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speaking statistically, china’s army size out numbers the japan 10000 to 1, even if US’s behind it, it’ll be around 5-1, in terms of military budget, China’s is around 70 times that of Japan, and the US has uhh…. … …. more than 100 times larger than China lol….., +, the UN wont allow the war to really escalate due to the fact the 3 main leaders of the UN are the UK, China, and USA? kinda stupid, how this works, but that’s how it is also speaking of nukes, according to the UN, the only country suspected to have active nukes is North Korea,

in terms of the video, it doesn’t seem to have any CGs, all of it “looks” original, of course the Chinese fisherman was probably one of those town folks, who was brought up on the thought “Japan is evil”, here’s a fair point of view, what was left out of all the descriptions on this matter was that the Senkaku islands did originally belong to China/Taiwan, but was “given” to Japan during the war, the reason they want the place back is due to the fact other places previously “given” away such as Hong Kong, were given back, they have the reason to take it back, and +, it was Taiwan’s fault China got involved in this anyways, if it wasn’t for Taiwan, this could’ve been resolved easily (Japan’s army out powering the Taiwanese government 2:1), anyways, not from Japan’s point of view, Japan basically “won” the land through a war and was said they would keep it afterward (thanks to the US) they’re just trying to keep what they got fair and square. They have every right to the land, but are willing to compromise for the sake of being good neighbors with China, Korea, Taiwan, etc. if it wasn’t for the Taiwanese government stupidly being greedy slobs, this might’ve just been something solved within an hour………

both sides have their rights and wrongs, currently if they started fighting be it super weapons or not, 1 we’d all enter WW3, 2, if u know what happened in WW2 u’d understand, and 3, neither side has a clear advantage,

-spoken as a half Chinese half Japanese-

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  • Senkaku Ramming Video Leaked:
    That’s restrictive as fuck, you brainwashed cunt. Not being able to speak out against a government and not being able to access media, is that your idea of freedom? I’ve been to Beijing, your country fucking sucks.

  • Senkaku Ramming Video Leaked:
    chinese are jealous of the japanese, thats all, the japanese are smarter after all

  • Senkaku Ramming Video Leaked:
    But noone would ever protest in China incase the government sent an army of freaking tanks at them for doing so…again.

  • Senkaku Ramming Video Leaked:
    But honestly if you could slay god and take his place then wouldn’t you?

  • Senkaku Ramming Video Leaked:
    >______________________> of course we forget that japan got nuked >_>” yes chinese people got raped and murdered for no reason which created alot of suffering and hate but japanese people also had a nuke drop….which one do you think is fair? Since you seem to be so powerful and mighty with your words why don’t you be the judge. You need to stop looking at people as tags with country names on them…and start seeing people as people.

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