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Once Ui finds out that her sister’s guitar got damaged beyond repair, that will probably be a very likely outcome for these thugs.

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  • Sankarea Finale Annoys Fans: “That Was An Ending!?”:
    Could you people make up your minds, please? Do you want a anime-original ending that sucked balls (because I don’t really see how they could possibly come up with a satisfying closed ending), or a faithful, but open-ended one, with prospects of a potential second season? The show had 12 episodes (with an OVA on the way), the manga is still ongoing and there was way too much information that could fit into the series without some serious cutting left and right. So, they either had to pull an …

  • KyoAni’s Next Moeblob Anime Unveiled:
    The article is incorrect. The OVA will be bundled with the 6th volume of the manga, which is due January 2011, and we’ll have a full-fledged TV anime in March. And this seems like a mix of Lucky Star and Azumanga Daioh at first glance. Looks promising either way.

  • Top 10 Summer 2010 Anime – Moe Domination:
    I would’ve expected Mitsudomoe (yes, written like that) to be higher in that list. And why isn’t SYD in that list? K-ON!!’s top spot is indeed hardly surprising (though not less deserved).

  • KyoAni: “K-ON! Sells Because of Our Passion!”:
    KyoAni seems to have a knack for making quality shows. Sure, they’re better at adapting stuff than creating original shows, but a lot of other studios have that same problem, so it’s not like they’re the only ones. So why does K-ON! do so well as it does? Well, the moe-factor is definitely a part of it, but if it were just that, I doubt it would sell so well, even if it has KyoAni’s seal of approval on it. It’s also the character interaction, the humor and the music that play vital roles in the …

  • $10 Loli Sex for 60-Year-Old Nanpa Master:
    Implying that because of those, you see incidents like these popping up all the time. Of course, you’re probably willing to ban violent games, movies and whatever not as well then, because they make people kill other people.


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