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MikuMiku Metro


Hatsune Miku fans have noted with interest the Vocaloid sensation’s UK tabloid debut, in the pages of rag Metro.

The article in question was published both in the print and online editions of Metro, the UK’s 4th most popular daily:


Details of the event mentioned are visible in previous articles – although strictly speaking there was nothing “holographic” about the technology used to project her likeness onto the stage.


The ironic side to the article is that the art used in the paper edition is by top lolicon mangaka Rustle, most of whose works are now illegal in the UK thanks to its decline into a moralist surveillance state.

The article also fails to mention Miku’s official age is 16 – illegal to draw suggestively in the UK, although legal for an adult to have sex with were she in fact real, handily criminalising most of her British fanbase.

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