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Thousands of Japanese Encircle Chinese Embassy

A protester shouts slogans during an anti-Chinese march in Tokyo

Protesters carry a banner and national f

The Chinese Embassy in Tokyo was surrounded by yet another sea of Japanese flags as thousands of protesters gathered to denounce China’s efforts to seize the Senkaku islands.

Estimates of the number of protesters range from “over 3,200” (media) to 5,000-6,000 (police and participants) – the procession marched to the Chinese Embassy in central Tokyo’s Minato ward, where they “surrounded” the embassy as planned.

Protesters hold Japanese national flags during an anti-Chinese rally in Tokyo
Protesters hold Japanese national flags during an anti-Chinese march in Tokyo
Protesters carry a banner and national f
A protester holds a banner during a rall
A protester carries a banner and a natio
Protesters shout slogans at the start of

The international press apparently cannot resist any opportunity to photograph random Japanese crossdressers any time they are seen at a public event:

A protester in the traditional costume Kimono shouts slogans during an anti-Chinese march in Tokyo
Japan China Protest
CORRECTION Japan China Protest
Japan China Protest
A protester holds up a banner saying "Pu

“Punish Tibet’s Hitler”

A homeless man sleeps on the bench while

Japanese police did their best to suppress the demonstration – reportedly demonstrators were only allowed to approach within 100m of the embassy perimeter 5 at a time, and megaphones were banned.

Staff at the embassy report tensions to be extreme and their guard to be heightened, with the embassy having been sent an envelope containing rifle bullets earlier in the month during the run up to the demonstration.

Several Chinese residents of Japan actually attempted to violently block the demonstration with placards accusing the demonstrations of fomenting discrimination against Chinese living in Japan (apparently ignoring their own government’s role in this, in the best of Chinese traditions) – police arrested them but later released them without charge, of course:

A man holds a banner saying "Stop fuelli
A man shows off a banner while being sur
Men appearing to be Chinese resident in
Police officers detain protesters, who say are Chinese nationals living in Japan, as they try to block an anti-Chinese march in Tokyo
A Japanese anti-China protester (L) scuf
A man appearing to be a Chinese resident
Men appearing to be Chinese resident in

No arrests or disorder was reported in connection with the Japanese demonstrators.

Meanwhile the Japanese media’s refusal to acknowledge the demonstrations has reached surreal levels – the Japanese mass media is reporting on Chinese anti-Japanese demonstrations made in response to the embassy demonstration as a top story, whilst refusing to actually report on the demonstration in Japan itself.


Japan’s top leftist rag Asahi and their national broadcaster NHK initially even reported on a mob of 1,000 (10,000 by some reports) Chinese attacking a Japanese supermarket in Sichuan whilst failing to mention (let alone report directly) that the protests erupted in direct response to 3,000 Japanese demonstrating in Japan’s own capital.

A few sources in the Japanese media have actually begun to mention the demonstration – mainly as the cause of the counter-demonstrations in China.

Confronted over their refusal to report on the last set of demonstrations, media companies either refused to comment or rather improbably claimed they “weren’t told” about the demonstrations, in spite of the fact that even foreign journalists apparently managed to find out about them.


Mobs of angry Chinese formed after the news of the planned demonstration was circulated widely over the Chinese Internet the day before – however, Chinese reports widely (and presumably deliberately) mistranslated “encirclement” as “besiege and attack” and apparently left many Chinese with the impression that a Chinese style mob attack was planned on their embassy, stoking understandable if entirely hypocritical anger.

Chinese for their part repeated the usual calls for attacks on Japanese property, boycotts of Japanese goods, and of course a break-off of diplomatic relations and the immediate seizure of the Senkaku islands.

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  • Anonymous says:

    May Communism’s triuph lead us to conquest of the world , as world resources become shorter in supply it may be useful for nations to stop all the unity bullshit and fight for their people’s needs thats what governments were founded for to support the interests of their nation. So if the Japanese and chinese want a war with each other let them have it, after all the UN is just owned by the USA maybe China should take it upon itself to expand in the name of it’s people’s interests. I’m sorry but nationalism is what makes a country great, yes we may have respect for an economically powered nation, but their is a reason that countries like Britain for instance are looked up to around the world, they expanded to provide for their people, giving them 1/4 of the Earth, maybe as huge nations China and Japan have the right to fight each other for resources without interferance from other powers. If USA wants oil let it fight for it’s oil, at least then the people know what they are supporting rather than the false democracies owned by huge companies were politicians have liittle or no power.

    “You must either conquer and rule or serve and lose, suffer or triumph, be the anvil or the hammer, there is no inbetween”

  • A friend of mine said this: Why doesn’t someone just blow up the goddamn island instead of keeping fighting about it? Unless they’re pissed off about something else in their lives, i.e. no getting laid perhaps?

  • I don’t want to the rest of the world be thrown into a nuclear war because of the Chinese and Japanese bickering like this. Well I doubt things would get that bad, but the moment either government starts appeasing these demonstrators, the rest of the world is in trouble. We all know Iran is itching to use a bomb here. We don’t need China and Japan going to war giving iran an excuse to use one. Why do I say this? China has nukes and even if they know well enough not to use them, if a war was started, they’d definitely use that as a threat. And places like Iran may overlook the word “bluff” and start calling for dropping bombs themselves.

    War is bad in general but if China doesn’t make a slip of the mouth about “the possibility of using the bomb” the rest of the world will probably be fine.

  • “”however, Chinese reports widely (and presumably deliberately) mistranslated “encirclement” as “besiege and attack””

    Wouldn’t doubt it for a second. All news media is guilty of this.

  • I am the one who joined this demonstration.
    I looked around and found out that more than half of them are quite normal people, from elder silver haired gentlemen to young high school girls. And of course I am not an extermist either.
    You’ll know that soon. I can tell you this movement’s gonna get bigger with time.
    BUT, for sure, there were several retard who landed on China in front of Chinese Embassy.
    Next day’s demo in Akihabawa was worse I heard.

  • I would say blame the damn Chinese fisherman who rammed the Japanese coast guard ship and in the end this one man’s action has caused all this mess.

    China can’t back off since there will be other claims (from other countries) if China does give in, while Japan can’t also give in because China probably wants more if Japan eventually gives in. This is a kind of dilemma for both countries. And where the hell is the United Nations’ Secretaris-General? How about a wake-up call?

    • One still cannot determine who rammed who, since the Japanese goverment still withhold the video tapes and refuse to release them to the press and to independent analysts.

      If they are really innocent, why do they still want to hide the evidence?

      • do you want a riot in both countries? It’s already bad that China has been ruling the global economy by their currency power (I bet that at least half of it’s value is faked), it’s also bad that the US is still in their economic downside to flip china off. Japan is already fucking struggling through the the high yen, and the whole issue of quality over quantity is really screwing them over.

        It’s also not a matter of just growing balls, it’s a matter of fucking actually getting to the table and getting a deal down on paper that both parties would agree to. To be quite frank, China really should stop abusing it’s “power”, sense it IS trying to expand right now for reasons only they (and when I mean THEY, I really do mean the people inside China’s policy making) know.

  • As seeing the China country itself, I don’t know why I should defend China instead of Japan.
    Japan have their sins of war, but already paid on the eye of international community.

    And the Commu-lead China?
    And Tibet, Uigul and cheat against the world economy by yuan’s value completely under control of state?

    • japan didn’t pay their due for the war with all the history book manipulation, simplification of facts, and paying tributes to the murderers. imagine what reaction the jewish community would have if Angela Merkel paid a visit of respect to the nazi soliders?

      • Denying the past is less dangerous than denying what a country is making now.

        And about paying tributes:

        Japan gives the money for forgiveness→ china or/and corea govern say “Do you think how bureaucratic is to pay one by one? Just give me the money and we will do it for you.”→ Years later→ “Japan did’t paid it!!”

        That is something I heard in Japan….

        • It is Japan who continues to deny the past and the present. And, if the German leaders all went to pay respects to Nazi War criminal graves, people would be up in arms. Japan’s government is dishonest and lie to its own people. Germany has shown how they will not forget the past, Japan, completely the opposite.

        • It is Japan who continues to deny the past and the present. And, if the German leaders all went to pay respects to Nazi War criminal graves, people would be up in arms. Japan’s government is dishonest and lie to its own people.

  • The Japanese media/government are trying to be clever and no one’s noticing or caring: Making big news of the Chinese protests while trying to pretend there isn’t any Japanese ones to give the impression that the Chinese are being unreasonable loud, violent, demanding, & delusional without provocation or reason. It’s like they are trying to give the impression that the Chinese are trying to pick a fight with them for no reason. The problem is, of course, that everyone knows the Japanese are protesting as well.

  • Japan:
    Democratic nation (despite of shitty Japanese Democratic-only-in-name-Traitor-of-Nation Party)

    War-crime: Maybe he has, maybe some of crimes is a complete lie, partially lie or true, but that crimes was already paid.
    They are not expansionists now.

    People: They are closed to foreigns, but act like the Japanese and you will be respected same as a Japanese.
    “In Rome, do as a Roman do.”
    “After-war education” give to the most of people the feel of guilty of being Japanese and think “We, Japanese, sucks and should beg for forgiveness forever.”
    It changed when Internet come widely to japan…

    China: Communist. No liberty, no human rights.
    Comunist party rules with fist of iron over the soul and body, saying how should think and be.

    War-crime: I don’t know about “war-crimes” of China (I will google it later). But we know how they act against Tibet and Mongols and others ethnics. And some against foreigns and his own people.

    People: Brainwashed by Communist party, hates Japan (and maybe USA)as same-way as how Christians hates lucifer. Sinocentrism goes strongly in their mind.

    Not only by Senkaku, why should defend Communist China instead of Japan with it.

    • You must know that the Mongols and later the Manchus and the Tibetans had invaded China first, right? Also Tibet was never a democratic country to begin with, it was literally a slave state where the Dalai Lama is the Warlord, while all the people in Tibet were his slaves; have you seen Tibetans being tortured by the predecessors of Dalai Lama? They (the tortures) were as horrible as the ones that happened in World War II if not more horrible. Google that and you will see that it’s all lies about the “Peaceful” Dai La Lama. No, it’s not China’s propagenda against China, some Americans find it out, so it must be true (well, I am still not sure though).

      • Error of past of Tibet don’t make what China is doing now right.

        IF Tibet were doing the same things of China, TODAY, NOW, THIS TIME, I would be against Tibet and wanting it democratic country.
        But who is making it now, this time, this moment, is China.
        So, I am against China.

        • Well, “ironically”, Tibet does kind of benefit from China’s occupation, since all Tibetans now can have special rights that even the Han Chinese do not have, e.g. free education, no limitation of how many children you can have (vs. China’s own 1 child policy for the Han Chinese), freedom of religion (yes, that’s true, China even pays for the restorations of the Tibetans Temples), but then people must not speak ill about the Chinese Government, e.g. bring down the Chinese Government, otherwise bad things are gonna happen. Personally I think China should just give Tibet more autonomy, e.g. like in Hong Kong. Are people on all sides (whether it’s China, Japan, South-/North Korea, Tibet and so on) not tired of all the wars that had happened so far and the constant strife between countries and between people, aren’t those all tiresome and stressful. I think most people here in the West do not have any notion how it is to live in a country where there’s constant war where people die everyday and not to mention effects of mines after the war; these people in the west have always live in a peaceful environment and most of them has only seen wars on television, in movies & in videogames; perhaps their granddad/-ma knew since they did have experienced the WWII, but their children/grandchildren merely heard it from them and that’s it. That’s why there are often people who can talk so easily about “nuke that country”, “no, that other country!”

    • some of the war crimes are complete lies? like nanjing massacre and unit 731?
      and how exactly were these crimes paid? germans dedicated a building for jews and post guards there 24/7 in memory of them, what did japan do other than saying “oh sorry, and btw we didn’t do a lot of those things that were photographed”?

      china’s human rights record are crap, but you are defending an even crappier cause.

      • “some of the war crimes are complete lies? like nanjing massacre and unit 731?”

        The word “maybe” and “or” makes some sense for you?

        I know I have no knowledge but I have my doubts.

        1)Media control of Communist party.
        2)Forgiveness makes money for china and korea.
        (I will not be surprise if things like “I want money from japan without having to give back it. Japan already paid it. So let’s say he don’t paid and create new crimes for japan!” this happen.)

        • I heard about photography of Nanjing massacre was a photomontage.

          Plus, this video at 5:43. The fact using a film what are not Japanese making a massacre makes some my credibility about Nanjing massacre go down.

          Why? because the govern of china uses it as a “evidence”. And “recriation” is not a “evidence”.
          I’m not saying Nanjing massacre is a lie, maybe the massacre was true but china has no lucky about documenting it, so created it.
          Maybe half or more of photos was true but created somes for propaganda.
          Maybe all the image is real but some was using chinese troops clothes to use for anti-chinese propaganda.
          Maybe completely a lie.

          About the massacre, prefer be over the wall because no one have the truth, no one, even me or you.

          But seeing actual Japan, is same to call Nobita as a Alucard.(Remember here are a anime blog.)
          As a society itself, they already paid for the war and warcrimes.
          Why? Because they are suicidally pacifist, unable to defend themselves for 60 years.

        • “maybe” and “or” doesn’t make sense to me because they did happen, to say “maybe the germans killed the jews in concentration camps” is stupid because there are massive amount of evidence supporting it, there is no doubt for “maybe” and “or”.

          and the these events happened before the communists took over, and their evidence are PHOTOGRAPHED by westerners who were there at the time, you can still deny it if you want, but you just sound like a japanese apologist who doesnt completely accept reality yet.
          and also, while japan has paid retribution money, it still largely fail to admit its fault; like setting up a fund for victims of comfort women but at the same time denying comfort women existed.

  • NO simplified chinese = retarded chinese. Essential traditional chinese relative to correct English spelling (By the way, this is correct written English.) while simplified chinese = MSN chat (BTW, this’ not crrtly write.)

    Supposedly Sankaku from history is an island that belongs to Taiwan that is part of China. (At the moment anyways. FYI Taiwanese are Chinese people to fought against Mao and lost so the run-away to Taiwan.)
    World War 2 comes about and Japan invades China, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Now post war they have retreated the countries were redrawn. Now this is the part that gets ugly. It’s either Okinawa or Hokkaido (not sure which one) USED to be its own country pre-war. Post war it was no longer it’s own country and was given to Japan. I think something similar is happening presently.

  • …sooner or later the UN is gonna become involved…and it might help or not…depending……of course i know about the limited number of kids the Chinese can have but they have one of the largest country and they just want to expand territory and if it does happen that china takes the senkaku/daiyo(i think it was called in Chinese from another relating article not sure) by force it’s the beginning of the next world war which is the worse case scenario since each country is still recovering from large debt may be that’s what China is doing taking territory to improve economic/productions to get rid of their debt.

    P.S. b4 u start commenting this is just my speculation idc about negative/positive comments nor whatever i just want this stupid fight over the islands done with peacefully

  • Only difference between Taiwan and China is their name “People’s Republic of China” vs. “Republic of China” If Mainland China wasn’t so dim-witted as to change their name, then they would still have Taiwan today. Senkaku Islands are some strategic/tactical point or something like that.
    Though being Chinese myself though living in a different part of the world, I’m pretty darn mad about the mainlanders as they’re practically trying to ban other Chinese languages/dialects such as Cantonese which has a way longer history and was actually a lot more similar to ancient Chinese language, plus I also hate the simplified Chinese characters which aren’t even Chinese but more like BS all together where the traditional format is much more superior as even Korea, Thailand, Japan all once used that set of characters though now evolved.

    • alas an island is more than a bunch of rocks…

      Exclusive zone of fishing, underwater natural ressources, a potential site for a military base.

      Why did France or England (or even Netherland with Curaçao) keep a lot of islands around the world if not for economic purposes.

    • Yeah sure does. I heard that some foreign born Japanese went back to Japan for vacation and to learn about their home country/origins and they got insulted and hated on for no knowing how to speak or write Japanese. Like give them a break.
      Japanese racist to their own kind if they can’t speak it.

  • “It does not matter if this question is shelved for some time, say, 10 years. Our generation is not wise enough to find common language on this question. Our next generation will certainly be wiser. They will certainly find a solution acceptable to all.”
    — Deng Xiaoping (1972)

    Holy shit. Deng Xiaoping is an epic posthumous troll.

  • Politics, the true drama of this world.
    So, I was wondering, why would the national media try to ignore these demonstrations? Is there any specific purpose? You’d think stuff like these would make for an enticing scoop or something.

  • Any country that starts dropping nukes will be condemned by any other country in the world. Its bad for China, US, Russia, etc. One nuke launch won’t be much of a threat to Japan with their SDF being equipped with US Patriot Missile defense.

    Anyhow, if China doesn’t really have the right to get that Island, if China is arguing that due to historical right its theirs then there is a flaw, because of historical right then it should be Taiwan Property not China. The communist overthrow the original government which is now residing in Taiwan… get it??

    Then again Japan do have the right based on the treaty signed.

    If anyone wanted to contest the island then its Taiwan and Japan not China.

  • The economies of Japan and China are too interconnected and co-dependent for them to go to war with each other. Both sides of this conflict have their own personal interests in eachother. War would go against the best interests of both countries. So far all we’ve seen are rowdy protestors on both sides, but official government stances haven’t changed very much.

  • why do the people who comment *cough shrobby seem like brainless children who never learned from the cold war?

    all the leaders of the world acknowledge that with the advent of thermonuclear weapons, nuclear wars are no longer a feasible solution if humans want to survive as a specie. Now, while uneducated people may love the idea of nuking China, I wonder if they can comprehend the fact that their own country will be taken down as well? tbh, i dont expect irrational people to get this thing called logic.

    • Except it’s fear mongering at it’s best to actually believe just nuking one country equals Armageddon for the whole planet, economically it’s bad but we can survive a blast, hey we already survived two before. =)

      • @14:32 the reason the world survived the two nukes that were used in ww2 was because only one country had the nukes, if japan at the time had some nukes as well, it would be over for everyone

        kamikazee anyone?

    • I learned from the cold war that potential mutual annihilation prevented an open war between USA and Russia in times of great conflict.

      You seem to mistake using (small) tactical nukes to destroy important targets (and only them) with bombardment using big strategic nukes. The latter have the potential to wipe out mankind, but not the former.

  • The comments on this site make me think that while most of you think you’re smarter than Communist China or protesters on either side, the truth of the matter is you’re not.

    You’re simply eating up whatever the media tells you without knowing what real Japan or real China is. Get bent with all your conspiracy theories and nuke solutions; idiots like y’all are the reason wars start.

  • It seems as if all the fools in Japan and China have come out of their hiding to waste their energy. The media in both countries refuse to acknowledge the protesters.

    That Japanese news map of the Chinese protest looks really odd. I bet you it’s fake. Japanese news are notorious for fake stories. Remember MMO players peeing in bottles? It must be just like that.

    I live in China, and the people aren’t haters here. Today I saw 2 cosplayers in the bus I rode to work. They were cosplaying as “Japanese” characters. What must be understood is that the people do not have much knowledge of foreign governments, whether in China or Japan.

    • True. I may not live in China but I’ve been back there several times. I know lots of Japanese restaurant and business there. My 2 uncles who are businessmen have Japanese associate who they work with.

      Those that you see in protest are extremist, uneducated people who simply believe whatever is being fed to them by the news and rumors.
      Those that are educated understand this is simply government playing with the people, and that there is more truth than fed out. This goes for both side, except in Japan they use internet(since everything else is censored) while China use TV/radio/newspaper. Most people(yes people in China too) are simply trying to live their life to their fullest(money money money) and cbf with all these crap between China and Japan(my flatmate is Japanese, and we are good friend, and no we aren’t plotting to kill each other). China simply hates Japan due to the fact they were invaded very aggressively, the massacre at Nanjing(yes I believe in it, just because some Japanese book said its fictional), and they never apologized for it, which they did to every other country. And Japan hates China because China hates Japan >.>
      Really this will never get resolved until Japan apologize ‘fully’ for their action.
      And just to make sure i’m not bias, I’ve been joking about Chinese(myself included), making fun, laughing at them for their stupidity sometimes for ages.

      And those who think China needs to get nuked, well fuck them. If China deserves to get nuked, I don’t see why America doesn’t they’ve caused more death than China has(except to themselves, yea the Three Dynasty was nasty). So lets keep this sensible and mature argument. If your just talking about one side and not acknowledge the other, than don’t post anything, cause your just flaming.

  • You know, once China makes a military move of any kind, the rest of the civilized world will hit them hard. Many countries are just waiting for an excuse to teach China some humility. If they think they can trample on other countries because of their growing economy, they are sadly mistaken. China is nothing without the rest of the world. They’d just fall back into their shelled near-third world existence under the commies.

  • “Chinese for their part repeated the usual calls for attacks on Japanese property, boycotts of Japanese goods, and of course a break-off of diplomatic relations and the immediate seizure of the Senkaku islands.”

    yep if these two go to war i just know the U.S. will get involved and thus lead to more chaos. both china and Japan would be wise to keep it at a “protest level” im sure the two nations will come up with some sort of agreement at some point. also i heard Russia has (or had) a similar dispute with Japan’s northern most islands so i doubt anything major will happen (hopefully)

    • The fact of the matter is, that is China truly decided to go to war VS Japan, the USA would leave. No ands, ifs or buts.

      Japan is not worth getting into a war on a conventional level and much less a nuclear level with China.

      Now the odds of China actually going to war with Japan are about the same as the republicans supporting Obama.

      • Its not Japan that’s the problem. Its China. Or to be more specific, Communist China.

        Since China has been pretty aggressive lately to its neighbours, if Japan got into a war with China, the US would actually be worried considering how they may pick up that aggressiveness and go for Taiwan, which it specified that it would use force if necessary to get Taiwan back in to China.

        South Korea would be in danger too, since North Korea would be making use of China being the first to insinuate war to declare war on South Korea.

        India, and northern South East Asia bordering near China would be unsafe then too.

        If China declares war, the US would definitely be on their heels.

      • Heh, if the US didn’t support Japan, than that’s all the ammo the Republicans would need to impeach Obama.

        Signed and ratified treaty, and the US Constitution making that equal to the Law of the Land. Thus breaking it would be the High crime required for an impeachment process.

        Plus there’s the strategic aspect. Let China have its way with Japan, and the US loses access to S.E. Asia. And that’s not something that the Powers that Be will accept.

        • You’re overlooking certain aspects.

          a) Republicans controlled the Senate in 1982, making a call for Impeachment impossible.

          b) There was the small matter that the US also had a treaty with England.. Small matter of the NATO pact, also ratified btw, ergo an issue of two contradicting treaties. Best answer in such a situation do nothing.

          c) The Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security of 1960, has been ratified by both sides. And contains provisions both regarding Japan’s defense as well as the use of US bases in Japan for use in warfare.

          Bases which were used during both the Korea and Vietnam conflicts. In short, the Japanese held up their end of the bargain, so now it would be the turn of the Yanks to hold up theirs.

          d) Midterm elections are right around the door, if the Republicans do gain enough seats in the Senate, then all they need is an excuse to go after the PotUS. Not upholding treaty obligations would suit their needs quite nicely. Especially, considering their own Hawkish nature.

        • Obama would not be impeached for that, we signed a treaty years ago that said if any country in the America’s/western hemisphere would be attacked by a country from any other continent the US would come to it’s aid. The US never went to war with england when england fought argetina.

  • The sooner China declares war the better. Either China gets their ass handed to them from Japan’s allies or Japan’s allies show what fucking pussies they are /cough USA /cough.

    I really hope it escalates in a world war. Fuck the chinese.

    • Ah yes, a “good” nuclear WW… I hope you live in an equatorial country or else your chances of survival are close to nothing. Nuclear winter has dismissed your stupid national border…

  • I am on the stance that the islands do not belong to Japan as they were categorised as been illegally given to the Japanese by the Americans after the two bombs dropped in WWII and while it was still part of China.

    • If you are talking about those being Taiwan’s property, then i would agree. But big, fat, stinking, China? Hell no.

      Oh, and i am definitely all for Taiwan being totally independent from stuckup Communist China.

      Best thing that would happen for my sadistic tastes is that Beijing gets nuked by the world.

      • Oh another guy who thinks nuke is the answer. When will you people actually grow up and relise nuke doesn’t solve anything. The killing will be remebered by the people, and hatred will brew.

        Taiwan simply broke off from china since china was too busy to fight japan during WW2 to think about them. The concept is simple, lets say if california wants to become a indpendent country, white house WILL NEVER let them do it. And will probably resort to what china is doing(in a more kinder way).

        Personally I would just like to see Japan grow some dick and cock up against china once in a while. They have korea and america backing them up afterall(funny how they attacked them during WW2).

        And I prefer to see Taiwan becoming something like Hong Kong, part of China(no matter what you will do, china will never accept taiwan as independent) but still seperate, pretty much a economic zone.

        • how is that stupid? China and the Taiwan faction was fighting, they lost and retreated to the current Taiwan. China didn’t have time to deal with them cause they were getting their ass kicked by Japan superior force.

        • I think some of these guys are actually just directing their anger at China, and not really meaning to nuke them.

          That said though, i support anon 23:50 about Taiwan being independent from China.

          However, i don’t think China will be willing to treat Taiwan similar to what they did to Hong Kong and Macau; CCP is probably still pissed at KMT even after so many years, getting them to be a seperate country is hard since its pretty embarrassing to CCP, as if saying that KMT’s policies are right(KMT is not Communist) and that they should govern their own land.

      • That’s kinda true, since they are building houses on grounds that belong to the Palestines. No, the grounds are really from the Palestines. I don’t know why Israel is doing this, since building these houses, the Isrealis have to live in these houses with the potential to get bombed by the terrorists. So in the end Israel is creating a dangerous situation for their own people. Isn’t Isreal’s duty to protect their own people instead giving them a “time-bomb”.

        • @TC-man
          Remember how it all happened. There were jews and technically they had some country. According to the bible anyway. Other people agreed gave them a piece of paper, stating that they have a state down in palestine called israel. (Oh, and remember “when israel was in egypts land”?)

          So they kindly asked the jews to STFU and GTFO so they may live happily in their own state. Problem was, they didn’t want to get the fuck out. Later, hitler _made_ them go away. By train. And the rest is history.

          This, or something similar, is what occurred.

  • “Meanwhile the Japanese media’s refusal to acknowledge the demonstrations has reached surreal levels”

    Reminds me of S21 in germany. Apparantly media nowadays don’t want to report on stuff actually happening in the own country but instead reporting on stuff happening in other countries. “Look over there, someone made a mistake!! No, not here, where I myself made a mistake. Look away!”

  • BUT THE CHINESE AND JAPANESE ARE BROTHERS! They are all mongoloids and how the these chinese protesters look any different than your average japanese? They don’t, they’re the same this whole Japan vs China thing is stupid, because japanese and chinese are racial brothers!

    • o-o according 2 certain religions every1s related >.> i rather not be related 2 any1 other than the ppl i know >.> brothers dont usually wage war on each other do they? cause i dont see any grenades rifles on my street. plus china and japan always have WW2 to go back to when problems arise <..>

      • “brothers dont usually wage war on each other do they?”

        You didn’t read the bible and/or any history book, did you? Can’t blame you, though. Both are filled with lies. The point is people near to each other are more likely to engage in war than people that are far away form each other.

        “this whole Japan vs China thing is stupid, because japanese and chinese are racial brothers!”
        As stated before, no, that makes perfectly sense. Nations only wage war with their brothers/immediate neighbours. That’s why russia never bothered with spain and vice versa.

        • Hate to bring up godwin, but you can always say your fellow people aren’t like you at all an then murder them for it.

          She’s a witch, he’s a jew, damn japanese, blacks aren’t people..

          Technically we are all human beings. But no one in charge cares for the homeless in japan.

        • But those were brotherly infightings, same in japan there have been plenty of brotherly infightings between each other japaneses.

          But those weren’t based on “anti-japanese” sentiments or “anti-chinese” sentiments, unlike now those are based on japanese having anti-chinese sentiments and chinese having anti-japanese sentiments.

          It doesn’t matter who gets the Islands since japanese and chinese are the same people, just gathered in different countries.

        • Sorry, but even back in the days, the Chinese were fighting the other Chinese in the country when China was divided in several parts. Remember the Romance of Three Kingdoms? So even within China itself there had been so many wars between the different fractions/kingdoms of China, mostly because some ambitous guy want to become the emperor. And they are all Chinese, in your words: brothers.

        • When you compare racial differences between Japanese (not including Emishi, Ainus and such), Koreans and Ethnic Chinese (not including Manchus, Uighurs and such) you will see that there isn’t any (or much) differencies because they are all of Yayoi stock.

          There is more differencies between Uighurs and Ethnic Chineses than there is between Japanese and Ethnic Chineses. There is more differencies between Emishi and Japanese, than there is between Ethnic Chineses and Japaneses.

          And Russia may have not bothered with Spain and vice versa, but they sure bothered with France:

  • “Several Chinese residents of Japan actually attempted to violently block the demonstration with placards”

    wait… blocking protester with placard is violent? also picture only shows protester sitting down and getting dragged by police.

    I guess protesting is violent.

        • so this is how to talk on the internet.
          Only the lowest rank farmers in the dirtiest place of china eats turkey, while all westerns eat turkey on a fancy christmas eve. disgusting… how u like ur chicken stiff..

      • man, stop talking about nuking china, it will never happen, and if it will, WWIII will begun. Doesn’t matter whether you take the government down or not, the people of China will see it as a threat(you just killed a few million people, I don’t think they will be happy when its on their soil).

        Dude stop talking about nuke and think before you talk. Sure I maybe chinese, but I grew up elsewhere, and you don’t see me saying nuke japan/korea/iran/america every post do you…

        The moment anyone tries to nuke china, china will probably send nukes at america, korea, japan without hesitation. The idea of “ill take you down with me”. So japanese end up dying since radiation will make japan unlivable, I think they will think twice before doing that. And japanese/korea being able to stop the nukes, I doubt they have enough, america probably do.

        • You do realize the Nam war was never meant to be won right? It was just there for the sake of having war. US economy needed it at that time and prolonging the war was all they needed to help the economy. Ever wondered why soldiers were forbidden from attack/destroying/harming key strategic points of the enemy without explicit orders for them? I mean what can of bullshit is that?

        • Tibet is part of a part of the Chinese soil. Name is read 西藏 xizang. Taiwan is too. stop complaining , China does not invade other countries. If China does, they will conquer and win over it.
          Unlike the vietnam war… american got their ass whipe and went home with dead men. tsk tsk…weak

        • And yet do you not think Africa will do the same, and than nuke them just as well. Whats next? nuke india, nuke arab countries. Eventually there will be no one to nuke except themselves.
          In the end, nuking anyone is not going to solve anything. This isn’t about whether a country is good or bad. This is about the people, if you want to solve this, than nuke everyone, no humans will lead to no problems at all >.>
          In the end humans will lead down to their own destruction if outside force does not interfere.
          And yes this sounds like I’m talking about the Celestial Beings. Which I am.
          Europe and the States became ally due to Hitler, China and Russia become ally due to Japan.

        • And China’s pretty forceful when it comes to Taiwan too. What makes you think that half the world isn’t already pissed at them?

          China’s spending big bucks on military now too. Nothing compared to the US, but China’s topping the annual military budget at Rank 2 after the US. And they claim it all to be for defensive measures.

          They wouldn’t need it for defensive measures if they aren’t threatening their neighbours all over the place. And before you know it they would be too audacious just like Japan was back in WWII and start blasting their china-quality titguns everywhere.

          Its hard for a war to happen nowadays, countries who possess the nukes know just how much damage they can cause and the potential uproar it may bring from the entire world, and when that happens, the world will be in a state of crisis. But at this rate China is going, i wonder how long can this peace keep up?

          But let’s look at why countries can’t nuke China. Because of all the cheap labor there. Its near impossible to impose embargoes on China because of this very same reason. We don’t give them stuff, they won’t give us what we need for our daily lives.

          That’s why they may need to consider cheap labor somewhere else, and the likeliest candidates are Africa and the Middle East. As China’s importance in the world drops, they won’t be as provocative.

        • I think it’s the exact opposite. If we don’t nuke the chinese government to the moon and back they will start WW III.

          China invaded Tibet because it could. Now China demands Senkaku because they think they can.
          China is arming at a rapid rate. Once they think they will win WW III they will start it.

          If the chinese populace won’t get rid of the fags in power on their own we have to do it for them to stop the shit hitting the fan.

  • wow this kind of thing happen everywhere (indonesia vs malaysia for example)… piece of sh*t small useless island being an object of affection or pride in this matter by two completely mindless country…

  • In Japan
    Even if several anti-Japan demonstrations of China are scales, it is reported in detail.
    Even if the anti-China demonstration of Japan is several thousand person scale, it is not reported at all.

    There is not a journalist in Japan either.

  • Same kind of crap goes on between greece and turkey too. I remember there was an issue with Kardak rocks a few years back, first Greece made a midnight operation and set their flag there, the next day Turkish black-ops did the same. And let me tell you, this “Kardak rocks” is an island about 30 m^2 and full of rocks. Nothing lives or can live there including plants. What is this ridiculous penis comparison race? Struggle for land is the most pointless thing in the planet imo.

  • who fking cares. The more territory chinamen have, the easier it’ll be to fend off from america!
    Once that’s done, japs can just start rebuilding their warrior spirit and become a pain in the ass for china.

    A foe of my foe is my friend… until my foe is no more.

  • Shippoyasha says:

    Ugh. International ‘relations’. How inane and how utterly stupid. If one side can’t understand the other or the situations proper, then don’t threaten violence… God, international tension really tosses out common sense..

    • Half the time both sides are ignoring whatever they’re doing to the other, too, and it’s left for the other international countries to judge. Of course, it doesn’t quite help that this kinda involves the Chinese-Japanese rivalry we’ve heard of so often.

      It doesn’t help that both governments are so messed up by themselves, mixing them is like trying to cause nuclear fusion. You know that when the governments get involved themselves, shit’s going down.

      • They want to get attention, and the international media delivers. Soon the general japanese populace will begin to wonder why there are news about Japan that won’t be mentioned in japanese TV – very similar to how there are news about China that won’t be mentioned in chinese TV.

        China is a fashist despotic dictatorship with massive media censorship. What is Japan?

        • An ignorant country with a wussy government that don’t have the power to quite down a national uprise ,should it happen,and so decide to not let the people know about how they are being taken by the ball by other country.

          unlike china who censor everything to brainwash their citizen,japan just wouldn’t be able to handle their people once the enemies has been made clear and the over-national spirits is reborn.

    • 小日本 go fuking jackoff to your hentai whilst eating ur whale meat, oh wait! ur fishermans sell u poisonous seal mean and telling u its whale meat. serve u right mutherfuking peverted fuked up cross-dressing cultured country

    • i can feel it…..War is approaching

      u dipshits know why there’s 1.3billion+ chinks out there? cos the FUKING MAO guy was preparing for WW3

      this is exactly wat they wanted and the dumbass japanese are gonna make it happen if this exacerbates any further

      • That’s a stupid argument. You should know that there’s a 2 baby per couple law – 2 kids, and you can’t have any more, period. The population of your country has no relevance to whatever the government actually wants.

        Its usually the idiotic opinions like yours that screw over countries enough for them to partake in war *ahem* Bush *ahem*. Yes, China’s a superpower, no, apart from every countries’ wishes of world domination there is hardly any intention of doing anything malicious (look at all the trade agreements between China and everyone else, and compare it to Russia’s defending itself against ICBMs).

        Well, aside from destroying Japan. They DID rape Chinese citizens, no, they haven’t apologized. It’s like if your loved one got raped (assuming you have someone to love) and the rapist didn’t go to jail. You’d probably feel pissed too.

        • Have you ever even bothered to read up on history at all? or do you think your mind reading powers are more than enough to determine ‘the truth’? What would you do if someone put a gun on your head telling you to shoot someone else? You would shoot to save your own ass, even if you knew that in response there would be 10 bullets coming back. All countries on the face of this earth have committed their own war atrocities. 90% of the people who were involved with WWII are probably dead, yet you desperately seek an apology from people who have nothing to do with it? It’s time to wake up, WWII is OVER everyone has cut their losses and moved on, scars remain for sure but there is no reason AT ALL to keep bitching about it.

        • Potsdam Declaration.

          These documents means nothing more than an “official” record of a “defeat” in terms of the war.

          The Japs, in mind, and their heart, haven’t apologized yet (but I’m not say’n no one has done it, I’m talking about the majority), for all I know that some of them still believe that they didn’t try to take on the entire Asia and the Pacific. Calling all the military involvements in WWII “Defensive actions against foreign invasion”.

          My ass.

    • Scorned patriots ignored by a leftist self-bashing media along with a display of churlish behavior by foreigners juxtaposed against the orderly native marchers who also, as if by chance, advocate for human rights and the principle of justice.

      Change the actors and it could sound like a story on immigration… by Fox.

      I think a new plot is called for- say something involving nekomimis and cotton candy clouds.

    • I don’t think chinese navy have that power.

      Also, this is a quick fuss, the goverments are holding back. The true is, they don’t want, and don’t need diplomatic problems to screw their bonds.

      • Or in other words, the japanese politicians arse lick the chinese politicians. A pitiful act. The japanese politicians responsible for all the kowtowing should be deported to their beloved China.

        They don’t need diplomatic problems? China mass produces such problems.

        • “Or in other words, the japanese politicians arse lick the chinese politicians”

          And what exactly do you think international diplomacy is about? I lick your ass today and you’ll lick mine tomorrow.

          “You can be assured that China, knowing this, would long since have stopped their aggressive moves against Japan”

          Exactly like when the U.S. found out about the russian nukes in Cuba pointing at American cities, right? The U.S. stopped their agression towards Russia [or viceversa], right?. Seriously Schrobby, you need to read some more about world history.

          “They are the stupidest weapon because any extensive use will kill not just your enemy but you as well”

          Actually, some of the last nukes tested by the USSR during the cold war were 95% clean. That means only 5% of radioactive fallout. I’m pretty sure 100% clean nukes are a possibility with today’s technology.

        • There isn’t a single country right now that has been getting along perfectly with it’s people, the U.S. All of the EU and Asia all face the same problems. The lies governments have spread over the centuries are finally catching up to them and the current governments are having a hard time explaining them/covering them up with new lies. Politicians act out of self interest first their benefactors second and their people third. It has always been this way and probably always will be, they are human after all.

        • Is it just me, or has anyone noticed how Asian politics has been messed up and fucked over for the last idk, how many years? I haven’t actually heard of any Asian governments being at peace and agreed with by the population in a while. I don’t quite see this happening so much in the US/anywhere else, interestingly enough…

        • It wouldn’t stop them, it would just make their moves more subtle. Even with thousands of US nukes pointed at them the USSR didn’t stop antagonizing the US. Their efforts were just harder to detect and generally involved proxy wars and the like.

          The Cuban Missile Crisis was certainly a blatant move for the USSR to make when it had so many nukes pointed at it. Not to mention, no nation with even moderately intelligent leaders, corrupt or not, actually want to use nukes. They are the stupidest weapon because any extensive use will kill not just your enemy but you as well, in addition to so much else.

          All that aside, a new cold war would probably do wonders for spurning technological innovation though, so bring it on! I want GUNDAMS!!!!!!!!!!!

        • If I were a leading japanese politician Japan would have a huge pile of tactical nukes mounted on rockets pointing at every single interesting military installation and government building in China.

          You can be assured that China, knowing this, would long since have stopped their aggressive moves against Japan. Possible mutual annihilation worked for USA/Russia, it would work for Japan/China just as well.

        • If you(as a politician) are against a very unreasonable and violent civilization (China), it would be plausible that they would act that way since China is armed to the teeth and has a large population. Japan would disappear in a day while America (Its supposed ally) debates on what to do.

          If they would actually have some sort of military superweapon/countermeasure, I’d think they would bitchslap China without a second thought.


          (not JSDF)

      • Flare, I think things have already escalated to a pretty critical point. It’s good to see how the Japanese are doing it in a relative peace while the Chinese are being aggressive and using subversive strategies. Is this what we want to our world? How long are we going to keep up with this hypocrisy?

        • “…Kill the chinese government with swift and precise attacks to prevent WW III…”

          And make martyrs out of them so the people idolize them and turn 1.3 billion people against the world? Have we learned nothing from old world history?

          WWIII wont’ happen now. Sooner or later the U.S. will intervene to defend Japan from bellic conflict, as is their obligation dictated in the treaties signed after WWII. China will yield to the U.S. because they can’t lose their most important trading partner whose patronage funds the weapons they produce/buy from the russians.

          Honestly though, The U.S. or the U.N will probably intervene before a declaration of war.

        • It should be obvious by now that China and Japan are using the Senkaku incident as an excuse to talk dirty at each other like they always wanted to. I doubt those extremists really care about the islands themselves.

        • Exactly. All this is is useless country pride. One country showing the other that they have a bigger penis than the other.

          We got homeless people and people without food all over the world but oh no someone trying to steal my rock o_o. Must protest! Both China and Japan are stupid in this case.

        • I think the main downside of Schrobby’s plain is that the Chinese could have put a Dead Man’s Switch on their nukes. And then we would be royally screwed.
          I think the most sensible thing to do now would be to encourage companies who want to sell their stuff here, to employ their cheap labour outside of China (India perhaps?) for example using lower taxation rates and such.

        • @2:41

          To be fair, Schrobby said to use cruise missile before THEY start dropping nukes. Either way, any military action here will end so insanely badly, the 200,000 civilians dead at Hiroshima in WWII would be a drop in the bucket compared to the innocent lives that will be lost on both sides, especially if the U.S. actually honors its treaty with Japan.

          The U.S. needs to step in here and show China how world superpowers are supposed to act (although we haven’t been setting good examples lately, either). China will not back down on its own. They don’t have it in their national culture to take the peaceful route, if it means losing any face. If the U.S. doesn’t get in and start to defuse this, this could turn into a literal bomb that will end in the deaths of many innocent people.

        • as always, shrobby’s anti-china sentiments overrides his logic and credibility. such an intelligent way to solve the problem – nukes.

          back to the cold war era are we? sigh, idiots never learn i guess.

        • If you notice, the Chinese people are rather patriotic, but seeing as their own government overthrew the past one, this government has no more say in the territory than the Japanese. For the most part, they even are attempting to usurp the Islands in the Okinawan area which are POPULATED by Japanese people.

          While Hong Kong was understandable, this is ridiculous.

        • “…a reason why they call it the South China Sea, and certainly a nation so much older, been through so many generations…”

          By your logic, The gulf of Mexico and everything in, above or under it should also be property of Mexico alone. That includes the oil being pumped out by American oiling platforms.

          And the Sea of Japan is property of Japan only. Bye bye Korean and Russian fishers!.

          Lastly, China is a geographical region of the world that has been divided into many smaller countries or been part of other empires for much of its history. The country that occupies this region today is “The People’s Republic of China”, and this nation has only been around since 1949. In contrast, Japan was founded in 660 BC and it has always been a sovereign country. Therefore and by your own logic, the Japanese have the “right of ancestry” over the chinese’s claims.

        • Marine-RX179 says:

          People really need to have a read into the history. Who actually own the island has been an argument with Japan’s word against China and Taiwan for centuries. The Japanese believe the islands are theirs because the US completely ignoring China and Taiwan’s protests and claims over the island back in the days, and handed the island’s authority/control along with the Okinawa to Japan…

          Clearly the Japanese don’t bloody care about the island, they are just pissed because they feel shamed with their own government apologising to China and using the “invasion of Japanese territory” as an excuse to rage at China. It has nothing to do with who’s right and wrong here…it’s all about ego, and yet they making it sounds like their nation has became a victim of invasion, and those few Chinese fishermen reaching those remote islands is going to mean the life and death of their entire nation.

          I want to side with Japan…I really do, but they are now just acting like a bunch of crybabies and thugs. If anything, they should take it up with their own government…it’s like their eroge companies blaming foreigners for the problems they are having, when it is their own government and politicians fucking them up their ass.

        • Quote:
          Several Chinese residents of Japan actually attempted to violently block the demonstration with placards accusing the demonstrations of fomenting discrimination against Chinese living in Japan (apparently ignoring their own government’s role in this, in the best of Chinese traditions)

          Of course, if my government screws up, I – who has been living in a foreign country since childhood with no ties to it – need to be flogged openly for it. Makes perfectly sense to me, haha.

        • I stand on the Chinese side, it is after all, a reason why they call it the South China Sea, and certainly a nation so much older, been through so many generations and as many eons of civilization and yes, strictly speaking: the ancestors of today’s Japanese clearly has this island under their names. In fact, if you think about it clearly, it isn’t the first time China has been exploited of its lands. The English took Hong Kong away in history for example, if a nation wishes to take advantage of Chinese land, rightfully belonging to a nation so much older and should as a nation be respected as any other, then the Chinese have the right to stand up against such claims. I would not be surprised that the Chinese have long discovered those islands and call it Diao Yu Dao before the Japanese ‘claimed’ them. Then again, I am sure both sides are simply interested in what potential resources they can get on that rock. After all, land is scarce these days.

          Japan should give up tho, I don’t see them winning this debacle.

        • Is china able to do anything the grown up way theese days? They’re cutting off their trade and diplomatic relations with whoever is messing with them. (or doing anything they dislike…)

          Soon all the other countries with lots of children will be the big production companies in the world, not china. Yet they believe that if they don’t sell to a country that country will go bankrupt.

  • see many people that say USA can beat China are retard
    USA have 50 years that not win anywar, only have fail results

    japan can’t made a war, is suicide, china have powerful and nice friend lie russia, north korea (all atomic missile aid to japan), vietnam (where usa demonstrated have boy scouts army)

    • As someone from the states. I love seeing these “USA is weak because” statements 🙂 Please let someone do something stupid to us, and watch your nation burn down around you.

      On topic these protests are crazy, I get why but honestly does anyone outside of the political circles care?

    • Because USA have not fought a real war in a long time. If US mobilize for a war no single nation can withstand it’s might with conventional means.

      Japan has already stop it’s warmongering and neither China or Russia are “powerful” without nukes.

    • Never understood why it would be sooo hard for large powerful countries to effortlessly crush smaller weaker countries.

      If your facing 50,000 enemies you face them with 500,000 allies.

      If your facing rpgs, rifles and territory/information problems. You flush them out endlessly with artillery, missiles, bombs and fleets of fighter planes, warships and tanks.

      With how much military spending the US have they probably did much of this and resulted in the military power of the US becoming a real joke.