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so how would you know one country is more racist than the other? aside from reading history books that the U.S. government orders publishers to put in bullshit facts.

aside from that, it still doesn’t mean foreigners and people of mixed race aren’t going to have deal with discrimination in china. flips, for example, are disliked in both countries, but they would be better off living in japan because china treats them worse. and why would they want to go to china if there is a local outhouse in their neighborhood?

honestly, if anybody should be condemned for racism, it should be the white race. white people have a long history of being racist, aggressive, and controlling other people. even to this day, there is still a significant amount of racist whites. it ranges on from the inbred fucktards living in the Appalachians to the middle class working man living in a cookie cutter suburb. even the europeans are racist. just look at the french, irishmen, scotts, and russians.

however, unlike the chinese or middle easterns, the whites have changed their game plans on world domination. after the civil rights movement, the U.S. government put out half assed efforts into making our country more diverse. the government figured out that you may as well let everyone have the same rights as whites because it helps us fund the military so we can continue to police the world. however, it still didn’t keep whites from hating on blacks, chinese, japanese, mexicans, middle easterns, and whites from european countries.

the chinese and japanese should put their differences aside and figure out who the real enemy is: the white man. they can relate to each other because both were put in bondage by the United States. the U.S. government’s mass hallucination has gone too far, and it’s time for people to wake the fuck up and fight against their conquest for world domination. once that’s done, countries can solve their own problems.

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    yeah but that’s not saying much princeheir. because in general, the whole gaming industry is in the fucking dumps these days, nothing good has came out in a while. and you never responded to my statement on modern day anime. but seeing as how you never responded to it, i guess that signifies you think the anime industry is going down the toilet.

  • Ishihara: “Chinese Fishermen Harpooned Coast Guard”:
    it seems 20:53 fails to realize that the only ones who propagate the racism are the older generations of both the chinese and japanese. i’ve visited both countries within the past two years, and from what i have gathered, the racism is fueled by older generations who want to keep their nation pure. anybody who was born post 1979 are generally progressive and is dissatisfied with how their current government works. new generation japanese and chinese want to work hard to unify the two nations …

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    apparently, anon judges every registered user on this site as a weeaboo. i’m sorry, i don’t fap to the latest eechi slice of life anime. the anime industry is dying, and the only thing japan’s video game industry has left to offer are the fighting games and the occasional eccentric under looked game. i don’t mouth the chinese nationalists and their government in the name of japan, i say this shit because it’s the truth. i am aware of the racism in japan and other social, cultural issues that …

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    you’re a fucking queer. the only thing i care about that comes from japan are the fighting games. Anime is dead, and manga gives me paper cuts. if the chinese want the islands. go ahead, they can have it. it will only take 2 months before the island’s oil reserve completely runs out due to a significant number of chinese citizens with cars. it won’t be long before they start purchasing oil from the middle east. and i forgot that japan has superior technology, so they can develop an alternative …

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    whenever something about china comes up on sankaku, a ton of sino-philes come in and start ranting about artefact is a racist japanophile. first off, hating chinese people primarily because they chinese doesn’t mean artefact is racist. it means he’s xenophobic or sinophobic if you try to hard to be clever. racism refers to a whole race of people, not ethnicity, even if the united faggots say there is no distinction between the two. second off, the only problem here are the chinese patriots …

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