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People always whine and b*tch, and not not westerners…

Why can’t East and West accept each other’s raunchy fetishes, hot kinks and various turn-ons–er, I mean weapon preferences, game audience targets and appealing videogame protagonists..?

It’s always the constant comparing and b*tching about “Why do you have this?” or “Why is it like that?”…

Personally, we should be strengthening and working together to make games that appeal to BOTH east and west and not just for the convenience of the other so we can end these petty conflicts that (eventually, if not already) spiral into hatred and loathing…

I mean, we both make porn–er, games that appeal to our culture, so why not make games that appeals to both..?

@Palmtop Tiger

“It never needs reloading.”


Also, When I think of Guns and Swords, I instantly think of Dante from Capcom’s “Devil May Cry”…

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