabbit, just think about the hunted ones killed with a bullet not through their head, but to the body, a long, painful death.”

      you’ve never been hunting have you? Rabbits are either shot in the head and isntantly dead, or shot in the lungs which is also a quick death as they can no longer breathe. In the wild when lung shot, or head shot, they just have room to flop around, unlike crushed ones.

  • Why the fuck do some of you think it’s the rabbit being killed that’s the problem. If she had just shot it in the head quick and easy i would have not been as offended. It is because she genuinely had fun making this innocent creature SUFFER. Just because animals brains are not as complex and powerful as ours doesn’t mean they don’t feel pain same as us. That poor bunny felt all that until it died. If I find this bitch I’ll skin her face and pour salt and lemon juice in the wound. I hope she rots in the lowest circle of hell.

  • A life is a life, and taking one away for no practical reason at all is a sin if there ever were one. Well, that said, it’s a good symbolic example, a rather graphic one though, of how us humans treat the miracle that is life on Earth.

  • For the “you can’t judge her” wannabe-philosophers, understand that this is rationnaly wrong because :
    1) this has no scientific, gastronomic, commercial or artistic value. something is destroyed, nothing is produced.
    2) there’s nothing impressive in this feat, so nothing to be proud about.
    3) something morally equal or worse has been done before (kitten stomper). So much for the “innovation”/provocation…

    Anyway, i’d favor prompt and sober termination : she doesn’t need more attention and we don’t need more stupid/sadistical “lifeforms” like her and her accomplices

  • So kitten, rabbits… what next Human babies !!!

    Fuck internet for pushing people to do stupid things for spotlights.
    Fuck human specie for bearing such oxymorons.
    Fuck that bitch… no not fuck… Crush that bitch…

    Damn, Charles Mason(for example) begin with animals before turning toward human, an it was nasty in both phases…

  • It’s one thing when animals are killed in defense of something, to be eaten or situations like bull-fights where the animals can actually do something, even though in the end they kill the bull sometimes, but this is inescusable.

    To take an innocent, harmless animal to maim and kill only for enjoyment is nothing short of cowardly.

    I’d personally love to go face to face with that stupid bitch and make an example out of her.

  • Oh, what’s the problem to find…
    Find a friend at video hosting site staff, ask poser’s IP –> find a friend at provider, give IP, get address, find a friend at police –> do BAD things to her :).
    Chances no one have friends working in any of this 3 places? NONE. The world is too small.

    • You know there’s a series to this, many years ago i came across it, the rabbit sitting isn’t the worst one.

      There was stepping on puppies and kittens with high heels, that one was far more graphic with the heels piercing one eyeball and popping out the other.

  • Bitch needs to die slowly. I say start slowly cut her all over with surface cuts, while giving her a blood transfusion. Then dip her in a vat of salt while giving her slow IV drip of epinephrine to avoid shock. Then cut off all of her extremities including her tongue with rusting pruning shears. Cauterize them all with a piece of hot iron. While still giving her the EPI the whole time, I don’t want that bitch going into shock. Then poke both of her eyes out with hot pokers. Finally let that bitch die slowly of tetanus. I would never do this myself due to the legal system that hunts vigilantes but I hope someone will.

  • I don’t think I’ve ever gotten physically nauseated from a video like I have with this one. How can you look at a little bunny and taunt, and torture it to death like that?! I understand people eat rabbits for food, and I have no problem with that, but when you subject an innocent creature to that kind of torture, you can’t call yourself “kind” or “sympathetic” or even human. This bitch deserves to die the same, or even a more painful death. Fucking whore face probably did it for attention too! Do you think you’re cute for being a heartless bitch?! HUH?! Well huh about you be the “bunny” I’d be more then happy to make you the center of attention, of course you won’t live to see your fame!

  • Jesus fucking christ. I am, by nature, a pacifist, but if I ever met this woman in real life I would gouge her eyes out with my bare hands. Rabbits are just as smart as cats or dogs, and incredibly sweet, funny, trusting animals. They’re also, unlike cats and dogs, completely and utterly defenseless. Anyone who would kill a rabbit like that is a psychopath and WILL eventually want to/try to/go through with killing a human. I hope she rots in jail, or at the very least has the tar kicked out of her.

  • http://tt.mop.com/read_5218956_1_0.html

    Found this article, but it’s in chinese though.
    Roughly says that there is a society behind these kinda cruelty and the girls actually get paid for crushing the animals! It’s kinda do with fetish and what so ever like SM and such.

    The girl was hunted and apologised though in the article, it was doubt that she is sincere in her apology. It was mentioned that quite a few other girls had the same thing done and hunted, apologised just to escape from being hunted.

    It also mentioned that some girls thought it was only for private use so they agreed to film and to regret after the vids was posted online. (Plain bullshit. only to regret when your acts are found out and not because of the poor life you have killed?!)

  • ….And to think I call myself a Barbarian…
    –Thought I’d save that line for when they made a “Moe Moe Rape of Nanking” book and I might use it again, but hey I almost lost my dinner…

    But, no, it’s civilization that allows that level of decadent cruelty…

    Might sound weird from a feller who’s certainly be for hunting, dog-fighting, bullfighting, even bear fighting… Though note I’m for “Free Range” animals from fur to food, I do equate “Factory Farming” with that level of cruelty.

    This lady would deserve to be a “Submissive” in a new filming of “Insex” porn with no safeword.

    Could even think of the perfect sexual torture;

    A “Soft Press”…

    That is, get a special shaped double mattress like two “T”s, even make it with a see-through material like a thick vinyl. The thing holds her spread eagle while it pushes on both her front and back. Her head, hands, feet and of course genitals are exposed. The pressure could be adjusted at will to either instantly force the breath out of her or set so that if she breathes more than the tiniest gasp it tightens accordingly like a constrictor.

    I’d use the latter setting on her having a “Dildo machine” pump her along with a reactive electricity system to make sure she was over stimulated. After a few minutes or a few hours she’d Whore-Gasm (Involuntary mechanical triggered orgasm) and scream, then the machine would crush down and she’d suffocate till she passed out.

    Then we’d revive her and after some rest put her back in it again and again…

    Just a fantasy, not that I’d in RL do anything…illegal:-)

  • Odds are very good she was paid to do this. Crush videos are pretty popular. Sadly. There world’s filled with sick fucks and the worst part is, this is ok with most where some of the anime\manga we like is frowned on and can get you jailed. Awesome.

  • ….. I can’t bring myself to watch that. If I know that bitch, she’s freaking dead, both socially and physically.

    I say we should Kill her, and completely destroy every last spec of her DNA by shipping it into a black-hole. This universe do not need her DNA.

  • That is a case of in need of psychiatric help for both women fucking disturbing in both case’s how do they justify this? will they do it to their children and enjoy squashing them or stamping on them then cutting them open till their is nothing left, GOD some people need to be shot and forgotten =\

  • I had been wondering for a while if I should be disturbed because cruelty towards animals always struck me far deeper than cruelty between humans.

    This video only proofed to me that I was right.

    Such deliberate acts of cruelty towards innocent, helpless creatures, something only humans (and maybe dolphins as far as I know) are capable off, are more than enough reason for me to be disgusted with my race.

  • I watched the whole thing(I was able to due to not being too mortified by such things), I thought it would have been the pinicle of gore but thank goodness it wasn’t cause this was a bit hard to swallow even for me & I have watched far worse stuff without even getting close to needing to throw up, etc…

    This bitch needs to have the same thing done to her 2 times over, why someone with her looks needs to do this I will never understand, as far as I’m concerned, she is a cataclysm or anything worse…

    I’d suggest locking her up in a basement or dungeon somewhere & make her into a permanent sex slave but the pleasure she would probably get from that is far too great for her so instead just please, please rid her from the planet & I mean don’t even leave any of her body behind to decompose people who plan hunt her down…

    • even with thumbs down
      i would still like to do the same to her and see how much she “likes” it (i dont think she would like it too much)
      and yes, im pretty sure that makes me sick, but i accept it, and not just say “they should do this or that to her”, like if someone else should do for U, what you want to do
      so as far as im concerned, i would like to see the whore die the same way, or do it myself if needed….