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Now was it China or Japan that demanded YouTube remove these videos? I am beyond curious.

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    The economy is down because the US fucked up? What sort of fucking retarded, parasitic country are you from? If anything it failed because most other countries weren’t pulling their own weight. Of course the USA can’t support your bum ass forever. Even pilotfish & remora that feed off of the leftover meals of sharks know not to insult those that provide for them. This coming from someone who “rather” dislikes the USA. If I can feel insulted for them, then that comment was pretty over the …

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    Rather, I’d like to see someone beat & rape him with a rusty pole, abduct him, take him out to Aokigahara, tie him to a tree, hang some bloody meat on him, and set some starving, stray, rabies infected dogs onto him. And record it. I’d love to watch.

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    FFF, All I have to say is; after seeing this, I shall no longer support Shogakukan by buying their publications. I, the consumer, am not pleased. I hope they enjoy losing business.

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    Kill me now…and I’ll take all these retarded bastards with me.

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    Ishihara…suck a dick.


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