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“the anime industry is dying, and the only thing japan’s video game industry has left to offer are the fighting games and the occasional eccentric under looked game.”

what are you an idiot? it’s not dying in fact it’s getting more mainstream, sure the quality can’t be compared during the 90’s though they are some shows that show some exception(Darker than Black, Bakemonogatari, and some remakes like Rebuild of Eva and Casshern Sins)

lol just because FPS is the hot topic today dosen’t mean japan is lagging behind. it’s just that they haven’t change their formulas in the past 20 years(they are some exception)

they already innovated alot of genre to the point you can only add minor tweaks and adjustments. the only thing the west offered is FPS RTS and some RPG’s(good ones like The Witcher.

well on topic it seems there’s still alot of bad blood between china and japan not that it’s new, is really getting serious this time around. i wonder what happened to the supposedly spies from japan captured by the chinese government.

what the hell why is “chinese” a wrong spelling word?

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